Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ruyi Fuji

Now u all know now why 2016 is the tianlu ruyi fu Qi le is designed inspired by this and is extremely good for 2016 and more years to come!

The energy of this fu tian Lian lu ruyi took one year to have this energy and is shown since last year! Rub the fu tian my ruyi to reduce negative star effects and bring happiness
Do order this item at $68 each !
Best oil to order 2016 is the ten spice oil blend, awaken blend, purification blend ;)

Rose Hydrating gel mask and rose Otto water

$100 with a marble given do order this set is very good!


Did u see the dragonflies ahaha;) today is care and share day too

Monday, November 23, 2015

Six d Hulu and 5 d coin

Six d Hulu and five d coin received and keep first also ok till eve than put;

As we know the illness star is strong in 2016 particularly old sicknesses may be re surface or respiratory system and also stomach issues will be a problem;

The $45 healing frankincense is a must for all house hold to reduce effect of negative stars! 

When a person is sick than we suddenly will let go many anger problems and focus on sickness problem; example when u have a serious sore throat u will think and focus on just the throat problems and find ways and remedies and all sort of herbs to overcome it fast!

But when u are in ur good health u focus on ur work relation family problems and neglecting health , u focus on in office who is bad and who is evil;

This created imbalance in body systems ;
2016 unbalance can be felt in November December and January 2016
2015 end sickness and remedies for 2016 and reflections!

If u have bloated stomach now means in 2016 u need to let go worries and a reflection of self created worries! Use Bryan relax blend and peppermin blend with rice bran oil massage stomach;
Use clarity healing bracelet or black tourmaline u have perform 21 om and leave it on stomach five mins a day 

If u have cough and sore throat now means in 2016 u have a lot of things want to express can't express out also it means the airborne virus u are more prone to sickness ; take vitamin c and make green juice three times a week is important now;
Use lapis Mala or hand bracelet or 21 on lapis Mala Chant ah sound and put on chest daily 
Use of ten spice oil and peppermint is power in tissue inhale

If u have serious acnes and pains now means a reflection in 2016 u may not have courage to face ur challenge and u may resisted to change that is needed!
Using fresh morning oil blend, cedar wood oil in shower is good or use in rice bran oil massage lower waist area
Use ur black tourmaline bracket and hold it do 10 times deep breathing to stomach and than leave it on lower back for five mins with ur body lying on stomach

Not forget 3 oil method apply neck shoulder and rest;

If u have discover of tumors and cancer related issues and in process of recovering in 2015 , means ur liver for 2016 need extra care; tea like jasmine flower and beet root juice is good for u! Healing frankincense is a daily must and this is the $45 frankincense and as good as the market branded one!
Use black tourmaline braclet or healing clarity bracelet chant huuuu huuuuuu ( he uuuuu) for 2 mins and put braclet on stomach rest; sound like Hee-uuuuu
Morning use high mountain ginger drink add a pinch of tumeric is good to fight diseases

If u have eye issues in 2015 end , ur energy and heat of body is a issue in 2016 , u may have problems with headaches and emotional issues; having chrysanthemum five flowers tea 4 times a week is ok in evening is not cooking at all! Oil like love miracle blend is useful to use in tissue inhale ;

Hold black tourmaline and make the sound mmmmmmmmmm with inhale and exhale make the sound mmmmmmmm for 7 times and than put the black tourmaline or healing clarity Braceelt on fore head and relax few mins

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hulu Breathing Exercise

NB: Hulu is $68 Peach wood, Oil is tenspice oil $45, peppermint $25 u can order thru email.
omhealth will be away and also year end courier timing is delayed. U can just go out because courier if didnt reach will send again.

