Sunday, January 25, 2015

Please remember ur registration number

I am asking volunteer to register ! So u must remember ur number and mention that day! 

Last year some forget number end up check on spot and block the whole queue so if u forget do check now!

No bad tempered and no anger during waiting and remember if that day can't manage to buy can email courier ok!

Main purpose gather good luck and learn something!

See u 1st feb 2015; all seats taken up and do move in when arrive and don't leave empty seats in middle ; shift in ok!

White Rainbow TT Quartz BIG $68 limited

White Titanium Quartz is for our "angels on earth" and great for healing the crown chakra while promoting spiritual attunement.

It is used to cleanse and protect the aura and give healthy energy. It is very useful in breathing exercise  and can help find your purpose in life when family members feeling a little bit 'lost' 
Bring peace and tranquility due to the beautiful angelic connection.
Physical healing:  Ideally a  general all round good health and vitality
Big size in market cost $100 to $300 for real one.

U can put any room even smallest room

Leng Leng email


leng leng is checking email today Sunday. So some who order TT Quartz, she will courier out next week for this batch. So some may receive before 1st Feb 2015.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

1st feb 2015

Please arrive 9am latest to register.
Drink the tea by the boss o Tea House . Please dont use water bottle to bottle. I saw u... ahahhaa not enough to do that ah...

Auditorium door only open at 920.

As u know lao shi is one man show and parents cousin. 

We cant individul pack for u now( we dont really have man-power to pack, label and bring, because only 2 volunteer car drives me there and before that I cant pre-pack le, no place put things) and bring ur items to the talk. 

So u can buy that day itself. Thank You Ah.

or email order after the talk and courier to u ok>


NB: For order, i cant pre pack for u for the talk 1st feb 2015. As will select for u personally . So please no email me to collect that day. Not possible to prepack ur item le because i dont have manpower le..

So email order is for courier and receive after 1st Feb 2015. Reason, uncle Bryan, if 60 peoplesay prepack, i cant pack..... and no man power to bring ah... As if pack individually , i need many plastic bag etc.. Please understand thanks:>

For new comers when order things please provide proper details... and read  
Please when email order give address and mobile. ahaha if not i email to and fro ask le... thanks ah

I have calculated the energy and this is very good for us in next 20 years. And soon market will be flooded with this. Activated 7 stages by Lao Shi for 7 day. And market if certain activated will cost double. Ma Ma says, earn abit can le and let customer good luck. It will be sold on 1st Feb 2015 talk on stage. I select for u base on energy.

Others can order for courier to with full name in Nric. Will select for u.
each is $38. The BIG white one only 20 pieces is angel quartz at $68.

In market the original sold at $80 to $200 for a small piece. Many duplicate one. Some just use colors. This one is titanium in high temperature.

In Fengshui is called 时来运转,七彩天地聚宝盆。Only when a lao shi activate it, can become a wealthbowl. In ancient time, a wealthbowl need put charm than can become wealthbowl. Not like now, can only how buy ownslf do de. Procedures must be done to activate. Like my wealthbowl 18 a year is done proper and also this TT Quartz $38.

One of $38. get a pair if can:>Order now not many. I also put 1st feb 2015.  U now $38 is really near cost price and is my way of thanking u.

Where to PUT?
Office table near namecards. Living room. beside ur lamp or potted plant. Hold it and do breathing exercise can charge ur body.
No need cleanse.

Activated TT QUARTZ(bryan)
Increased  Jing Qi Shen. Affect all energy center of body and environment.
Crystal Descriptions:Helps flow, energising and enlivening all the chakras. Confident grounded centered and disperse sorrows.
Helps you see another’s point of  view, meditation, stimulates energy flow, change, helps you find your own true path through life, career decisions, helps you see auras.
removes blockages and enhancing the flow of creativity due to its intensely visual colors. It has been used for increasing intuition and therefore an exceptional stone for
promoting clairvoyance as well as all forms of "seeing". Consider this crystal for assisting in meditation, an alternative medicine
career or yogic practice. This crystal appears to stimulate the upward movement of

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kitchen Fengshui for wealth, now till 8th Feb 2015

This procedure will bring alot of wealth energy to the house.

First, any day before 8th Feb 2015. Wipe 6 drops of eucalyptus oil on damp cloth the kitchen table and dining table. Than put one Promeganate on the table of kitchen or dining table.

The Air sign of Eucalyptus clears the energy of kitchen and the promeganate activate the family career and health luck.

