Sunday, May 1, 2016

True black jade when light shine can see green certain area worth a lot and only $880 here for collectors

Rare biggest aquamarine Braceelt for collection is very big and nice at $550

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just do our part

Those who get the nuts in cny talk hehee we distributing some of the donation le;)
Since 2001 omhealth motivated many in a low profile way to do good ehehe and I am glad from Singapore to Vietnam to Cambodia to Sri Lanka we have merits group accumulated and even to Nepal aiyo why worry so much right
All all 加油

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beautiful pieces at $300

It may cost more genuine bowl and here is only $300

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Omhealth news

Thanks to those who ordered Puti beads ; some amount is sent to children cancer society le, surprise u right;) thank u

ganesha Puti seeds and Puti Health seed

Hi all,

u can order the Ganesha Puti Seed for courages and obstacle removal intention.

Ganesha Puti Seed is $188
Puti health Seed is 80 , need time to activate

Email and order replys

Hi all who order from shopping cart last week

we will process from Wednesday as all leng and lai has travelled overseas and back tomorrow.

Thanks for ur understanding

Monday, April 25, 2016

Travel charm bag

Is pure good quality and omhealth produce is for all to feel calm where travel symbolize positive thinking de ok

Just saw a shop selling 138 de;
Happy able to activate at $18 for all; get one Ba 

Thank You

Hi all thanks for attending the wonderful Orchard Central Talk.
Stage was the most narrow stage and high stage. I was like out of balance few times and need to watch every steps. But with good Ki Gong all is well. And i feel u all are awesome.....

Do remember to activate ur "REN" meridian daily by pressing 4 fingers below ur belly button gently 3 mins.

I am glad u all enjoy this talk. This talk appears on double auspicious day and very happy u all did all exercises I designed for u "NEW". It helps to harness goodness.

Year is already half gone and be strong and fearlessness.

When i was on stage, above me is the SKY shining down. hot la ahaha. But when performing the butteryfly dance, i visualise good energy from aboove shine to all. So happy.


6 D hulu coin has worked hard , for those put behind door one, u can wipe it with 5 element oil a drop ok.  This item change yearly is simple yet handle many stars .

Remember for those affected by Taisui is normal u will need to handle more this year but again, challenges comes in every few years to break free from current situations and achieve better.


Two Items can adopt to keep

A) GAnesha Puti Wealth Bead is very good to keep as it has many symbolic meaning of balance and break away patterns of negativity and courages.
B) Singing Bowl: The handmade singing bowl sound is totally beautiful compare to machine made. U will love it and is forever.

NB: Many fake puti health seed in market from Chxxx and some cut the line with machine. A good one is hard to come by.

For those who wants Puti health Seed alone (not into pendant or hole drill for breathing exercise ) is avaliable at $80 this batch.

C) Lucky fruits for this week till 1st May 2016 is Sunmaid raisins to eat before 5pm , a small packet.
The Bazi of this item for this week will bring balance and harmony to ur organs. and bring heng luck

And above will be made to pendant when selected and than a chain for u to clasp phone if u wan.

Those interested in above two items can email to

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Email only reply Monday

Tomorrow is heaven pardon day;)

Remember is not about the marble but attend with happiness 

All busy le

Friday, April 22, 2016

Power Bead

Rare Ganesha beads natural Nepal quality ! Only this can be made for u to strap or pendant! Limited edition; loving kindness auspicious and work around with obstacles 

This bead has different quality very good quality one is this type and from nepal.

Is $180 to $250 

Only this ganesha bead made to pendant and comes with a clip can be use as phone . SO is flexible for u to choose.

7 metal handmade singing bowl

Sound heavenly nice and really amazing piece and cost US 400 plus

Takes a long time to receive a good alloy of metal handmade singing bowl of 7 inch and is $300 is very difficult to find good auspicious one; avaliable five only! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Humble healing pendulum

This is the most healing pendulum; it was designed and Imparted to me by a female master; look at the pure silver and artwork
I just hold it and let it turn to feel comfy;

$50 and purely made by omhealth 

Fire Energy

When we know the year is Fire Energy that is burning. First thing u must learn to watch your emotion and be mindful.

So when fire energy out of balance, u can create way to balance it.

Yin Yang Symbol Fire and Water
Example: At one moment u can be celebrating and talking to your friends happily but  after awhile you may become moody for no reason. And some may feel agitation.

Or something just irritate you where u may just focus on the negativity.

Signs of this Fire affecting body:
U feel not smooth and unstable and bias in thoughts and stuck in situations. So what to do ?

