Monday, March 30, 2015

Thank u for ur orders this rare gem

Made with high mountain , and no one piece is same every bracelet is specially designed and using best ! $388 and is worth a lot in market;  Well just want to share ok. Doest mean need to buy.

As this blog is my only channel for sharing of interest. But if u support I also very happy ahahha. As all bracelet is forever activated.

U see above small small expensive le, bracelet one all choose nice nice for u all. 

High Mountain Queen of bracelet is collectible and has long historical since Mongolia time. Is due to volcano and than sprinkle the lava to the earth , after many years of weather changes, each bead is naturally form and absorb heaven and earth Qi. 

Every single bead, last time a shop sell at hundred.

It has properties of remove negative Qi and safety. Also for some who are always low in frequency and tends to see things, this item can help u raise ur frequency level.

Seeing things issues, has been common in my field of studies. All these years quite a number of students, tends to feel the presence and some even see things. My 3rd customer who see things is a Ang Mo. And so bad that he needs to leave the country to western country during 7th month. Well I am not surprised. 

But ever since one of his master asked him to chant Om Mani padme Hung, it reduces. 

A person is born with a Qi predestined. But with basic practice of good heart and right beliefs in your own religion and faith, u can raise ur frequency.

My crystal bracelet like Black Tourmaline with Dzi is very good for these issues. Is a first bracelet many have before they collect in future for any bracelet and I am glad to be the founder of thi heaven earth design. If u notice my black tourmaline even famous 15 years not many outside duplicate, u know why, because each Dzi is high price and not many pieces. So for shops who sell bracelet they sometimes need mass produce cant hold my design de.

High Mountain Queen Bracelet.

(those who grab u are very lucky as now I have left few only, congrats ok)

Is good to consider to collect this if u have extra cash la. But design more look for ladies right ahahha.  
Guys u can keep and , use it at home but rubbing the bracelet with thumb and index fingers. This increase ur frequency. 

Remember the stone previously in this blog , the sakura Ma Nao which I shine light on it it glow. That is a very good office and home qi movements. Now the $150  version avaliable.

Well only this period has, not always whole year item. And this bracelet designed at $388 each.

Is not easy to design as no one piece will be the same. So is very lucky to have one.

I think I manage to make another 3-4 only. As previous batch all grab by u le:>

Market rate this is $1200 a bracelet. But is not the price, the way is activated nicely blend in with love and kindness.

Personal Experience:

1) Delightful, wake up ur mind, clear ur thoughts daily as u wear and slowly u find, ur life wont be affected by people who take ur power away, and not affected by people who take u for granted. U become to feel life is beautiful and renew, rebirth.
Business improves further and u start to think how to help people.

One only for collection

Hard to come by a aged mala with aged stones of authority and healing. Every pieces is naturally form.

This piece is worth collections. $380 :> just feel good by holding it and clear ur negative Qi.
This piece interested can sms me 94895606

Tea for You

Hi All back le me


this tea brings a better body Qi. And this period drink can clear many negative emotion accumulated since 2013, but must drink this 2 weeks.:> 2 cups can le.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Personal Collections: For u See Only

The red is make of real aged Liu Li stone. The bead here is call 吉祥菩提, this formation worth around $80 in market. Just to share.

Thank You

Thank You Mr Lee. Just pay a respect to Mr Lee.

Stone aged Qi of Stone , batch 2

Some fengshui master basically find this for themselves and improve their Qi as they always need see house fengshui. Especially aged one is not easy to find.

QI STONE u can order le

Miscalculated ahaha left few small one

Puti Seed Individual

Before I left for China. I was letting many to adopt the Puti Seed.

There are many fake one in market. Some use other nuts shell to manmade cut. I am glad the one u got it between $88 to $180 are all genuine to keep.

Some fake and some real. And not many from Nepal.
Some ask me 7 sided one a bracelet of 13 beads nepal how much .
Well is between $880 to $1500 which is common.
Puti Seed Nepal activated with lots of love. U can still order as nepal stock has arrived and activated.
Put on center of palm and breathe....
U can tell me budget of $88 or $150, is ok I will choose best for u.

The new mala as shown previous post is very auspicious Puti seed and good. Do adopt one when u think u can collect.