But must be done before 1pm and with SUN. NO raining.

Stupa Projects 佛塔· Completed and More

Many combine and we manage to have 2 Stupa sponsored for the renovating Buddhist Center.

And one lady she donated one stupa but dedicate to everyone.
And to my surprise. Shangpa Rinpoche personally blessed and light lamps for all who involves in this project.

Also we will be providing lunch for elderly during 4th FEB period. And this merits dedicate to all Heng Ball and my Clients.  And all these years who have help me in charity work even is $5 students, u are in my list.


Good news, another company who I have free help them intro their items, will also sponsor Tea for elderly. Thanks to wang San Yang.

Omhealth Charity is that kind no attachment. We do and we go. People who I have helped, I ask them to do charity instead. And I am going to look for those companies which I have helped before to help me donate items to elderly,

They are PiPaGao, and skincare and water... u all know what to do ah.. Blog has intro ur products without asking spokesman fees but now I want u all make effort to involve in my charity projects.

Lao Shi.... will call them.

Aiyo Next week my talk le, my heart still think of prayers and charity events. Ahahah, thanks. U all very sweet never sms me this period and know I busy. And take care of me. I work from 5am to 10pm daily. So rest is very important.
Thank you.

2015:(Things omhealth has done and share with u the Joy)
1) We have also donated Batam families who are very very in need of help.
2) Medicine for clinics
3) Puja dedicates to all beings and clients u all la.
4) Heng ball Lamp 21 days light up. Heng Ball so power every year ahahha
5) Education fees for MUIS.

Omhealth has sponsored few hundred Cds and all funds go to building funds; u can do ur part and get this CD at $5 and is by Shangpa Rinpoche ! Center says don't want sell high because can benefits more people so omhealth sponsors all fees! U all must get this cd very very good! and last song is for parents good good de.ALL MERTIS DEDICATE TO ALL omhealth readers too.

This is a good CD please support and get .

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Only limited for U

2015 best tea for health and luck is this special 普洱inside a old aged orange peel! Is limited edition done by the boss of the oldest tea house in Singapore! Everyday just take some and pinch the old orange peel good for health and digest kind and fight the unlucky star for 2015 too; put at home bring good luck! Now avaliable le!not spokesman but they every year very kind make tea for attendees , boss themselves wan this art to carry on next generation! Me support too tomorrow go get a pack!

5 for $30. Andis aged PuEr.


Sickness Star and Star of Anger approaching this 2 weeks. So symptoms are bloated stomach or heaty.

U can drink this tea 

Ur ten spice oil mix with eucalyptus inhale, can change ur luck greatly.

Also drink Juice of Green Apple with Papaya can help u recover for EMO.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stones That I love so much

There are a few stones that really works in healing;

1) Sunstone : A sun energy of positive auric glow:$38 this batch
2) Moonstoneruby: The healing rays emit to give energy and calming understanding to surrounding. $50 to $68
3) Kyanite Gem Quality: A stone around u and any other stone which brings cleansing. Is a stone that can cleanse other stone and ur aura $38 to $68

Activated . I think personally SUNSTONE is so useful for u to put in office near namecards.

Will be avalible on 1st Feb 2015 on stage if u just want to buy that day no need courier.

Others u can order thru

How I use the stones?
I hold it and quiet myself for 1 min or 2. U can feel the energy moving. At home u can put on stomach and chest.

Dont limit urself for the usages. 

Affirmations of the Day:
I am centered in truth and peace (Sunstone) --- Shine Protect
I accept what is best for me (RubyMoonstone) ---- Heal and Wealth
I release the past with ease and I trust the process of life (Kyanite Gem) ---- Cleanse and bring in new energy

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3 Bridge 3 Temple

Be no attachment and independent

When we go temple don't gossip about anything or anyone! Pray le and go that's the way ok!
Today good day and peace happiness with all
No attachment applies to all de is important!

1st Feb 2015 Talk Agenda

NTUC Auditorium: Come with peace and no anger heart. At all time be patience. When want buy things if too crowded can email to order for courier. Bring cash too.

That day: Special distant blessings from few temple as long as the moment u step to the auditorium. From Wang hai Gong bell to many places.

Address: One Marina Boulevard
Map and how to go

Please wear nice nice ok:>

Bring 1 Note book mini ba, and a gold ink pen if u have.

Arrive at 9am register with the number given to you through email and seated by 930am.