1) Have a good shower and final rinse body with PAF lime or purification oil blend.
2) Two slice of High mountain Ginger Dried in a cup of boiling water, steep for 15mins and drink slowly when cook. (Ginger High mountain move the energy debris of negativity from body)
3) Apply clarity or auric roller to head and press LU1 point as shown
4) Those who have 6d Hulu behind main door, wipe with tissue with 5 element oil
5) Travel smooth bring the travel charm if u have.

Rid Fire anger and depression Point.

Take a deep breathe 3 times. Than press this LU1 left and right . Left hand press right, right hand press left. When press u can feel abit sore and slowly massage and do deep breathing.

Slowly u will feel better.

Oil that u can use (tissue or a drop apply)
1) Clary Sage
2) Frankincense healing or holy
3) Lavendula vera

Add peppermint to above if u wan to feel of cooling and circulations.

NB: Allergy (rare) and pregnant woman dont do.

Benefits: Relieves breathing difficulties, chest tension and congestion, emotional tensions coughing, asthma, and skin disorders

Master healer all adopted

Master healer is a crystal with lines cracked side etc because it is in its natural phase and many mistaken is a clear Quartz Crystal but is not
Not easy to find but when wear as necklace u can feel how it calms us down

It works

This is extremely good errr

U can get ur own brand just that this one ingredients I test out is great ! But use on foot can le; other place don't need

Product Name: VitaRealm Detox Foot Patch 10’s 

Usual Price: $13.90/box, Promotion Price: $10.90/box + Buy 6 Free 1

Order to send to: or order at

Delivery: $6 or Free with purchase of 6 boxes and above

Monday, April 18, 2016

Orders Email reply next week

Hi all

Omhealth team travel le this week till next week.

So will reply email and send orders next week.

Thanks alot:>

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Good energy best

Good energy today ! And is amazing to see students with us for 18 years
Millions of 感动 to see some when I know them their kids only 3 and now 18 ;) everyone just have a very simple understanding and smile and yes we grow together happily 

Thank you for the wonderful turn out 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Natural lapis Mala

$228 and 3 made

Lobang !

It has feel ingredients paste le symbolize remove negativity; u can choose calender 除日、破日、闭 do also symbolism draws out of negativity in a simple way;
Past the sole before sleep and wear socks; ankle apply lavender oil

The patch works on foot; although they say paste anywhere but I find foot best other place no much effecr

Is not my product but I find it good and use twice a week can le; I quite skeptical last time but this brand the ingredient very very good and many tried le feel relax next day😀

U buy outside is 13 plus but email is 6 get one free and only 10.90

Product Name: VitaRealm Detox Foot Patch 10’s 

Usual Price: $13.90/box, Promotion Price: $10.90/box + Buy 6 Free 1

Order to send to: or order at

Delivery: $6 or Free with purchase of 6 boxes and above

Friday, April 15, 2016

Ganesha mini office table statue
Two only the peace green stone
After all these years I found the rose geranium works and frankincense too works on those weird lumps that pop up in the body and some went doctor check le when harmless can operation remove; u can try rose geranium and frankincense in it; 
Disclaimer: this methods are used for self experience and not a replacement for medical advice 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

25th Sep talk 2016

Get Younger with Bryan  Talk 2016

This talk is more than health and beauty.

I will teach 经络开运养身法。

I have been using this techniques for many years and will impart in 25 Sep 2016 Talk

Our body is a world wide network of energy but to understand individual takes ages. So Bryan will use his aroma techniques to handle the energy health of body system

FUN easy and good for benefits of all:>

Do come for this wonderful talk from 930am to 12pm

Is a renovated CSC. U will love the new energy. And it anchor good health luck to all.

Alot of hard work put in:>

Is at Civil Service Club
Fees is $45

Limited seats so register early register with name and mobile

Heng tzi Heng Mala set

This set for u to wear the pendent with peace calmness and auspicious and at anytime when negativity try to comes in and affect ur emotion quickly hold this tzi

Also the Mala is beautiful activated for doing om or mantras bring colors to ur life
$268 ; 5 set made 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

17 April and 24 April

Do come to the 17 April class with peace and happiness to learn with respect and happiness !
Preparing my handwritten notes for all of u; hope u like it 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Goji C :> have amla

Upcoming Talks Motivation

Suntec City Talk Sunday 17th April 930am till 12pm

This is a good luck talk with blend of different tradition (religious content).

Do come with happiness and see u all:>

Cindy has emailed all who have made payment for the class and registration.