7th June ( Niam Until good luck)
A) Will have a 10mins lessons on Puti Seed appreciation to increase ur knowledge. And it takes 5 years to produce a proper slides.
B) The dampness in body to be removed in body to welcome good energy. A great studies never one has done before to understand how dampness in body trapped in body affect ur luck and progress in life.
C) Many more niam.....

Friday, March 27, 2015

Thousand Eye 54 beads mala (can collect )

Before I left Singapore, I urge many to chant Namo  GuanShi Yin PuSa. We dedicate this merit to all sentient beings.

Guanyin Bodhisattva exists within our nature, and we exist within Guanyin Bodhisattva’s nature; we join and become one with Guanyin Bodhisattva. 

Each time you recite Guanyin Bodhisattva’s name, a ray of light shines forth, dispelling a great deal of bad karma and saving many living beings in the world. Reciting Guanyin’s name helps to restore the proper energy in the universe. Each person who recites helps to increase the light and decrease the darkness.
The practice of chanting to Kwan Yin is important in Chinese Buddhism because they believe that in calling her name, you become focused, sincere, less greedy and calm. When you recite ‘Namo Guanshiyin Bodhisattva,’ she becomes mindful of you. The Chinese believe that she will then lovingly answer all of your prayers.


Mala Collections: Mala of Compassion

Mala collections is an amazing hobbies for me when I was in 25. In a way , every two months, I will save up money to make some beautiful mala as collections. Like people who collect stamps I collect nice mala . Is an art. Is something with calm happiness.

My first mala was a Amethyst mala made by a lady in one of the market in Ang mo Kio crystal shops in the 1990s. That was a expensive mala which I " Bio" very very long and in a way the mala still with me now.

Mala Of Compassion and Love: This mala officially will be announced as Mala of Omhealth 54beads.
Name: Mala Of  Loving Kindness. ( a permanent item)

Similarly all mala from me there are blessings and lamp offerings sent and whenever I go, a distant energy prayers will send to the light of the mala. Is a service no one will do. And I thats my job ok.

Mala of Loving Kindness.

Collection value: Longer u touch the color will become Breakthrough color as years goes by. A good collectiable items. 108 bead can be requested at special rate

3 red aged agate
silver pure mystic knot.
Puti of Bead that can

It represent sense of wellbeing, inspiration and focus.

U are not alone, try this mala with ur chant. Is very healing.

Mala Investment is $150, 108 beads will be $288.

人间的味道;Bryan Lao Shi

Picture by Bryan Putuoshan (I am back today from the trip, is a very meaningful trip to CHina. I will share some findings on 7th June talk ).

Everytime when near Qing Ming, there will be slight rain.

清明的忧愁, 不是闲愁, 它是实实在在有来由的忧愁。 很多时候你们的忧愁是无知的,吴名无辜的忧愁。


I always during Qing Min, unintentionally think of many people. Sometimes a name, sometimes a past incident, sometimes a old phone number, sometimes a song, sometimes a food that remind me of someone

清明这个日子,给了我放纵感情的理由,尽可以让我们逐着思绪去天边飞,如那些牵线的风筝。无论在天边,树梢,还是落进kallang river,远远近近,总会有根线,叫做清明。


我有个性格很像爷爷那就是,做生意要诚信。 但是我也像爷爷很容易相信别人,这是我家缺点也是优点。 我很像外婆,不求人,无论多穷不和别人借钱。非常客家,妈妈也是。所以每当seminar,有学生帮我拿东西我都尽量不要麻烦人。有时,人家还说我为什么要亲历亲为。对我说你们信任我,这是难得的,每个手链每个珠子都用了我心思祝福去activate. 

清明让我想起, 父母之年,不可不知也。一则以喜,一则以惧。 父母安康俱在时,儿女的心永远是欣慰的,骄傲的,还带着受宠的,活泼泼的欣然,但一想到他们年岁高,自己对他们尽孝的日子越来越短,就会优惧丛生。

我十年前发明3 oil method,is to use this 3 oil to reduce aches of elderly. Everytime I give lecture, i tell the students, u dont have to buy my oil but u can use (any brand) as long as good quality lavendula , peppermint and marjoram with lotion (or rice bran oil) abit and massage their neck. They will feel good.