Welcome 2016 talk is not easy for me to prepare. In fact I have so much to share until from June till today keep looking at slides. Until I am kinda burn out. So much informations but with only 2 hours i need to squeeze in. My mentality is teach u all how to fight bad luck, how to handle stress, how to observe and handle... we know we cant avoid bad luck star as we are still human, we can however with courages and fearlessness technique activate good luck star to help us.

many see here ask here, see who power fortune teller  go all the way ask, end up remedies is the same as u pray. Heng one ok, not heng one, instil fear on u till u become more worry. it is said when a person more suay, sometimes kana more suay fortune teller make u double suay and worry. So why not pick up ur mala and oil and pray. or just go temple urself with a sincere heart pray for strength, because what u need to go thru in life u need to go thru de. what u need is Divine strength and Wisdom and compassion.

email : orders@omhealth.com with proper name and mobile and courier time is 12-5 or 5pm to 8pm
when u email now, u wont receive next day la. Need time to pack and send courier ma. Payment to be made also


In flying star fengshui , according to the ancient book Tong Shu.

The star we most afraid to have is

2  (Illness star)
5( Disaster Star)
3 (Gossip trouble argument war star)

Food to take this month till December is Ginger with honey (omhealth ginger dried or ur own ginger)

This 2015, we have flying star fix

U can see above is fix star in 2015. So in 2015 alot of argument, tiring and also misunderstanding and major changes. Remember 12 years ago was the SARS.
Every month there is a flying star fly around also. So

7th Nov 2015 to 6th Dec 2015 the number 5 Disaster star flies and meet the star 3. means alot of war related , and disasters. When this kind of combinations happen. We must learn to watch our safety and health more. Also illnesses will be common this period. But this illness is very positive aspect because it clears the whole year negative.

As long as we are human being we will face sickness or aches. The reason why we chant mantra and work with crystals or pray is to have a strong mind. Once mind is strong, we dont view illness to bother us. Everytime we cough, we find is clearing negative and also with crystals mantra and breathing exercise illness recover faster.

Why we have 6D hulu, is to reduce sickness star from finding our family and even found, we find cure.

There are people who like to blame illnesses to house fengshui. Yes fengshui affect us a way. But science of fengshui is to keep house clean. When we sick mainly is due to weather and our food intake. Seldom is due to fengshui.  But the planet stars do have effect on health level.

So i invented a hulu breathing exercise base on energy level . U can wear ur black tourmaline bracelet this period and activate it again with 5 element oil in tissue wrap around it for 1 hour and wear after that.

when 5 meet 3, shows the natural disaster and war and misunderstanding.

End of year 3 months is also a reflection of whats coming in 2016. So having a preparation and positive thinking is good.

So if u have flu cough cold or sick is because of seaonal change according to calender.

But again because of the flying star 5 and 3 meet. The chances of getting flu and arguments is greater.

So for me I will hold my Tian Lu Hulu House item 2015 (can use forever).

HULU anti illness and stress breathing exercise.: (Bryan Lao Shi)

Anti illness and fast recovery breathing exercise (Put the hulu center of u when u do this breathing exercise, is call hulu absorb illness exercise.)

1) A drop peppermint warm ur palm and massage neck shoulder. A drop spice oil massage stomach.

2) Sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight and head inclined slightly forward floor or sofa .

Gently close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then let the breath come naturally without trying to influence it. Ideally it will be quiet and slow, but depth and rhythm may vary.

Breathing in deeply into ur stomach and hold ur breath 3 seconds and exhale out (mentally count 1)
repeat for 8 count.
Than normal breathing and put hulu on ur left palm and right palm above hulu no need touch. And visualise all illnesess absorb by hulu . Than ur own time open ur eyes and feel better
Try to do 10 minutes of this form of meditation.

