Tuesday, April 28, 2015

High Mountain $288 to $388 arrival

High mountain can't change your emotions, but helps to change our level of acceptance of the emotion. Such as when you are very it willl let you know that this will pass and help you get on to another and better day. 

When make important decision or lost or anger wear the necklace.

Commercial have different energy, and look similar, here is pure source of nice and good energy.


I wish all ok!

Today conversation with a 90 years old master and her experience; one very important thing she say is her experience of praying to guan yin Pusa, if u one heart one determination all problems can be resolved; nowsaday people are impatient so I will share all the techniques in my 7 th June class , niam with Bryan lao shi!

Let me give u a ten day project from tomorrow!

After wake up wash mouth and spend 5 mins chant cundi mantra and tell cundi guan yin help u to be a happier person; 
When chant one heart don't think this think that and make ur pronunciation clear and thoughts clear; talk to guan yin ; u see when u talk to me but ur niam until not clear and don't know what u wan how am I suppose to give u remedies ! This theory apply , many times when u pray ur thought run all over abit here abit there. Why not just finish ur mantra focus than after that use ur own words talk to guan yin Pusa ur concern ! Ten days for u try now! 
The fastest answers is to be happier it works wonder and have faith ok

Monday, April 27, 2015

Shopping Cart Super Launch


U can choose paypal or bank transfer.

TRY PAY PAL!!!is easy and good secure now.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

High mountain yellow one only

Rare $480

Puti health seed collector sun it

U can sun ur puti health seed twenty minutes this five days from today very good! From the seed to Mala!

Phoenix Mala also direct sun!

A extra news: one in one million putiseed will have little fruit worm inside but Urs no la all very hand pluck and sun! But to ensure energy u sun one time as they are very natural and can last many generation!

Puti health seed keep keep very very good! Sun can increase energy and also some times rub abit rice bran oil very good !

Friday, April 24, 2015

One bead good

Below the $280 each rare ! Hand plucked Nepal high energy! 

See le also Heng wish u all heng

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Many years ago when lor 27 rinpoche is still around ;
That time.../ 2013
That year I was ask to do the Taiwan show and was very worried so I go to rinpoche temple to calme my heart,but he was suffering from aches so I did my first therapy for him ; and he gives me a blessing and taught me things; he always says u people don't be lazy, just chant and chant all be ok; ahaha and sometimes when I tell u ur solutions I do use his words;

Remember all people all things we should not be attached, example if all artist attached to the white dragon king and now he not around how? What I teach u all is a skill, chant and chant work with wisdom, one day I not around u also know what to do. I teach u all so many pattern from 3 joss paper to mantra and wash toilet , all have meaning de;

And today while I was doing a volunteer work for some Tibet doctor, I am glad they recognizes my techniques and methods; I am so blessed that omhealth acupressure and touch therapy can be able to help the world, they are bringing back this techniques to teach people! This merits is tremendous. when I am home , the center call me infact one of the attendees is rinpoche; I felt so paisei just now I teach and teach forget pay respect;

I am writing here now not to telling u how good I am doing volunteer; I am writing here now because I have a very very peaceful feelings and I think this is the merits Buddha given me and I feel I should dedicate all the merits I accumulated today to u and my parents and all beings; 
Can u all feel the merits I send you ma? I hope u all also everyday life speak nice think nice and help people; start small and I mean small...

All things come in nice arrangements if u want to do good; human we are still human , up and down is common but don't forget to have a 般若heart of wisdom beauty compassion;

Heavy rain woodlands

Heavy rain and lengbleng motorbike deliver ur items ; because courier can't send so they help! Thanks

Thank u

I am glad I can sponsor and volunteer to teach rinpoche and Tibet doctor to bring back Nepal Tibet with my healthcare method;

Also my east meet west kwansha class do

Dear all sometimes read read 金刚经is good; just slowly read few page a day no need understand first read the words than whole life spend abit time understand each sentence as phase 2

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Only one high translucent blue high mountain , raw form $388

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Puti health bead good luck

In this internet world anything can get from
Internet but why people
Come back to me for Heng ball or puti health bead?
1) genuine source and good energy
2) activated by me
3) each seed pluck from trees direct not from floor pickup !