Orchard Central Talk 24th April
( she will email u few days before talk)

Those who have registered Cindy will email u the location to collect marble and proceed to talk.  And those registred already , after collect already u need to go to the stage there give ur name to the event organiser to go in. Others who full house, is ok, collect marble le, just go there and watch stand around will do.

Location we will email u asap.

This day is the Day of Auspicious. So few exercises designed is to open ur luck and clear ur meridians channel. So just follow the exercise i teach and be urself. there is a lion roar exercise, just roar loud and shake the negativity out:> And have a radiant skin.

Friday, April 8, 2016

17 April full house

The art Indian teacher is going to teach things that benefits us and rejoice !
If u feel blocked lately go to a Hindu temple morning and seat there do 21 om urself u can feel the immediate clear

Is an auspicious gathering talk and do come with happiness ok

Project A: completed

3 years ago we donated with help of V L, build a road in cambodia so students can go school easier. And this road is latest picture and strong:>

Time flies:> And today we going to have a project as below:>

And today we completed a new project and congrats all;

Omhealth Help Out Project.

I am glad one of my students to friend Violet , she dedicate herself to charity and on site visit to do charity. When she request omhealth for help of course we all will as it is very good.

Today complete a new milestone

Project in siem reap again may 27... Anyone keen to gv donations to 130 household -
School kids - how many ? what we are giving ? how much estimated

****There are 185 school children in the village and around 80% of them
without shoes or flip flop. A good quality flip flop cost around
US$3-US$3.50. The children will also need the bikes for school accessing. So
far through the donors we have provided some of the to the needy children
and If you can donate more it will be a very great help.  The cost of the
bike is different based on the brand but the brand we always purchase cost
$50 each.


-          If giving food stuffs to village - how many ? how much ?

****It is a very great help to provide them food supplies,  especially white
rice and oil for cooking because the last rice harvest from last year was
very bad and the villagers will have the food shortage for sure this year. I
believed that at least 60%-70% of the entire village of the total 130
families gets extreme short of food. A sack of simple white rice of 50kg
cost about $38 and 1 litre of vegetable oil is $2.


-          Etc..etc...

**** We also need some food supplies including white rice, vegetable oil,
sugar for 20 children adopted by BFT support center. And it is up to your
kindness of what quantity of food supplies you wish to donate.


Again thank for your kind consideration to help the needy villagers in the
remote rural areas. Kindly let me know if you wish to have further
information or questions.


Warmest and kindest regards,


Sedtha Long, Mr.

Founder & Director

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Omhealth and Nepal

Today has a puja organise by omhealth and for all charity donors by a yogi master who only come out of deep mountain once a year ; and I wan all of you to share merits and dedicate to all beings and today anytime chant any mantra; feel the energy in ur heart really can feel very power by looking the pic

Orchard central

I was at orchard central just to find out the place I am giving workshop and will finalize asap ;)

At first was given a small area and I pray hard and heard they will change area ; 

OC is a hidden sleeping dragon where the energy needs 3 number to awaken!
Those coming wear ur yellow or blue ! Details Cindy will give u

Auspicous Day Adopt

Every month auspicious two days will have special items for adopt.

below is call carefree Laugh Buddha in agate natural and is really calm and nice one piece only. Interested can sms for selection for u.

At $288

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

3 legged frog

True water energy to ur house.

i was taught working with 3 legged frog in 2004. That time i start to have crystal one and is really good.

Many mistaken 3 legged frog is wealth wealth wealth. But is more than that.

This set i design comes with ingot and frog. u just need to put ur own $1.

And this set is $88

3 legged frog ( I put 7 at home everywhere in living room. Sometimes I put them together and let them hold a meeting ahahah)

Bring abundance and wealth for those with good heart and prevent lost of wealth.
Prosperise your house and life with loving kindness and enjoy ur wealth with peace in all area of life.

The Ingot have 5 meaning;

TO LET GO unwanted energy
TO ENJOY with peace of mind
TO HELP PEOPLE and Not to be attached.

Old Saying:
Jin Chan helps attract and protect wealth, and guards against bad luck. Because it symbolizes the flow of money. Should not be positioned facing the main door ("outward"). It also "should never be kept in the bathroom, bedroom, dining room or kitchen".

Monday, April 4, 2016

17th April Class 2016

Omhealth has created many classes.

This classes are created with in line of the energy of the year.

17th April class combines all these years essence of

Positive Affirmation Class
Pyramid Classs
Crystal healing class
Bai Bai Class

and into a class which certain exercise we do as a group can bring alot of benefits. We call the group Affirmation Class.

This time I focus on clearing and energy of our cell and bring in good energy.
Many who attended first one and feel better.