Meditation is good for children.
In overseas some school have quiet breathing

exercise for all child
success rates of meditation in schools:
  • 10% improvement in test scores—and a narrowing of the achievement gap.
  • Highly effective for increasing creativity.
  • Improved teacher retention and reduced teacher burnout.
  • Greater happiness, focus and self-confidence.
  • Reduced ADHD and symptoms of other learning disorders.
  • 86% reduction in suspensions over two years.
  • 40% reduction in psychological distress, including stress, anxiety and depression.
  • 65% decrease in violent conflict over two years.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lapis lazuli arrival rare pieces

Arrivals and flower blooms and is season of crystal rare collections ! Each piece is $200 and worth collection for self healing use

Have 4 pieces $200
Have 4 pieces $250
Have 6 pieces $168

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rare healing lapis lazuli at $200 collectible 


When I say rare means after the batch can't find easily le; this is the strongest stone to keep one at &300

Pendant healing energy

Is to wear when doing breathing exercise or stress and they re collector items no duplicate 

Select base on needs the healing pendant ; $150 to $228

Good Energy

I knew about Ganesha when I was young. Especially if u go Loyang Da Bo Gong temple, there is a Lord ganesha Statue.

In Bangkok and in Singapore Chinese , Buddhism also pray to Lord ganesha. Before my Master Rinpoche pass on. He introduced to me a Lord Ganesha Wealth Vase.

And from there I know Lord Ganesha is there to always help people to achieve state of Om if we allow it.

All who attended the Singing lesson before sing the Ganesha song this period. OM also represent Ganesha for me. U look at the OM Sign also looks like Lord Ganesha.

http://www.omhealth.com/bryanhengproducts.html The 21 Om mala and the most power lapis mala or lapis related 

So even u are pure Buddhist, chanting Ganesha mantra with pure intention is super ok;>

See the Picture below this two weeks and say OM ... And smile.

  • Elephant head, wide mouth, and large ears: the large head of an elephant symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life. The wide mouth represents the natural human desire to enjoy life in the world. The large ears signify that a perfect person is the one who possesses a great capacity to listen to others and assimilate ideas.
  • The trunk and two tusks with the left tusk broken: there is no known human instrument that has an operating range as wide as that of an elephant's trunk. It can uproot a tree and yet lift a needle off the ground. Likewise, the human mind must be strong enough to face the ups and downs of the external world and yet delicate enough to explore the subtle realms of the inner world. The two tusks denote the two aspects of the human personality, wisdom and emotion. The right tusk represents wisdom and the left tusk represents emotion. The broken left tusk conveys the idea that one must conquer emotions with wisdom to attain perfection.
  • Elephant eyes: the elephant eyes are said to possess natural deceptiveness that allows them to perceive objects to be bigger than what they really are. Thus the elephant eyes symbolize the idea that even if an individual gets "bigger and bigger" in wealth and wisdom, he should perceive others to be bigger than himself; that is, surrender one's pride and attain humility.
  • The four arms and various objects in the four hands: the four arms indicate that the Lord is omnipresent and omnipotent. The left side of the body symbolizes emotion and the right side symbolizes reason. An axe in the upper left hand and a lotus in the upper right hand signify that in order to attain spiritual perfection, one should cut worldly attachments and conquer emotions. This enables one to live in the world without being affected by earthly temptations, just as a lotus remains in water but is not affected by it. A tray of Laddus (a popular snack) near the Lord denotes that He bestows wealth and prosperity upon His devotees. The lower right hand is shown in a blessing pose, which signifies that Ganesha always blesses His devotees.
  • A human body with a big belly: the human body possesses a human heart, which is a symbol of kindness and compassion toward all. Ganesha's body is usually portrayed wearing red and yellow clothes. Yellow symbolizes purity, peace and truthfulness. Red symbolizes the activity in the world. These are the qualities of a perfect person who perforrns all duties in the world, with purity, peace, and truthfulness. The big belly signifies that a perfect individual must have a large capacity to face all pleasant and unpleasant experiences of the world.
  • A mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha and gazing at the tray of Laddus: a mouse symbalizes the ego that can nibble all that is good and noble in a person. A mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha indicates that a perfect person is one who has conquered his (or her) ego. A mouse gazing at the Laddus, but not consuming them, denotes that a purified or controlled ego can live in the world without being affected by the worldly temptations. The mouse is also the vehicle of Ganesha, signifying that one must control ego in order for wisdom to shine forth.
  • Right foot dangling over the left foot: as stated above, the left side of the body symbolizes emotion and the right side symbolizes reason and knowledge. The right foot dangling over the left foot illustrates that in order to live a successful life one should utilize knowledge and reason to overcome emotion issues.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Foundation of Crystal Healing

 Back in 1996 i got my first crystal healing experience in Australia. Working with crystal more on healing and balance is the pure intention.