Energy many feel good!
U wan $10 have also de ;)

Below is not for sale and cost $12000 and 22k pic from my collector ; they bought at $2000 and now is genuine le

Monday, April 20, 2015

Medicine Buddha and Concept

Bryan Lao Shi talk to You.;

What is the significant of chanting Medicine Buddha mantra. I ever ask myself, is it when sick chant le wont sick, is it when flu no need see doctor chant le recover fast.

I think there are some cases it does happen. For years I ask and ask.... Because so many students, ask me why chant le same but also so many student thank me, few years later they know why I ask them chant. Few students still day by day, complaint no change because even a 5 mins a day also dont do, some students do an hour a day yet say why no result because wrong motivations..

Every chant to me has result, i have faith, my mantra chanted my good deeds that I have done, the merits will help beings that I can see and I cant see. I know the power.

Why My Master highest achievement  and is Rinpoche, sick le, and he knows all about medicine Buddha, he also need hospitalized Why?

Slowly slowly I know why.... And I also know why Rinpoche even sick can chant and heal people and bless people, his compassion is so high level and , I miss my Master which he taught me well.

Than I know, learning the Wisdom of Medicine Buddha is not about illness in physical form. Budhha already say long ago, life will go through sickness, old age and death... so Why Buddha teach people Medicine Buddha ? 
To a ignorace person like me will question: First u say life will sick and old and die and impermanence, but why on the other hand you say Medicine Buddha can cure many illness like that....."

As years and times goes by I find what Buddha say is true, we human beings only see sickness and death, but Buddha see further, our past lives and our future lives. In fact when we chant or do medicine Buddha practice, we are in a way clearing our past countless karma.... and we dont know and cant see only.
And why some people when sick very sick chant Medicine Buddha mantra can very quickly recover because they have past karma merits... But some cancer le, chant le, will still need to die but again they die peacefully and they find peace within.

[ Once a friend's friend have cancer and what she does is she ask me to help her buy a Medicine Buddha CD and she start chanting and she pass away in peace. ]

I now learn, as long as you have  a chance to learn medicine Buddha sadhana or Mantra is consider very rare  and precious chance le, we should not give up and we must faithfully chant and develop a better person and do good.

When you look at Medicine Buddha Vow, such a great person helping so many of you , u fear what? Ask u chant Medicind Buddha mantra, u think Buddha want to hear his name ah, no, he want u to develop a better character through his vibrational energy, u dont help urself who can help.

Chanting medicine Buddha , u need to have some wisdom, u chant first intention if to have the right motivation and intention. Example when u have flu, u chant medicine Buddha mantra and than also think all who have flu and dedicate to them. 

I think why I want to chant medicine Buddha mantra is because to dissolve the negative accumulated in our past present karma.time u wake up to work , how much negative things u think? This negative can be jealousy, greed and not contentment This feelings result in unhappiness and disturb our peace.

In order for healing to take place with Medicine Buddha we have to eliminate negative thought and those pattern in our body and replace with positive thoughts and energy.

Healing is successful if the person have cancer and not depressed and feel peace. Healing is not a cure. When flu chant medicine Buddha u still have flu, but u will suddenly wake up feel oh sickness is like that and how good if we and other people no sickness
We need to heal our body and mind so illness and problems will not keep recurring.

How does the Medicine Buddha help in eliminating suffering?
 All sickness comes from the mind. If mind disappears, sickness disappears. If you put it all down, there will be no sickness, and you attain freedom from life and death. Daily reflection (10mins) chant mantra is a way.