Remember auditorium door not open for you till 915am ok, as I need set up the stage. So prefer quietly set up ok:>

U can shop around and I invited the 100 years old shop Boss to make special tea for all. Drink first ba. Talk start at 945am.

By 1015am, request Shangpa Rinpoche to bless out parents and we need to use our pen to write mantra for 5 mins and dedicate for their health. For present parents or past. Is a very good deed and I specially arrange this for all of us. That is why I say need a pen or a notebook small or a paper A4.

Please bring your drinking water and a biscuit, scare you hungry as no food provided.

Talk will end at 1230pm to 1pm

Tea House The Tea prepare is powerful tea and u can purchase the 2015 Tea of the year that day:>

3 Best Dress will receive a packet of this $30 power tea.

Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 is Health Year

Do you know why I organise a health talk on 8th March 2015.

2015 is  a Yin year and female health is not very good. So I organise a talk for good health and improve overall health luck

Do register refer to

Daddy strike lottery give me $50 ahaha

After new Heng ball ! Put put dad mobile open twice and he give me $50 ahaha I later go spend ml eyahaha ; old people sometimes buy abit lottery is ok one but if u adopt my Heng ball purpose gamble it won't work

Star that Affect You: Bank Account

NB: Email for will take time to answer . If questions too many and long and I find is in blog, i wont answer ,thank you all. I will write blog here. Answer one person email sometimes can write an article that help many; u ever write email to fengshui master they reply u within a day? So don't press me ok and I am not fengshu master; 

Also when luck not so good dont go around keep telling this friend luck no good that people luck no good. U are just amplifying ur bad luck. Do more good deeds.
Once my Master say , when luck not on your side means heaven have things wan you to learn so u can have better luck. 

As a lot of people head not so big wan wear big hat! 

Buy a book that bring positive attitude in life and read or a buddhist book. Than go temple. It will activate ur Wisdom star. Also if can ur keychain put ur 9 level pagoda wencang pen, it will pen u out of bad luck.

Below are 2 stars always fly here and there in ur luck. Everyone will meet, but if some merits good it will have no effect. But some hor, ur luck low and this star fly to u. U will know like all things a series of bad luck come. This period

Chant mantra, 5D coin, COil incense and spray is best. Things to improve luck is determination.
Uncle me, spend 20 years than achieve better luck and when young very not easy. So once u accumulate alot merits, good luck come. I tell you, young time bad luck never mind as is a process. If old already luck no good also dont give up , continue to do good deeds. Good deeds got many kind, like
1) be considerate
2) Speak good works
3) Action help people
4) When need to shut ur mind and quiet u quiet/
5) Talk less and slap urself if u always blame people things before finding out the truth.
6) Pray sometimes without asking, dont keep ask this and that. Sometimes up there is to test u . Also after prayers abit of badluck come, dont lost ur faith. Faith have test one. U think so easy ah. Saint before become saint, go through alot . Ur problem is not problem at all. As long today u can read this blog u are not a big problem. Biggest problem is u see your problems like end of world. Husband no good wife no good, is ur own fault wrong choice so improve on it. Children no good because u never teach proper. Health and career no good because u are not hardworking enough. Sometimes is karma also, so work on it, debt owe people past life, Buddha cant help one, u need repay urself but with help of Kwan Yin Pu Sa, u will have strength to overcome.
7) Keep your house clean, anything spoilt repair.
8) Keep your body clean and mind clean daily by doing 21 OM morning .

Incense way to  化煞开运祥云通通通 ( 病煞)

Sometimes even no need see FSM or fortune teller, u urself know clearly that period of time health always have issues.

First dont blame on luck. You should look at your lifestyle and your diet. One point u keep complaint health no good. One point u sleep late, eat junk, ask u go drink herbal tea , u lazy and complaint. Health God infront of you also cant help you. Heaven help people who wants to help themselves.

If u always sick a period and already take care health. But health no good. U can work with 2 types of incense

1) Pagoda Herbal Coil incense (to remove negative)

Light the coil incense in living room or bed room with windows open. And relax, with eyes close chant 南无消灾延寿药师佛。21 times
 Doesnt mean u need coil incense, will be good if u have as it can护佑安康。

2) Sandalwood Coil Incense
If you no choice need to visit people in Hospital or Funeral attending (nothing wrong, as u grow older u will need visit people de is normal, be compassionate )

Carry 5 element oil 5 drops in cotton put pocket. Once attended go crowded hawker throw away the 5tissue or cotton and go home.