That time the world is filled with pure nice crystals and they re so filled with healing energy .

In 2001, Singapore starts to have a number of crystal shops. I wonder u all remember in Suntec City there were some crystal shop along the walk way. But all close down le. Now crystal shops normally taken over by Cxxx and a number has fake one.

Their crystals are beauty but alot more expensive than mine even to date now.

And in 2001 I start my crystals business which I have a number of beauty crystals. Many clients have my crystals in 2001 till today they say is genuine. Give u an example, I have a series of aquamarine in 2002, and that time 17 bracelet were sold to HDB hub, URA and CAAS customers.

And their color changes till today. And now u cant find this quality le. and many aquamarine colored in CHxxx country.

Being excited over the lost art of crystal healing and my worries it will be a tool for  fortune telling... I started crystal class which I work with color , aroma and religious free energy healing for health and wellness.

I am the first one in Singapore to teach crystal healing in HDB hub , CPF board and also outdoor ION orchard on crystal healing. On TV i manage to intro crystal healing to 女人我最大。女人俱乐部。

Work with the crystals u have. Even the healing set u all have . Just two small stones hold and relax. U can enjoy the healing effects from the mineral kingdoms.

most basic is black tourmaline with 2 dzi and is beautiful and the lapis lazuli mala
Is a stone of great luck and abundance. It encourages a large amount of light to encircle the body, helping you to heal on many levels. When worn, this crystal helps to unlock energy blockages within the body and create overall balance within it.

Simplest way to use crystal is cleanse it (with few drops of eucalyptus or rosemary or Purification or 5 element oil and wrap the stones over night)

Energise with ur thoughts and intention.

The philosophy is like U dont care the stones, the stones dont care for u.

And than daily perform breathing exercise with it.

All crystals have a magnetic energy flow and this energy is able to be channelled to increase frequency to encourage healing of ur body

Crystals have a strong energy and they are useful for using in a grid formation to protect an area or place from negative energy.

Crystal healing workshop may be 2016 if I have the time.

Below grade aquamarine is extinct in the world now. And congrats to those who have. Real raw crystal healing is stones with energy and u dont need to be perfect. Normally at its natural state.

Work with crystal to balance. Why I write this today because i find the earth is under alot of stress. If everyone has a crystal and simply do breathing exercise daily , life will be better and the earth energy will improve.

Raw master healer crystal

This crystal works on a way to adjust our energy center.

All sold le:> And is from old customers and I am happy as u can use it.

May not have for next 6 months or more

Lucky to adopt one.

Left a piece $350 and a piece $288

Monday, November 16, 2015

20 more seats

Welcome Monkey year 2016 left 22 seats out of 800.

This Monkey year talk will focus more on methods to overcome issues.
Email to class@omhealth.com with name and mobile.

24th Jan 2016 (NTUC auditorium)

The topics include those old aunties method who works in temple technique to motivate a person luck. Enjoy ok:>

Reduce the poison fire

Is the era of many fire poison which affect a person mind and health and being selfish. Thus luck is affected. When u have low in luck. U should just let go and cultivate the essence of Kwan Yin Pu Sa to build up ur energy and also ur personality. So when timing come, u just excel.

Read more from: http://omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm#pmp


This rose essence free from chemicals is rare in market for skin beauty. For the rose mask has chrysanthemums and many herbs in it. When apply for some u may feel abit warm is ok as it is repairing the skin.