How does Mantra helps?
Once a client has a very chronic illnesses, and she was suffering for years on pain. She always cannot find doctor to help. Than she chanted Medicine Buddha Name faitffully daily, after few months, a good recommendation doctor come and help her. Some people need to go thru illnesses as u need to pay ur own debt but with ur power of prayers and doing good, it can be shorten

The Twelve Vows of the Medicine Buddha upon attaining Enlightenment, according to the Medicine Buddha Sutra are:

  1. To illuminate countless realms with his radiance, enabling anyone to become a Buddha just like him.
  2. To awaken the minds of sentient beings through his light of lapis lazuli.
  3. To provide the sentient beings with whatever material needs they require.
  4. To correct heretical views and inspire beings toward the path of the Bodhisattva.
  5. To help beings follow the Moral Precepts, even if they failed before.
  6. To heal beings born with deformities, illness or other physical sufferings.
  7. To help relieve the destitute and the sick.
  8. To help women who wish to be reborn as men achieve their desired rebirth.
  9. To help heal mental afflictions and delusions.
  10. To help the oppressed be free from suffering.
  11. To relieve those who suffer from terrible hunger and thirst.
  12. To help clothe those who are destitute and suffering from cold and mosquitoes.

NB: High Mountain necklace and puti health seed very good. Sometimes after chant mantra u can blow the item. Is very healing.

One Only 108 beads 金刚True

 This red skin is the only one piece and 108 beads arrival with high energy. Only for adopter..... $388

Is only a piece at this price:>

 adjust the “Chi” field around you, and help to create a more harmonic life and environment. 
Protection and comfy:>

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Calcium launch and puti seed power

This is a good day where launch almondcal and goji c and. Y rosewood oil, cedarwood oil, miracles oil and puti seed and wearing high mountain necklace to class ahha and infact today many student strike and all are not gambler ahah u all just know when to buy my mobile on special day ahaha

I even joke very loudly today , quick strike lottery and don't gamble ahahah 

My door number open Wednesday and today my mobile ahah dad strike lottery ahaha
Really puti seed Nepal power ! Today class I say many will strike ahahah 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tomorrow Come Come sms now fast

Breathing exercise time! Want to learn more? Tomorrow come see me SMS 83064108 if u wanna attend launch almondcal ; no one do it like Bryan ehehe 2pm to 3pm

Breathing exercise time! Want to learn more? Tomorrow come see me SMS 83064108 if u wanna attend launch almondcal ; no one do it like Bryan ehehe
Posted by Bryan Gan on Thursday, 16 April 2015

High Mountain For U and me

Power High Energy originally only here omhealth.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Official Announcement

This picture is call the blessed Pic and will put up one in talk and let all make wish  very accurate.

Venue:  Civil Service Club Auditorium
Time: 930am to 1230pm
Fees: $68

Gifts: Special Holy Water Collected personally at Putuo Mountain sacred area and blend with herbs for u 10ml.
Puja: All attendees, a prayer lamp will light for u that day for 3 days.

What U will learn?
1) Prayer method ugrade
2) Kwan Yin New Chant
3) Good Luck method from Tradition till now
4) Bryan's mountain trip report.
5) 5 element point for luck.
6) Joss paper upgrade
7) New mantra to learn for health


How to have Holy water correct way?

Open only to people who follow bryan blog and also attended workshop before.
Do come for this class:>  Include 100 student chant Kwan Yin and Medicine Buddha Name.
佛前供佛  陶瓷器菩萨甘露 圣水 供佛堂滴水 观音 玉净水花瓶花插

Thank You


CHapter 12 is out:> hope it can inspire u.

Anyway really the Puti Health seed is super heng, many find personal mood and health better and also combine with High Mountain necklace ($288) Sleep better. Again thanks for support.

18th April do come and no need buy can come de, email info@junedo.com

details www.junedo.com

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Morning chant

Whenever I wake up morning I walk to market and journey I will chant medicine Buddha name; is very important we make effort in all things we do and excel!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

High Mountain Love: So far many good feedbacks Good to keep

High Mountain I love to wear and is $288. Many quality and this is the energy cooling type. Right is is 108 bead and left side is lesser bigger beads.

I choose for u the most suitable one and all are activated by me.

Health Puti bead have u order a heng bead

Puti health seed

Nb April time : drink Fiji water and eat red apple ; also cashew nuts abit when office a lot up and down

My first experience with puti health sick was 8 to 10 years ago a precious Nepal bead given by a master;

Frankly the bead I kept is normal those I choose for u is best ahaha my pattern is always give customer the best one , small one I keep!