When home light the Pagoda Sandalwood Coil incense and chant om mani pad me hung. Go shower and apply some eucalyptus around chest area.


五鬼is a unlucky star which sometimes strike people animal signs or birthdate for the year or month. It represent obstacles in human relation and also Small People attack ur back and create boss dont like you suddenly.

Well this is not surprise sometimes why all of sudden quarrel with good friends or why bad people in office keep on bullying u and u have no help.

To overcome this star is to use $88 affirmation bracelet u have and do affirmation and say
好心好话好贵人,一切吉祥。 And also go temple like Amoy Street that Da Bo Gong temple light a lamp or candle. Or buy a bottle of oil to Balestier Da Bo Gong temple. And pray to Da Bo Gong can le.

When temple bring ur Gui ren bag to temple incense run over incense 3 rounds can le. Home if can put 5 D coin at bedroom at that difficult period.  Use rose related product like rose balm rub chest before sleep. Any heated difficult moments in office or home spray the tranquility healing spray. And put a big smile. As this star afraid of laughter and smile.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hi all
from blog to event, to charity project is all using one head and one mind to think and plan. And as a human being I have also done alot in writing blog to help as many people as I can.

Alot of email being sent to daily and many times I can't answer all but i do read with respect. But things like , does items works etc, i dont wish to answer!

Now plus whatsapp and SMS end up if I reply all immediately I have no
More life ah: those follow me long time really take care me . New comers do take note not that I don't wan answer ok and now u know; thank u ;)) love u all. 

Lao Shi spend his youth his free time and give all advices here. So at this moment I cant reply to all email.

Some write long articles and I do read and give a simple remedies. So some I didnt reply because answers all in blog and I have 100 email a day. About 30 send me floor plan monthly. please dont do that I am not A FENGshui consultant. I motivate u to be a better person.

So do give me some time to rest also ok:>

thank u.

For all orders: when u email to do include ur mobile.

Temporary List

I update one list first ok . So difficult to find someone do a nice list for me. End up I go back to 1980s method a proper list. I hope u dont mind and thanks for ur patience. I will update more....

Many ask me about GoodLuck Item list

Bryan Good Luck Item List

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Heng Ball

Heng ball today has come to a powerful announcement. 
It is powerful eheheh because of love. The heng ball all has same properties

new comers heng ball details beside blog label: heng ball

first heng ball I select for u.

1) Compassion, Love, Peace, Protection, Block Bad Qi, Amplify Good Qi. They relate to the earth and the heavens as living energies. Allowing light to move through and spill out it’s rainbow colors over the room brings, they feel, joy and blessings into all.

Heng ball is high qaulity Swaroski. Technique was passed to me by A famous Thai Astrologer, he mentioned this ball long time ago can block bad fengshui at home and religious free to help people.

And this technique of activating is created by bryan Lao shi , because it dont have the energy of normal raw crystal, so this stones really if activated it can be very pure and independent. And also I am SUPER KIASHU Bryan Lao shi. 

All heng ball I also use some fund to do prayers with blessings to all heng ball owners. Sometimes I also use it donate rice or other religion funds . So I find because of all this blessings and not tie to any religion or crystal properties. It growing power.

They are precision German cut & polished with well-defined crystal facets giving this symmetrical drop a brilliant sparkle. Trinity triangle symbolise Tian Di Ren Unity and not many people research on these. And Lao Shi me base on this balance activate.

Heng Ball if u have one, le, u can once a year order one. For example if green have 2 tone, I will choose for u .

It capture the light and angle of good quality swaroski can divert the light to healing energy.

So if u say green when you order, I will select the green I make that day. And if u have green le, tell me which other color or green u want ok.

heng ball inspiration: Once in 2005, there was a family so into fengshui and end up one year he was asked to spend $4800 on items if not family luck will go down. My Master just ask him put heng ball x3 at home. And till today is doing well. And they adopt heng ball just for interest once a year :>

Heng ball : Each is $68.


 Blue can handle star 4 and 7 in flying star if u really into that.


I was so busy with charity event and seminars

do remember make payment of products OK;>

thank u:>

Friday, January 16, 2015

Stupa project closed happily

We have manage to receive two stupa le and rejoice ; all names submitted a special blessings will be done!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Healing Bryan lao shi activated kyanite

A stone that integrates; converts ur sadness , anger and life unhappiness into understanding and acceptance and feeling better!
Activated from $68 the smallest one can be $48 is gem grade activated with energy

Kindly Email

Hi try not to Whatsapp as Lao Shi need the energy to work this period.