Lavendula Highland: 感谢的油
Peppermint: 安慰的油
Marjoram: 报答你的油。


NB: For those attending 7th June talk, I have prepared a 3ml of holy water collected from PuTuoShan distribute for u all. And my way of thanking you. U can use the water mix with pail of water let parents or family shower for good health.

New Project : Byran Lao Shi Healing Hut of PuTi Healing seed will be launched in April time. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stone of Qi aged mountain agate raw

All adopted le! When have bracelet make of this I let u all know soon!

Thing is can't find le only this few
Put crystal near it charge the stones , put house anywhere forever improve Qi;
Hold it do breathing exercise can move stagnant Qi of body;

If you think this rock, lao shi carry so heavy walk alot de.

Each u can know, in a big mountain not easy to have this. Rejoice to those who have.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bryan lao shi founder house of puti

Knowledge of good puti; this 7 sided puti is now worth $5800 in market; and is own by a master( to show u) last week only one set adopted by Bryan student and this is amazing; Using puti energises seed chant can increase a person Qi and merits but not greedy kind of merits; is like maintain and remind u to have good heart.

This Mala after few years now cost $1200 originally at $300. Becasue the longer u chant and rub with ur thumb it blend in nice oil and color.

This piece cost $2800 now at first collect by a master at $250 but after years of handling it turns expensive.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Prince Mala

Prince Mala Upgraded for all with nice Dzi, U can order too. $168

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Today is amazing, I was walking around at putuosan and wonder will there be a 大伯公around the temple ; because for three days here is main Buddha statue no sign of Taoist god! To my surprise really today small road I saw a small altar and Yes is 土地公土地婆。 in my bag I have nothing to offer so I light three incense and offer a sweet; this sweet is a very special sweet I want to save the only sweet I brought from Singapore for throat so tolerate to bring back shanghai eat; but suddenly to me in my bag now the most precious thing is the one sweet and I offer ; I learn something that offerings can be so simple but with heart and intention u can feel so good! After prayers I see the bright sun shine on me and receive a message today is 大伯公 birthday which is 土地公! miracle and I wish all healthy

Glad this trip also manage to raise fund for medicine and also hire cook for elderly and I am so happy and this merits to all of u

Am now doing in a morning jog

Friday, March 20, 2015

Product List

Link for product list can be found here:

Product List (to be continued)...

Chanting of Namo Guan Shi Yin PuSa

Good morning all;)

remember to chant now till 20 April for all beings and ur own good 5 mins a day

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The next 15 Heng Mala will be activated with the holy water collected tomorrow if u all wan can order with Leng Leng

The sandalwood Bracelet u all bought $188 from old wood is sold in china here at $380

Guan Yin Blessings

Many saw rainbow today after blessings send from china; and this is good sign; if can chant more from now till 20 April very very good de

Chant and walk around the timing blessing send was noon and enjoy the energy

Tomorrow I need to go to very further to specially collect mountain blessed water which I use to activate Mala and crystal all the time; do u know all ur crystal u have since last time one item used to activate is very healing water ! Ahaha
Blessings for all customers in oldest mountain and highest big Buddha;

Hi all u all can look at this pic taken by me and chant everyday and is energy healing blessings
Temple ball have two and Heng Mala have 5 interested collector can email order

It was an amazing retreat, I was thinking whether I will meet a master than I know who come to 普陀山every year . A respectable master; to my surprise , I saw him today and they are leaving back to Singapore! And I was given a powerful blessing item from master! Today I shall pray and meditate at different area! All students , u can pray anytime this two days, just chant 南无大慈大悲观世音菩萨;9 times or more; anytime from 12 pm today; when chant u must not be disturbed this few minutes; after chant 9 deep breathing and u be good; from mountain side few thousands years old energy I will send to all students the energy ; this two days feel it

All Heng Mala is activated , left few u can adopt by email to orders for those interested; others with any of my crystal or fengshui items I am sending from distant energy feel it by holding it ok! A quality service for all students since 2001

The trip is most auspicious one, infact the boat after me cannot go to this mountain because of the fog!-and lao shi Bryan is just on the right timing ehehe; Heng Heng ok; and Heng Heng tian Lu , hulu and Mala rrally makes me feel Heng And really wanna tell you all items that u have : is constantly being activated as to me it am not those who just sell u the items and forget; I remember all ur concerns ur email and this few days once and for all send u all light and hope all of u be strong and courageous ok;

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Activated le for all and those who have u should feel more power ahaha is a permanent item

The Mala Heng left five le , those wan can email to orders

Hmm this item actually is for next year today do some prayers and also u saw this item at orchard temple where 100 people touch; to my surprise a dragon cloud

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bryan lao shi away

Will be away till 1st April !