The set now is $100 and all comes with a heng flower marble activated. Is a big marble very very hend and bring in new good energy to ur life:>

Saturday, November 14, 2015

All round healer crystal rare plus rare

It seems to be able to support people who always feel
Tired and also reduce anger when wear as necklace and can block off negativity is so rare now this crystal !

Left three le interested text or email one at $250

I just don't know how to share the excitement of this healer Quartz is full of light! I hope some of my students can adopt and I really hope it goes to the right person and is really really useful ! Method how to work with will share with adopt students

Friday, November 13, 2015

Connect with Crystals

Connect with your crystals or  wealthbowl or my House item is important.

It means attune the antenna intune and receive the things u need from Universe and help urself and help more people.

U deserve to be happy remember that.

Remember crystal is energy and is like living plants kingdom. It will work with u in love and light and help you. Crystals are all about love, compassion, Joyful but they works on the Law of "FREE WILL" . They dont interfere with karma and dont interfere without ur communications.

So when u have my black tourmaline do smile and make wishes and take good care of it.
I have activated for u.

For other stones  if u dont communicate with crystal, it will just like a paper weight.

Connect with Crystal 5 Steps process

A) Simple hold an intention in ur mind that u want to communicate with crystal
B) Pick up stone and hold around the heart area
C) Now simple observe and feel.

Crystals can speak in different way:

1) Twitching ur muscles
2) Tingling third eye
3) Stomach tingling

Sometimes when u hold crystals for long , certain part of body twitch abit can mean crystal want u to put there to heal ur problems.

Once a lady was holding a crystal and start feeling stomach abit pulsation, so she lie down and leave the crystal on stomach and relax which heal her digestive issues.

So communicating with crystal is important.  Sometimes ur crystal may vibrates and direct u to put in ur bedroom , say may improve sleep etc.

Hold ur crystal and ask how it can help u. Or how u want the crystal to help u in certain area.

Crystals are love and unconditional love.  So work with the stone kingdoms.

Sometimes when I hold a crystal near my heart.  A song comes to my mind. Or a mantra. Now even if thoughts doesnt make any sense at that moment but when u think later may have deeper meaning.

Below all SOLD at the moment
USA Tiashuzi stone powerful avaliable ( from $200 to $380)

Below is a rare crystal tie to be wear as pendant or healing. Is not phantom etc. Is call Tiashuzi stones.

They are protectors and healer stones. And guard against influence of chaotic energy.

It helps overcome fears. It helps with 7 energy center of the body. Courage confidence.

Once receive, morning rinse with water and sun it for 10mins in morning.

And use in meditation or say ur wishes holding the stone and say thank you. And wear it. or carry in bag.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Medicine Hulu method

Those who have we will teach u how to use in 2016 talk and also a video

Good to collect one tianlu Hulu created last year 

$88 set , $1 coin u put urself.

Today activated 8 set for order.

Also agarwood set have 5 more set this month.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cool coil incense

http://omhealth.com/bryanhengproducts.html Is the bracelet usages (update daily)

The Clip stand is sold separately at $5.

But if not u can put on a bowl of powder ash and burn.

Omhealth is proud to have 
1) Wishfulfilling pagoda sandalwood coil
( This is a must have, the purity and when u burn u can feel the gentle non choking scent). When u burn and make wishes and also feel it strengthen ur aura and u will be strengthen.. Is also very healing. Of course we dont burn with close room . Common sense.

2) Medicine herbs coil
( A series of herbs that good for purifying sickness star in 2016, try to burn 1-2 times a week full coil)
Blend of few herbs

3) Agarwood coil incense
( I break abit and burn when do chanting)

Also we have tested free from lead mercury harmful ingredients. 
Sometimes for chanting may be I will break a piece instead burning the whole coil; but is good to burn whole coil once awhile at home! Feel the energy 

http://www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart/essential.htm (Scroll down)

Wish all students customer bless bless

All bless bless !