Everyday 200 whatsapp, u put yourself in my shoes ah.... need to help people write blog... do this and that... if every single whatsapp reply.. I cant write blog anymore le. :>
take note ok

Email to and will take time to reply. Thank you.

Sound of SUN is OMMMM

NASA scientific record measurement of sound produce from Solar Sun is Ommmm...Increase body supply of cosmic energy. All of creation of nature is actually vibration. Just saying A U M, adjust body spinal energy. Really. Try ok. I do every morning and feel it synchronise the body energy.

Do you 21 Om daily ba.

The sound of the sun was considered by most ancient religions as the most sacred sound of the universe. It is a sound that cannot be heard by the human ear, because the human ear only hears between 20-20,000 Hertz. The sound of the sun is much lower in frequency and also much higher in frequency than we can hear. 

Could the sound of the sun be part of the universal language system? 

NASA has recorded the actual sound of the sun in deep space and compressed the inaudible waves so that human ears can hear it. If we listen to this sound, we can hear and feel a deep vibration. The sound of the sun recorded by NASA is precisely as the ancient Hindus had described it in the Vedas thousands of years ago. It is a mantra that can be intoned with human speech as “OM.”

“Aum or Om is considered to be the primordial sound of creation and it is thought that all language emanates from this initial sound vibration. All Sanskri mantras (sacred sound prayers) in India begin with Om, and a meditating yogi may attest to the power of Om in even a short matter of time. 

Chanting Om is said to activate the entire nervous system, all of our chakras, as well as our subtle and physical bodies. After some time of working with Om, it is quite common to ‘hear’ Om all around us–in nature, in inanimate objects, in people when they speak.

Optional: Apply eucalyptus radiata tissue and inhale. Than do 21 Om with spine erected. Eyes gently close and dont frown and relax neck and fore head....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 mini Tips

Female ur health need to take care:> Use frankincense ok.

Ruby Moon Activated at $50 to $68
SunStone Activated at $38 to $50
Herbal Coil incense $55 ( health luck and obstacle reduce with positive attitude)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Ruby on moonstone

Is amazing how they arrived and activated without thinking represent sun and moon!

8 feb no joss paper needed

Permission granted for omhealth group pray and to shout Huat together! Rare! Also do remember only omhealth photographer  can take pic and no pic allow ok! Also omhealth charity group donated Ang bao to the family who has ill and sickness for this event ! Omhealth is more than skincare and good luck we go extra steps further !

Hi all no joss paper needed but we will provide the good incense.

This temple no joss paper one so don't bring ok!

Super Good News 8th feb temple change to orchard

The temple for 8th Feb 2015. So the temple visit for Philip Street is move to this orchard temple.

After even most tough approval. We have decided to change to the temple at Orchard . The famous temple.

Because I was choosing a temple can pray also to your Guardian PuSa and this temple has all 12.

31 Devonshire road ; 31 Devonshire Road Singapore 239851 walk from somerset MRT so super near.

Report same 9am pray together.
same email to for previous students u have email no need email again le.

Most people would not have believed that there is actually a beautiful Teochew-styled Chinese temple around Orchard Road. Nestled amongst shophouses and backed by a condominium, Tong Sian Tng is one of the very few remaining private temples and abode for lay practitioners of of Buddhism. Super good fengshui to visit on 8th Feb 2015.

Monday, January 12, 2015

5D and 6D coin

All the way to Malaysia , Canada, Australia, 


Even this countries has alot of FSM.

And now to Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Power of international:>

Ruby on moonstone arrival

Range between $50 to $68 ; will be chosen by me; is a very wealthy healing stone; put on table or hold it for healing !

Safety and personal energy ; u can put in bag; office table; also a strong stone for next year gossip star by putting living room;
Have a nice bowl put some $1 coins and also put stones;

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bracelet with love energy

One of many feedbacks ; remember when u wear is because u have faith and all negative gone; my Braceelt give u a righteous energy so is activated with love and not anyhow de!

6D Hulu COin

This 6 D hulu coin famous for many years.

Now is activated with alot good energy . So by putting one behind main door. Is good enough and equivalent spending thousands on house item and change yearly.

So hope u can appreciate the effort of this 6 D hulu energy. 

Above is a toilet door facing bed. So a fengshui master want them to put fake wall and put a fengshui items which total cost $3000. But my 6D hulu change once a year only is good enough hehehe and can bring harmony.