Heng Mala is ready for adopt activate at mountain and for old customer who have it will be distant activated this period u can use it to chant any mantra;)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Thank you

This two days many buy things forget transfer from January Got transfer le ahaa

Thanks for remembering before my mountain china trip; do remember transfer once receive products in two days ok; omhealth is a kindness and nice brand and u too;)

Power of Sandalwood Coil Incense

Sandalwood Coil $55 And Agarwood Coil Incense $88
Herbal Coil incense is $55

NOTE: Packaging for the incense is not nice. Please get a nice tubber wear permanent transfer ba too the tubberwear. But the quality of incense is amazing good and many feedbacks.

I am like that, never think of packaging. Hmmm i will improve this part to go international. This incense has high quality . Really feel the effect.

The medicinal herbal incense box too tight once oopen dont screw it tight back.

One set (2 items) now is $128 for all. (sandalwood or herbal coil with agarwood)
One set (3 items) now is $180

Bryan Lao Shi Special One month offers

A fragrance that stretches out to the universe, into the hallowed space between heaven and earth. And to bring in calmness and wellness to the house and calmness.

When you burn the sandalwood coil incense, it help us to quiet our mind so that we can hear chorus of singing of Universal Healing Energy.

For both incense:

Physical Healing of: Cleansing, anti depressant, anti infectious (the oil)
Emotional Healing: Warmth, serenity, harmony , peace, wisdom, insightfulness and unity

If u want to spend on one: Try at least the Sandalwood Coil Incense.

Clip for coil incense $5. Not the above one la, normal clip.

Pu Tuo Shan Bryan lao Shi prayer trip

I will be here.

Hi all, is time and I am having my retreat to one of the Buddhist Mountain in China.
Yes. The reason for this trip also to learn more on Prayer Method and to share with all.

This trip is amazing fated and planned. Before I go for the trip. Roses bloom, many prayers answered . This is a trip also to pray for my parents and all of you.


So between 18 to 20 this 2 dates. U can Chant 108 times cundi mantra and rest for 5mins. U can feel the energy ok. U can feel the calmness. (anytime chant)

3 days good luck method for you.  ( also after chant drink a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of any honey)

If u have health issues always

18th March anytime: Chant 108 times:南无消灾延寿药师佛。
dedicate to all beings

If u always feel lost and not happy and full of anger: 

19th March anytime : Chant 108 times: 南无大慈大悲观世音菩萨
dedicate to all beings

20th March : Confession about ur wrong doings , like scold people, jealous etc... say out facing sky and say u will slowly improve urself (Day time)

During my absence u can still order skin care and essential oil. Leng leng lai lai will reply email pack and courier ok:>

Items for those interested to collect and order (this is for collectors, so no need buy if u dont need la, just an extra effort service for collectors)

For students interested as collection of HENG MALA $68, (activate in mountain)

A) U can email to say mountain heng mala, I will bring a number of piece for blessing.For others who have already, i will send blessings to ur mala.

B) Puti Seed very good. U all can order now and ready . Just email ur issues to, I will read and decide during my trip and courier u when back in April. Puti Seed if u order from now till Monday , I can still courier u. This health Puti Seed really very powerful.

Activity B:

I manage to find a cook, and we will use the mushroom u given me during the class and cook for elderly in April. thank you all.

Officially Open For Registration

Class Title: Professional Pray Until Niam Until you Good Luck
Date: 7th June 2015 Workshop. 
Venue: CSC Auditorium at 60 Tessensohn road
Time: 930am to 12pm
Fees: $68

1)Special Items will be given to all attendees.
2) Puja will be done that day in a temple for all attendees
3) Vegetarian food will be serve for all elderly that day and also giving of medicine too.