And also learning to 把玩Mala and puti seed has help me to achieve 

Is good to have ur first health puti selected by me ranging from $88 to $280 per bead; there are some in market cost $50000 which I manage to touch it;

Able to see and touch a real puti very good de;

My this few puti seed because of touching it for many years color turn dArk;  u can once a while out a drop rice oil rub the seed; 

I have not been using past one year so this few month I start holding it and put in pocket when go for meetings and is amazing energy booster;

Puti seed is different from crystal , the energy system is there;

It was say when u have a puti seed Nepal good one u won't be conn by people and ur sixth sense slowly strong and can dissolve many unhappiness;

Heng ball works on environment and I find puti bead is Heng bead and work in internal; 

In a way it blend in well with any religion as is a scientific health bead

Scientific research not by me
I only know I feel the surge

Scientific research proved that Activated puti bead consists of Magnetic, Electric Inductive properties. Depending on the polarity and intensity of this induced magnetic field, the beads transmits electrical and inductive impulses with opposing polarity and intensity.

The human body is a complex bio-electronic circuit comprised of the Central Nervous System and the organs and functions it regulates.

I put in tummy and heart 

a stabilizing item anchor. When beads are placed over the heart, they act to stabilize the heart beat. Similar to magnets, the beads work on the principle of Dynamic Polarity. Blood circulation and heart beat automatically induce a magnetic field around the body and particularly the heart region accordingly; a proportionate balancing force is exerted on the heart to regulate it if it starts beating above or below normal rates. This action helps to ensure ideal blood circulation in the body and stabilizes the heart beat.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Energy bead puti health

This Nepal grade is great to carry in pocket when stress ! Amazing 

is a really good item $288

Left is 108 long mala and right too high mountain

Wear can really feel clam and the stone is not easy to have. This season I have the best quality.


Friday, April 10, 2015

High mountain necklace testimonial

This high mountain range between $288 to $388 and is a wonderful necklace to wear as it clear a stagnant Qi; I seldom have necklace ! This quality is amazing raw and rare ; some fake the stone with normal stone; this season high mountain necklace I can choose for u a version to keep; previous rare high mountain bracelet left one only ; 
Try the necklace if u always have tension and think a lot; lately I wear to sleep or when wake up I wear ten mins can feel the good ness and most important thing the stone is not easy to find

High mountain have two necklace version and I am glad many can feel

The calmness when wear during stress issues ; 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dragonblood wood mala

Is activated chakra mala. $188.

Interested can sms me 94895606

Mushroom project done and many happy

The say very delicious and they mean it! I also tried eheh ! Is not we help them, is when u talk to them their life experience educate u; thanks for giving me a chance universe to spread love
Is not
Dearest student do u remember the mushroom u all donated! Today all cooked for them 

Confirm le

Just spoken to few TV production le, this year cant do TV show because I think I need to divide my time proper. omhealth more focus on Volunteer work ,Family and take care of all my students and customers with more videos and recipes. for this year end. TV show next year ok:> Hope they understand. Thanks for all the opportunity, TVBS, Starhub, and Mediacorp. 一口气拒绝三大台,有点不好受, 但是时间不允许。谢谢你们的爱戴啊哈。感激

U see when to go and when to let go is important in life. Fame can never forever but love and care and change people life is more important:>

Qi stone beauty

Hi all, those who sms leng leng reserved items please make sure u confirm than sms her ah. Thank u all for helping a small business. Wow today is charity day busy le. 
I love u all who always take care of my time and allow me to do alot of work. And this is the relationship omhealth and u have built all these years.

And I think many notice, ur problems issues, I always will take note and write article here even cant reply all email but i do read.

Last month was invited to be chairman of temple but again, I personally feel not qualified to be and thank you for Universe. Appreciate alot.

Qi Stone have one more $200.
Cheers , a gentle message for all. Below Qi Stone is delivered to a lady, she loves it and when shine with laser light can see the whole red stone natural like red jade.

Concept of Bryan Lao Shi since 1999. Love and Light , Also at all times be nice  to people, compassion heart, also at all times create convenience for people. That is a way of life. When u always think for people, universe will also always think for u and lead u to have a happy path. 