Months ago I have given the pyramid classes with so much good positive energy and happiness and greater insight of the chakra energy systems.

17th April will be a special one at Suntec .

We will have a 15mins extract from the Pyramid Class for chakra balancing which will do together to balance our energy system.

Those who have registered for the class, venue address has been email to you. Come with a happy heart and positive energy.

Those who know mantra chant a round of 108 cundi mantra before u come for the classs ok:>

Friday, April 1, 2016

All these years

Often I tell people tzi and bracelet is not about wa power charm for lottery etc but is a positive energy reminder to let u know deep within u re a good power strong energy ! Positive affirmation and energy!

Get a tzi pendant to wear and try Ba

Officially Announcement

17th April 2016
Suntec City (seated 930am) completed 11am.
A lucky gathering with omhealth

Recharge and renew the energy of hengness.

Suntec Talk by Bryan lao Shi and Guest Teacher (Mudra hand Dance with flute for luck and health)


Group Chakra balance breathing exercise
Group Positive Affirmation for Good Energy
Pray Pray Temple informations

And all about movement luck and we want to have positive energy in Life.

Class room will be emailed to u once confirmation.

Marble: Suntec Water Energy marble will be given to all.

Fees: $45

Left 12 seats for suntec:> In a comfy hall:>

24th April Orchard Central Talk

Email to with name and mobile: Seats no confirm but u can go and colect marble, Cindy will arrange: left 30.

Alot of time media event asked, me ,

Media: Bryan for our talk, u can be like some artiste, just come talk talk collect money and leave. Why so stress up and give so much criteria. Can u list down less criteria so we can give u more jobs.

Bryan : Well, people make an effort to come all the way to support an event, u should benefit people, and all event should be a channel to spread loving kindness and compassion and good knowledge even is 10mins. 

(I was invited to many talks, but i rejected many because many topics are things which i cant share, just ask me go there smile smile, chit chat...., uncle stubborn turn down )

Media: Speechless

I am invited to Orchard central to give a talk on health and wellness. And to my surprise tat is the day similar to suntec planet day which is too coincidental le.
But again ahahah the space only allow 50 seated. Many has registered le , omhealth will still promise to give the marble and Cindy will let u all know where to meet. Hope u all can surround the stage for that 40mins even there is not seats ok:>

For me, even appear 10mins, i will do my work to ensure u walk away with good knowledge . But that day is HUAT day together again ahahaha. Yes 100 Huat together. And the marble for u is specially designed.

Time and exact place will email to those who have registered: (with mobile and fullname)

Goodies bag from Iweekly only a few, so we dont go for goodie bag , but for the marble and the talk ok:>

Lucky Color to wear: Yellow !!!!!  ( at least some yellow). See suntec suntec many go le, super good heng:>

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Personal Views of Happiness


NewComers; Omhealth dont give personal advise consultations or read floor plan. is a blog to share happily and relax way:> All answers can be found in blog or articles.

Details product list:

Health is happiness, Peace is happiness. But during that time we are stiving with career and life. We dont really think much about health and personal cultivation.

But if we are able to develop that early than later part of life will be easier.

Cultivation of Personal Development

This process cannot be force, cannot be fake. Must be from within and natural. I see some of my friends after join certain religious group, start to change character. But become not self le. Some is like over polite and keep saying things shui yuan and emptiness.

Well do u know, when the time u know emptiness, u wont say out is from within. Some people escape reality of life with religion. Remember religion is the teaching of masters for us to face the world with courage, compassion and loving kindness wisdom and mindful at all time.

Some youngster in 20s, enter a group suddenly feel themselves is greater than anyone and although they do charity and volunteer but they do more like to show people and also feel they know what is emptiness. Gosh sometimes I see them , i will say wait till u are in career life and family....


Personal Development in Life:

Seating there chant sutra or mantra is not really cultivation without wisdom. Some elderly dont even know mantra or sutra but their mindfulness, compassion and upright character is so much stronger than anyone.

Now in busy life like this with crazy work, stress and technology pollution. We can start simple.

For me , my simplicity is writing blog and hope can help people who are block at the moment. Alot of times you are actually more intellectual and smarter than me, but is only u are blocked.

Blockages: Comes from sudden issues in life, work, relationships. Blockages results in shocked to the five organs and our body defense system cause us to be on guard and hurt in a way.

Is easier to say than to face: Example, when I talk about relationships, the moment u know ur partner lost of faith and seeing other people, the moment u find ur good friends betrayed u, the moment u find out ur work at company is not appreciated.
U will be lost. This period is the time, human are very vulnerable to " People says".
"People Says" is a star sign from planets that appear when a person is weak. U may listen to advises that ask u go this temple go that temple, do this do that, do until very tired. Some master say this say that.... gosh it create more worries than solution.