Ruby in MoonStone ($50 to $68) Wealth alot come and good for many good.

去煞气化解法: 人缘,化是非

2015 the gossip bad luck star appear at living room of the house.
Is very bad to talk about people at sofa area this year. I know la, but human surely will sometimes speak negative unknowingly.

So living room center coffee table , u can put a 5 D coin also u can at living room burn some Coil Incense

In living room if u can find NW , once a blue moon light this coil incense can bring family ren yuan. 

A) Herbal Herbs Coil Incense ( Perfect way to remove obstacles blended)
Sometimes if office gossip affected u. Break abit of this incense and a pinch of salt put in red packet carry with u for a day. And than throw away before reaching home. If family always got sick sick. Quickly light this incense good. Also if always cannot find good doctor to cure sickness. Light this incense make a wish and see doctor. Than when recover do ur charity.

B) Wish Fulfilling Sandalwood Pagoda Coil Incense 
This incense received total of 21 feedbacks, saying the scent has really improve Qi of house.
If u dont  know which to buy, this sandalwood u should buy.
This incense create alot of positive Qi in the house and is beyond description.

It was amazing different house if u observe the incense movement can be very healing and it will travel to places that need cleansing.


Rose Water
For some ren yun no good or to increase ren yuan, pure rose water bring to Tian Hou Temple and pray good. Just put on offering table with some flowers. request Tian Hou to bless the flower water. I must say I can tell u do that because the rose water is so so pure.

Rose Mask
This rose mask not only nourish skin but bring calmness. It can hydrate skin and if use daily u can see skin nice nice:>

To have good ren yuan and personal: There was a saying

Body Final rinse recipes:
A) Remove negative energy from body, Open luck
A small pail water, 5 drop 5 element oil, 3 drops bergamot: Rinse body after shower.

B) Increase wealth luck, block negative aura. Open body wealth Luck
A small pail water, 5 drops 5 element oil, 3 drops lavendula vera. Rinse body after shower

C) Within a day, feel body tired, luck also feel down, like everything not smooth.
A small pail water, 5 drops 5 element oil, 3 drops Healing Trees oil. Rinse body after shower

The above procedure is detox. After that quickly go to your house altar pray or if u have a Buddha card mini or cundi pendant look at it and chant any mantra.

When a person detox, is the purest form, quickly from shower room run to see the most auspicious item can bring fast luck.

Than light sandalwood.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Who sell bed sheets one ? Ahahah 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Good and launch 1st feb 2015

Omhealth will donate 100 bottles to elderly before launch and this merits dedicate to all of u!

Moonstone ruby rare activated

This stone really must keep can bring wealth and also heal mind body!

$50 each is ruby and moon gem grow in a piece ;

U can read

Hi Dragon and Ox ready le:>

Life and Confession

Bryan Lao Shi de reflection.

Lately I have been reflecting the impermanence in life and about unhappiness. U see life is very unpredictable. At one moment a person can be very good suddenly an accident the person gone.
No one can escape bad luck or good luck sickness... apply to monk nun or power master.

But if a person everyday can apply the light of Divine to you body and do reflection. Life will not be so bad. And when u know ur life purpose is to see open, be nice .... and also love people around u. All problems seems insignificance. U remember the last boss that treat u badly, now think back not that bad.....

But if u kana a jia lat husband or wife or poor relationship... I must say is 感情债。 This is very tiring to emotion and sometimes so overwhelmed u lost urself. Quickly stepout of it.

If husband have 3rd party, nothing u can do but protect ur $$$ and children. And I say many times love is something difficult to access by others. U need help yourself and daily chant CUndi Mantra and u will find answer.

Why some have good life why some always Jia Lat? Well/....


一种是一个人的活命 (Life),


Why sometimes a woman, no matter how many man they know, all like same pattern hurt them... well high tendency is they past life, hurt many woman feeling... this life pay back.

What to Do?
Chant heart Sutra so have wisdom
Chant Cundi mantra remove obstacles and better ren yuan too.
Confession as and when.

This life why so many problems in your life and emotions because u had 伤害生命before. When u know life is无常,do good and accept your life with positive attitudes, slowly life will be better later....

Alot of issues and problems or even health issues. U can do 88 Buddha Confession. Dont expect result just do ok.

Everyday reflect and Confess.

Star sign movement, many may feel out of sort this few days.

Buy coconut water drink:> And final , powerbath with Bryan Relax Blend. U will feel better.