Healing picture

Be nice and be good!

Puti health seed energy very good to carry in bag or breathing too!
Color will change de! 

Nepal not easy find le; 
Mediate with it after many years than can make to pendant !color will be deeper and deeper!
$88 to $250
Lao shi choose for u; some buy once a year during birthday and slowly collect!

Cave is only when ask than have

Range 888 to $4800 and cannot choose but lao shi choose for u; since 2001 and many fsm and businessman get from lao shi private !
Major furniture store
Flower shops
Shipment companies
Fengshui shop

All has lao shi crystal cave and is high energy for ever !

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mala mountain Necklace

High mountain Mala range from $288 to $588 ; and $588 sold le; 

Lately I experiment to wear this on neck . And the effect is very good. And is a forever item to keep. Not always have and the activation is proper by me.

Wear around neck for people who are very anger or low energy. After wear, u drink a cup of Chinese Barley warm without sugar, follow by clarity roller at ur neck and temples, forehead. U will feel good after 2 hours.

This method remove dampness trapped in body. This high mountain easily fake by outside using colored stones.

My agarwood love

Many saw me using this agar wood but I put aside for six month as I have so many bracelets ahaha; today woke up and touch this Braceelt the wood change to nice black shine and the scent of agarwood is still there !

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April to May End

NB: wash toilet day is out:  http://bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.sg/2012/06/bathroom-fengshui.html
N ALSO house gold pen wang day:

According to the calculation. This 2 months is" not here, not there" month.

There is a star call, irritable luck star (ILS, 蒙眼衰星)

Irritable Luck Star Features
i) Actually many personal luck ok ok one, this star will suddenly irritates u example make u angry , or little trip fall, or even go outside buy things people rude to u etc....

The aim of this Irritable Luck Star is to convince ur luck no good. And it normally give u 3 irritable in short period time.  So u must be clear minded.

How to handle:

Those who chant mantra alot, will notice when wake up, feel that day abit not ok. Like will miss bus or even people "say u" for no reason. Unknown people give u attitude etc.

U must tolerate, and be ready may have 2 more mini incident once it happen. Normally it all happen within a day, get over this 3 incident. U will be so ok.

Now is a test of your wisdom. So if those who dont know about this star, will fall into the trap and keep thinking luck no good. But is a veil that want to blind u one.

A motto for you to say when this star appear: 往前看,越来越好,平安吉祥如意 x3 。

Things to do:
1) When sudden luck weird and u feel is this star. That day dont do so much major things. The feature of this star is it happen series of issues within a day or 2.

2) If really cant take it, final rinse with 5 drops 5 element oil and 3 drops healing trees oil from a pail of water after shower.

3) Drink Fiji water: Those who attend my workshop, make crystal water , is good.

4) Chew 8 cummin seeds and hope u fart within that day. And super good.
Image result for cumin seeds
5) Use rose otto flora water cotton wipe face and press the Yin Tang for 1 min.

6) 5 drops to 8 drops 5 element oil in tissue stick to fan and let it blow house.

Those who put 6d Coin hulu behind ur main door, touch the hulu before go out and when come home.

7th June 2015 the workshop left 60 seats

Visit Temple Updated

I have updated


Below picture taken by Bryan Lao Shi with permission. In China. So those who want to have babies. Make a wish ba. Others can make wish for health and career. Remember to be compassion and ask for wisdom . And think also how u can help more people.

Ahahah do u know No 19 lor 29 that day after event

open 1929... Many strike. But again is not lottery... thingy, is the energy telling u , prayers with sincere hard works.

But I dont know my way telling u all is many strike lottery. Not all will strike, good things may come in another form.

Items with many Lottery one
1) heng ball
2) Gui ren bag
3) BBC coin
4) Now the thousand eye mala

$280 each 2 only

Good to wear to sleep.... and neckache head stress... u apply roller and wear can feel very good.

Mala news

Follow by Heng ball the following two items really bring a lot of news of good luck ; aged pheonix Mala and the thousand eye Mala