The most common one is my database list is, when a husband change of love for wife, the lady will go do some" ritual". Aiyo, tell u, when a person lost their love to u and change, no matter what u do u cant change them. Only thru personal chanting of Cundi mantra which many has find improvements , strength and courage.

Cundi mantra has a kind of energy that seems to help many relationships ever since i introduced in


Challenges face in 2016

health is affected because of the illness stars. But those who watch their diet and do breathing exercise, u can recover quickly from it.

Horse and Sheep year was a challenging year that make people very tired. But if u look back now and back than, now is better in comparison.

What to Do when trap?

1) read the articles call " bank account" in this blog.
2) read
3) Chant cundi mantra
4) Listen to Ganesha healing mantra or sing along early in morning, save in ur iphone.
5) use Protection Spray and Tranquility spray
6) Use oil massage neck shoulder and head.
Oil for luck improvements (any omhealth essential oil )

Canaga (eagle claw oil)
Five element oil
Purification Inspiration oil
Awaken oil
Rosemary oil
Eucalyptus oil
Fresh Morning
Victorian Secret

Above few oil i put on desk, as and when put a drop wrist :>

Juice recipes for  2016 to clear blockages:

If either u blend or juice this mixture: It encourage good aura.

Blend A: Clear negative aura that stick to aura (wear ur black tourmaline or Tzi pendant)

Watermelon, Pineapple, grapes, orange, some acacia honey.

Above either u blend them or eat together.

Blend B: Xpress Good Luck

Once u clear blockages, u can drink this:

few drops lemon and green grapes make juice: or blend than drink.


House Good Luck

Wash toilet date : 5th April (check beside label, wash toilet)

6th April: Ligh wishfulfil sandalwood coil in living room before 3pm.

Hulu Day : 15, 17 , 27th april

your house hulu items, u can touch and say the poems below anyday; but if u can do above either 3 dates, is super good.

Or this days, u can put 5 drops 10 spice oil on Hulu Tian Lu and rub the oil in with both palm says the words:
Cleanse ur door 6d hulu or any house hulu item with a spray of protection spray and says
无病息灾, 平安吉祥如意。

Personal handmade mala: This mala is call the star sign mala:> Blend of good quality stones and putihealth seeds: $150 (handmade omhealth 3 )

Below is brough by omhealth to SIngapore with good energy: Soon will have duplicate: This are Obstacles clearing and clear negative

It is activated so when wear round chest area, can feel the calm energy when u about to angry. and when wear to listen to mantra songs u feel connected fast and feel better. Also helps in clearing office politics so u are like dont care state yet people wont affect u . Bring wealth to u once u are calm and help u accomplish ur state of prosperity naturally without using future wealth (very important). All omhealth products is really from within .

U can order above (not neccessary to buy if u have budget issues, is a suggestion, more important is developed ur heart, do breathing exercise, set target daily but writing ur thoughts and ur future thoughts in a notebook)

Auspicious POwer Table weight  $380 is pure agate water wa wa wa and worth the price to adopt for hengness:> to family and house:> If u shift to new place this is a good piece to station ur house energy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Year That Need Strong Protections

Above is the Ganesha Mantra we have learn sing together in class. Time like this, do play the song sometimes and feel calm.

The Monkey God is known as Hanuman. U can play this video.

The planet arrangement make many feel anger and also alot issues may pop up.

Be strong and just do ur daily practice and dont despair.

6D hulu main door remember to wipe with 5 element oil.

Lord Hanuman is usually prayed to overcome obstacles and problems in one’s life. It is highly suggested that those whom are facing problems and obstacles after obstacles in their life should pray to Lord Hanuman. 

Of course u can still play the Ganesha song which is same effect.

Travel safety bag charm $18 worth it

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Orchard central challenge

This time round orchard central locate my talk at one small corner and wonder how to have so many people standing there?

But again omhealth group we just go and I will share my best!

I heard have goodie bag but again we not into goodie bag , have have don't have is ok! Because all who go will have marble ahah which i prepare le!

That day talk details not out and those who register is full house le; 

I suspect they put my talk at one corner ahaha but is ok! 


Hulu project

Today done the contribution medicine for the Hulu project mini green and wish all good happy and auspicious

Calm energy oil

Omhealth lavendula Vera is one of the highest grade lavender and if u use u know 

Sooth inflammation, blister and really a first aid oil