Thank u

Thanks to the 9 who give me Ang bao during temple event for me to be Heng Heng ah! I love the way some of you write words behind the Ang bao is very blessings and good energy;
Some of the Ang bao I will use for projects ok;) thank u

Hope to see u all 8 feb 2015 for my event! A lot of hard work and coordination a done u know ! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Many many many strike

For new comers my items are not lottery striker but many strike because they buy for fun nd not gambler and is good;) just sharing for Heng Heng feeling as Heng Heng is contiguous ahhah

So know luck comes in many form 。
Even no strike u feel good and rainbow

South 2015

What inspired me to write this article?
Last week, a lady paid someone to go house do cleansing and pay $700 and end up say got this and got that further cleanse need $1200.

So she look for me, and I teach her this method. Pass down by my Senior healer master in Sydney. And she feel good now.

Now a star will arrive to South of the House in 4th Feb 2015 .

退步星; If u visit my website forecast. Number 7th Star is a star that cause a luck to go down.

That is why sometimes u see people sudden drop of luck for that year.

But back to basic.... If a person accumulate good merits, the effect of this star is minimum.

This star brings people luck decline and luck lost.

[I dont want to waste my time on Flying Star in 2015 Talk, as I have more important things to share]

This star related to burglary, gossip, back stab, And it will be strongest in Feb 2015, May 2015, November 2015.

Office Table if kana this sector, put tranquility Healing Spray. House can use 3M hook put 5D coin.

Any of my crystal is good for the table.

If this star Main Door
Door knob behind ; 6 D hulu

Bedroom: 5D coin door knob

Office Table: Tranquility Healing Spray.

Personally how to work with this star:

Infact , when we look at flying star, we dont really bother because u and me so busy, where got time to go and each star take care right. That's why I say maindoor knob put 6d-hulu.
But if one day, u found alot problems, quickly check South 2015 of ur house, what is happening. Are there alot clutters there, or is there a lamp? (no lamp or candle)..... If there is remove it and will be fine And spray Tranquility Healing Spray.

How to Remove Luck Going Down of the House using ur bedroom?
This is good to cleanse the bedroom for preventing 2014 negative Qi from carrying over to 2015 Goat Year.
Normally u can do also, do until u feel good. Normally 1 time can feel better.

Especially emotion and mood very bad right. U do , second day feel good.

Ten Spice Oil is used for Re new energy and also bring wealth.

U saw I put a stone beside and is a very powerful cleansing stone! Optional I will write 

Items you need

1) A packet of Sea Salt
2) Ten Spice Oil.

After do, that week put some red color flowers in living room.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

After Temple Event

Normally have rainbow la

But my most happening is lottery many strike . U may didnt strike but just tell u, energy good :> Confirm

Temple address so far 13 strike ahahah I wonder why wherever I go for big event first time, that address open ahaha

Just wanna say energy good and wish all good luck

2 weeks FAQ and Instruction


Today Amituofo Birthday too. So see A-Z for u.

Hi this month I must say alot of questions sms and i cant answer all
so let me explain here.

First alot of answers can be found in

A) Black Magic and See " the others".
Human life is short, so whatever magic cant get near body if ur heart is calm. And in Singapore even if a person get black magic, it can be resolved within 3 days, if u go to Waterloo Kwan Yin Temple seat in temple 10mins for consecutive 3 days.
Singapore land has a dragon Qi so black magic dont last.... But if u go other place wont be so easy le.

See the others same procedure.

B) Early morning husband or wife or cchildren quarrel, special day like new year, Chinese new year or at temple quarrel with love one.... Well wont bring bad luck because u re human. So after quarrel that day, spray tranquility healing spray and drink coconut water can le.

Thats why I say when go temple bring BBC coin go over incense and this coin forever will raise ur Qi.

C) After temple or auspicious event fall down or sprain ankle...

This quite common for some who going thru alot in life. Is to clear negative debt. So keep calm and have faith with ur religion.

D) Visit Temple
go temple pray and dont always beg and beg. I say beg means dont be like a begger always ask for this and that. Sometimes dont ask anything , look at the statue and smile. Up there know le.
of course sometimes u can say la... but dont everytime temple is to beg. U know what I mean. But if sometimes heart no one listen and understand u, look at kwan yin statue talk all ur heart out , u may tears but super good.

E) This year wipe eucalyptus radiate oil tissue on crystal or ur jade can heal ur personal energy.

F) Heng ball
U can put heng ball anytime before 3pm as long as no rain. Heng Ball.