Sinking wood has two extreme either one kilo more than 10 k or cheapest one; so commercial not easy find also as is protected item now; believe the scent ur body will tell

Some wood sink immediately for the first two years, but when keep sometimes,it will be completely dry and turns into non sinking.Not all agarwood will sinks, please bear in mind that if you like certian piece of real 沉香,it does not matter much whether it sinks. Eventually, not every piece of wood will be able to sink after several years. 

Below pic are my collections, some dont sink but each piece worth $800 to $3000 in market now.

 Article by bryan Lao Shi for a magazine. And is used by some shops. U can see the wood small piece can cost $2000.

I have been in this line more than 15 years long before it really comes to Singapore. The wood now comes in small piece like size of half a finger le. Big one many old clients u all buy before and congrats and is worth alot now.

And was invited by magazine to write and was publish.

Now agarwood vietnam is one kilo 30000 SGD

than we have from different country.

Many have misconception about whether it should sink or which country.

Now as a aromatherapist. For me is pure good quality and the scent.

Some thought agarwood must smell like a good smell u like and stereotype on the scent . Which in market i see so many premix with some fragrance so is more marketable.

Well u will be surprise how many people have really smell the vietnam. And is just by looking it sink is vietname. Not so easy.

Not all wood sink. And not good quality sink.

Anyway this limited edition is for this season for all who interested to try.

Healing necklace call 吉祥宝

Coral Puti health seed pearl crystals and all in one necklace to wear and release stress at $168 only and not easy to bead up and activated ! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pyramid Class

28th Feb 2016
Venue: National Library
Room: To be announced

Time 930am to 12pm

Pyramid Class 2016:  FEES: $166 class@omhealth.com 

1 x Pyramid with pyramid ball: $128
1 x Geometry Healing Card for Abundance (created by omhealth)
Class Fees $38

For those with Pyramid class is $38;

The most fun class: Skin, Pyramid, Meditation, and breathing exercise and health.

A class that combines, simple crystal usages, Health Knowledge,

Limited class open for registration;

Limited edition should get

Today I pinch some sandalwood powder and pinch some Agarwood powder and light the sandalwood slow they burn to Agarwood ! This method is call 十面吉祥云!
The $68 package of ten gram powder and five gram wood should get! Is because my friend in this business have some spare for me to sell to client at lower price!

The wood normal five gram is $50

So this package $68 is really a promotion price!

Enjoy incense art ba

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pyramid crystal class

Date will be announce soon and will not be December because I need travel to overseas for audit;)

Heng Product page for reference


I will update daily till all products inside. This is to thank all.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Special 5 edition

Picture is exact; wood can break them and use abit; quite a lot even 5 gram precious

Just a pinch in saucer and make to hill mini light with gun lighter than incense come out feel it cleanse you! 
Than break abit wood put on it and enjoy ! Can walk around house;

Of course u can use sandalwood but this is a special edition method

5 gram old Agarwood
Ten gram of Agarwood powder

$68 only ten pack ! 
This mini burn abit for you to experience auspiciousness 

And than a pinch of wood on powder!

Only for students and is very good for health clearing illness

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Appreciate ! Ah few incident happen lately and I manage to find out

They re my cousin many don't know; but even not my cousin must be kind to people; local courier company not reliable in timing like last time le so sometimes ask my cousin to help;

Leng Leng and lai lai spend their free time to courier for me as sometimes courier company can't courier ur items

Lately Leng and Lai have some unpleasant experience that being scolded for delivery late
Our courier fee only $3 and $5 no matter how far and we didn't have handling fees, petrol and their timing also not enough la ahaha and I am grateful they help me;

If not them courier take longer time!

They are my cousins so do appreciate their effort; courier company always delay I am asking them for help after their work; do be kind thank u!

Friday, November 6, 2015

What we Lack of is the Light

What many of us lack of is the light within.