Topic: Prayers, Good luck method and Chinese customs. Also this time will share a prayer method on how to pray to Guan Yin with full connection right method. This is pass down by a 88 years old master and will share with words printed out for u in a small card. So that when pray, really all prayers will be answered.

Is a talk and talk and very interesting workshop

Thursday, March 12, 2015

U re the master of urself

How to order? Email your concerns and will choose for u. 

Health Puti Seed: Is an item which i felt the energy on my palm. And is a good collection. I don't suggest wearing but to hold with palm and do breathing exercise or in a pouch carry better. For all who have my rubymoon stone, sunstone. U can find a nice pouch and put together with this Puti Seed and they do give a nice healing accompany.

I call this Puti Seed special because is from Nepal and base on trust from me for many collectors for past 18 years. The non china one is the one u can feel the energy. (some may not feel )

This bead can be used to generate field of energy for body to tune itself for higher vibrations. For people with chronic issues. U can hold it with ur palm and seat down and perform breathing exercise.

Different bead i  select base on different needs:

some to  strengthen ur emotion personal characted live love, kindness, attraction, appreciative and happiness. Some to increase communication skills, blessings and creativity. Some to increase creativity, boost intelligence and more.

But how I look at it to hold and do breathing.

How Lao Shi test for the bead
If ur palm are sensitive u can check using  magnetic field test. We put at our Lao Gong point and those who do Qi Gong alot will feel a swirling energy.
Range of Lao Shi bead from $88 to $500 a bead. And some ask me find the $1000 over as limited collection. Dear all the $88 one also works exactly good.

If can this period collect a bead ba. Is activated. Of course have $5 type but hmmmm u see how la.

2015 Most Heng Stone and beads for personal healing

Above left is sunstone, right rubymoon and center the Puti Bead. Is a very healing set.

Bryan Lao Shi has trained more than 3000 students on crystal and energy healing. Tell u, alot of time is whether u give urself a chance to improve. Start small like 10mins or 5mins a day, do a thing like breathing exercise or hold a stone. Do focus for 28 days to feel.

Below is a crystal pendulum class. Tell you the truth, no one has ever conduct so many classes and always full house in crystal healing. Actually this is not easy, but I believe if u before a class, sincerely want to teach and share and also dont make things too complicated and for highest good of all, all class will be full house.

I suggest many young healers, do spend more time grounded and do more charity work and talk to people. Having skills in healing many healers forget to heal theirself and always feel we are better than others. In fact, we are just an instrument from Divine Universe to send love to people.

In business or school, one should not be jealous of one's success. At all times we must feel love, send love and all times confession if slightest of jealousy. Also be humble. U know even I have been doing crystal healing since 1996 in Australia, I am low profile. And alot of times when I attend talks or beginners crystal class by youngster, I attend as a student and not to judge. Because I feel in this world we learn from people and not to compete who is more power.

This applies to work or business. If people doing better than you. You should see why. Also look into ways to improve urself. If u are let say sell ginseng for 20 years, u should also listen news and learn continue learning how ginseng works even listen from young business man. the problem with many, is we become ego and our level stopped there.

Master of Yourself 

When a person is lost at work or relation or no direction ;

We want to look for someone to give us guidance. And this someone may be anyone that come ur way when u are desperate for answer ! 

If u re lucky u meet genuine people if not u may meet someone that give u advice that worsen ur issues;

This blog was here to wake u up remind you at all times to Ba calm!

My advice , listen to people who advise u;respect them;  than quiet ur mind for 3 days and normally with ur own prayers and talking to Kwan yin , u be fine . Think is the advise giving u more worries or more peace of mind? 

U see many times the fear is created by our worries; but strength is within us! And we always forget our body has seven lamp of wisdom ; that's why brighten ur lamp daily with mantra and right action in life can help u in time of downness!

Bryan's way: in ur heart feel there is a divine lamp brighter and brighter and connect this light with Kwan Yin pu as light and feel Pusa is always with u and u re protected at all times;

Have faith ok! And all worries and problems be ok; no one can give u best advise! Just be courageous and like a warrior over come all issues; chant ommmmmmmmm