G) Women PMS can go temple ma?
Of course ok. u are human, u know body is filled with shit also ma.

H) Yin place how to protect oneself
when visit YIN place, carry tissue with five element oil in pocket, left bracelet black tourmaline or any of my bracet touch the bracelet and say OMmmmm

i) 5 D and 6 D how to really use
A house yearly confirm change 6D hulu behinddoor knob. I must say is cheapst way to fight unlucky stars le, Uncle research 15 years, instead all corners put $300 items , just main door put can le. And also 5 D coin any corner put good. No wrong.

Rice urn is a must to put 5 d coin and continue use the same 5D and repeat use,yearly just change red packet using same 5d coin. Do cook rice once a month, this is for some who totally dont cook

J) House cleanse with KM yan set is good, when cleansing, turn a music on new age or buddhist chant. best and open all windows.

k) Sandalwoo pagoda coil incense is best remedies for stress and family disharmony and also bad house fengshui. It slowly change ur house qi even if u move to lousy house.

L) Dont wear black to sleep, very easy attract negative energy

M) use rose item forbody can bring good luck. Rose water to Tian Hou temple for blessings can clear a person no ren yuan luck

N) If people of other religion ask u fan tai sui how? Well tell them go birthday party. Dont tell them religious activity. Although we can do all things other religion ask us do, but some sensitive.
So for other religion people ask , I normally say, have faith with ur Lord. U see, world universe to me same, so why change other people religion. I will say go to ur Church and pray and have faith, the light of Christ with u.

O) Bryan lao shi why u so direct in SMS and whatsapp
U know, if u have 200 sms just two days, with floor plan and ask proceudre how to pray and u all in blog le , so will be abit fierce ahaha but those who see me in real person ok one me. Friendly right. Dont judge me in sms. Uncle me was imparted skills by those fierce old aunty in Bugis, many retired one are my aunties. So sometimes when I scold u, is not me...

P) Go temple pray dont wear shorts . At least knee level.

Q) Mantra what to chant more power.
All same, see which one more Yuan with u.

R) What is expect of 1st feb 2015 talk
No expectation, this year I arrange alot blessings from masters to all attendees . So is lucky le. My purpose of this talk gather and share.

S) House kitchen must check have spoilt things anot., If have quickly change now

T) Goood luck house items and 6D and 5 D when to put? Anyway from 4th Feb u can start put le. But some start using the house item A and B le so is ok.

U) I pray if someone can wholeheartedly help me the website to be up.

V) Trust me at home, use more aroma oil to wipe floor etc can bring good results in luck. before sleep our luck move from head to toes, I love to apply lavendula bottom of feet.Anyway u may say I sell my oil, ok ba, u use other brand i also ok. I dont really bother ahha but be sensible dont sms me ask me if other brands good anot. I cant believe ahahah

W) I am teacher to share and not PA ok. So appreciate all articles typed and shared in website. Have fate will understand the words from website. U dont have to purposely promote for me de, I am glad it helped u. If from my website u found remedies, and luck improve, do sms inform me, and also ownself do charity.

X) If luck really down, go sleep. Trust me, rather than here ask there ask. or sometimes so tired, no need go temple, just go back have a good sleep than eat one RED apple.

Y) 8th Feb 2015 Temple event is powerful do come. And I keep it simple pray together and enjoy. Also when having lunch or dinner, dont talk about gossips , it will attract bad luckstar to ur food and weaken u. But again sometimes u human and u born to be a gossiper, so u slowly change. And wear my gui ren bag when go lunch.

Z) I am not Fengshui master. I am just bryan lao shi which make effort to learn from old and share.
Temple, volunteer work, write article etc share all i can. U must take note of my time.

Laoshi can book seat for me for the talk;
Me: email please .

Cong tai Sui dont afraid:

This year although uncle me is once 12 years direct cong tai sui. I do well and excel. I try to prove to u if u have faith u can do well.

Only thing with Tai Sui is alot of emo things and also Tai Sui show u who are the bad people. So some if u think good and actually found out they bad people is normal.

Omhealth 2014 has reached highest state and recognition and most testimonials. Got pray got Bobi, no pray and complaint, u jialat. U dont believe is ok. But Kwan Yin Ma at all times protect u, just that u dont know.

Extra Tips for 1st feb 2015

A) Must get is 5 element oil
B) 5D coin Six D coin for those attending, get that day
C) Spray and limited heng ball
D) Sunstone very good that day get
E) Rose water buy le that day go temple