The confidence we used to have.
The courage we used to have.
The fearlessness we used to have.

Deep within you if you quiet your mind , there is a teacher in u and also if u open ur heart and with respect with Universal teacher like Buddha. U can feel the strength and courages again.

Few masters I know and internally well known will say a poem mantra (religious free practice by worldwide) to affirm this energy .

It is time to drop out of all old patterns and start a new way of life, a natural way of life, a non-repressive way of life, a life not of renunciation but of rejoicing.

Daily spend 3 mins, just say: This will help align yourself. This is very powerful stress release method. And can align your body star energy.

Apply some healing trees oil on your chest and say 21 times.

Now instead now 21 OM. U say this 21 times.

Is a mantra for some yoga before start: Try:

OM Namo Guru Dev Namo x21 (chant now and feel the peace energy and is just an affirmation of respect)
Brighten your Light. This month especially. (This mantra is sang by many and also I triple research and checked with one High Priest in Singapore is a good mantra for simple and non religious)

U can see the words is just teacher within and teacher respect of Universal.

OM means the Infinite Creative Energy in manifestation.
NAMO means reverent greetings; 
GURU is the giver of wisdom. GURU is the technology which takes one from darkness (GU) to light (RU).
DEV means divine or transparent.
NAMO means reverent greetings; to call upon.

GURU is also known as teacher.

Above mantra is also known as the God's telephone number.

Use the OIL VICTORIAN SECRET: The scent every moment change according how u feel

Above the pyramid healing and charging the oil

One good thing is pyramid helps to heal and can put anywhere

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Power promotion for marble activated 2014 by master

Special day promo: five bottle of essential oil and fifth bottle lower price free ; only five set who wan? And one healing marble activated last year one!

Email to orders@omhealth.com  now with address mobile and will let u know amount to transfer !

Power two

This are $680 a set; very healing and effort to put in; personal healing for stress and confusion and worries can use to do om and visualize good energy surrounding urself

Story of blessed marble

In ancient time a master blessed on marble with High Energy and give to people to help people.

In the villages , poor people cant afford buddha pendant. So the compassion master blessed on marble with intention to help.

And this marble were given to villager and indeed help many.

So this marble from ancient time till now. Art is lost.. and I safe keep one and only one at home and show to classs yearly.

From the one and only one energy is used to bless more marbles , because is out of compassion and no hidden agenda so energy will be good. And given to all attendees.

Whole of Singapore I have one that was pass down by a Master for me. And last year I work with it to produce 100 marble and give to the student who attended class.

Today preparing and will have 600 marble activated for all attendees coming for 24th Jan talk.

Is alot of effort. And this year gift is highly bless marble for u put at wealth corner (will share how) and good good luck for u.

All who have wealthbowl can put the marble blessed on it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Hi Sickness Problems Star

Above is monthly flying star. What I am worry is November a movement of Star 5 (Disaster star flies to meet with the Gossip Star). Is like Suayness amplify.

So dont worry. Since u know ur enemy, u find method to handle

1) Use 10 Spice oil, eat spices (curry ), rosemary oil, cook lotus root soup. Break away this star bad luck.
2) USe BBC coin , carry and touch more.
3) Turn on Fan and blow the house with tissue using above oil.
4) Chant Cundi Mantra
5) Use Gold ink pen write wishes and write what happened and write positive remedies to the problems.

In November we must take care health issue even more. And also obstacles may magnified to max.

Simple, use more gold inked pen and write notes and positive things. Also hold and bring out ur BBC coin which u have . And touch more BBC coin

My Good Luck Recipes
Bring goodness to body, dispel negativity.

5 dried ginger , one drum sticks, 4 red dates, 5 lotus seed, one lotus root slice or 2.
(Remember when buy lotus root, no need buy whole, can ask the cut one segment for u)

Above boil with water and cook for 1 hour plus small fire. :> Add salt and is delicious.

High energy ginger is powerful to clear personal energy.