Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Color Aquamarine

The color appear differently under different lighting. So take note

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

red of fierlessness and Super good Luck

This bracelet is made of rare gem and is not garnet. Is call Motilite in my terms . For fighting off office Xiao ren or misunderstand energy and bring stable luck.

Malay friends use this make to Gem and is rare.

One at $200 and is 2 only. Can be a emergency wear when that month a lot of obstacles. and than keep it when ok and wear black tourmaline.

for order email to Leng leng.

And All this will be activated by master for u.  No reply means taken and thanks for attention

Leng leng

Omhealth Seldom have

This is Gold Fa Jing. Many sell of different grade. This is Queen of Healing with Energy u will love it

This is activated and can be a rare collections. One at $380 FOR below small and biggest  one at $600
If evil powers are blocking your path to success, you can take advantage of rutilated quartz metaphysical powers to neutralize their interferences. In particular, the mineral helps you to counter the powers of magic and negative energies.

Is wow. But worth collection if u need one. For wealth, reduce conflicts in life etc.

Crystal ball

Phantom green email lengbleng

Multi color aquamarine activated $238 rare !

Limited and can contact Leng no reply means taken;

Healing Morgan Energy of happiness. Is worth to collect.

Above is multi color aquamarine and bring a lot of happiness.

High quality , interested email Leng Leng

Top 14 mm $338 rare all green grow 60 gram
Below 11 mm $188 35 gram

Concept Must Be Correct

Try today: Chant Mantra daily. Specify a time of 5- 10 mins.
And at work once a negative thoughts arrive... quickly chant mantra few times. It clear any negative .
At home any negative thoughts arrive, chant Na Mo Da Bei Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa... and it calm u down.

U must do homework daily , after some years, what you chant will effect fast.


So try to spend 5mins a day, one heart chant, dont think of any problem.
Start with Na Mo Amitabha. U need to start somewhere.

---Admin Leng(f. thubten sonam)

Once many 民间wrong concept like older generation who dont know much about buddhism (mix here and there), spread and mix up with wrong news and thereafter wrong news given to many.

In fact mantra like Wang Sheng Zhou people thought is for the dead and funeral. Infact is daily chant of many monk and also many accomplished people. Dedicate to past negative karma and have a peaceful life also.

I chant this and is good. A nun every night chant. And in fact is known as a mantra to clear many past karmic and prevent negative.

Chant Buddha Name and Mantra is good. Sometimes u need to learn the right thing and chant the real meaning.

Also after chant is to remind ourselves , whether the thing you say and do throughout the day is in line with compassion.

The most comical thing is when say Chant Da Bei Zhou attract spirit. Gosh dont say, let people laugh. This Mantra once chant, thousand light of Buddha send to the person who chant and nothing can harm u. And all protector appear.

Do you know, 往生咒,地藏经 is very good to learn and chant. But many not really educated information spread wrongly, say will attract spirits etc... this is very wrong concept and many mistakes spread wrong info. Big Monk and Nun has always tell me to clarify this to those wrong concept people. Many read this infact have good life. So dont get wrong information and learn wrong things.

Cleansing Of crystals and House with Sandalwood Powder and Protection Spray

This period u can use sandalwood powder with rose water make a paste and scrub boddy. And also can use Protection Spray cleanse crystal.

Sandalwood Powder is from Kim Time till now and receive alot feedbacks. U can order from and rose water also

Monday, May 25, 2015

For Dr Xu LiLi --- A good doctor

She is good at handling stress through TCM accupuncture and also medicine.

Normally for stress and alot of dreams and tensions. Or any chronic Illness beside western doctor. Do visit Dr Xu LiLi for medicine and treatment.

Those who have bloated stomach for some time. Is also good.

Her detailas a follow.


U can make appointment by calling.

Crystal Ball Arrival Again

Avaliable for House living room , sofa area to pacify obstacles. Feel so motivated to activate this Quartz... It helps to pacify口舌是非。Power power... ranging from $168 to $280 to $338
Especially this period is quite strong. Those who have can start wash and use it for living room le.

Can email leng with address and mobile will contact and courier if available,

If no reply means dont have already.

Admin: Leng leng. All will be activated for few days. So need to wait.

U can place at sofa area to 化解是非。Living room or Yellow Number 5 place.

Put at home works on your recognition and fame and may improve your promotion prospects and reputation. Motivate a person to be more motivated.

U can put crystal ball and say affirmation to strengthen house Qi.

" Om Shanti Shanti Shanti...." x 9 times.

7th June Niam Class

7th June 2015 ( For all students attending )
Email, fees $68 10 left

Leng Leng will reply if there are still seats for you.

A workshop that teaches you how to depend on oneself and work with Divine Energy for healing and luck. We are not finding escape to our problems. But re activating the energy we have within us to face issues and may your luck better and better.

A) Joss paper formation (NEW)
B) House energy improvements
C) Personal Energy and luck improvements
D) Deflecting and transform negative energy
E) How to quickly recover from sickness and also if kana serious illnesses how to help and face it
F) How to clear energy blocked by people and also using mantra, flowers and aromatherapy
G) Temple pray techniques (10 mins track)
H) Candle Light House Brightening method
I) Travel Kit DIY for protection 
J) Laptop and house lamp improve fengshui method
K) Pendulum personal Qi Healing

Overseas for sometime

Is been overseas for some time Professor , she is a very compassionate and calm guru. Which imparted the importance of meditation and her skills and determination is amazing.

Kick off daily by doing 21 Om using counch shell mala or the Black tourmaline bracelet.

Leng Leng admin: for Thubten Sonam.

For those who have the Puti Queen bracelet. The center puti beads u can rub abit of your olive cooking oil once every 2 months. Just a little rub on it. Or using rice bran oil or neroli facial oil. Apply to your Puti Health seed.

Below bracelet at $338 to $480 (can contact leng leng, as email many, so if no reply means taken up, thank you for attention)

Sunday, May 24, 2015


It was amazing how things happen and sometimes things happen for a reason; and this week was really positive with techniques and new prayers imparted to omhealth ; 
This will be shared soon on 孔雀明王咒 taught by Buddha; 

We are now busy with volunteer work and phase two of Nepal project;

All students do remember to do your home work this week; dedicate prayers too;
May all be well and be happy ;

Thubten sonam

From admin Leng Leng 

Very fast to reduce Sickness (Doctor must see, this is a practice with Wisdom)

Is very good to chant the mantra to help people who are sick. Every 3 years, a mantra will be taught here.  (Do be aware, the youtube share here is checked. Be very careful also, before read any youtube, ask advised from proper Temple Nun or Master, so u read the right information)

Summarise: According to the Mahamayuri Sutra of Pancharaksha, there was a bhikshu in the Buddha's sanghacalled Svati, who was newly ordained. He was unfortunately bitten by a poisonous snake and fainted.Seeing his conditionAnanda reported this incident to Buddha Shakyamuni. Out of compassion for the newly ordained monk and for the future ones, Lord Buddha disclosed a dharani capable of eliminatingpoisonous harm and malignant diseases. This is the dharani of Arya Mahamayuri.

(Youtube flooded with Video, but must carefully read the correct one)

Admin : Leng leng for Thubten Sonam
(Taiwan Old Master 见如老和尚who promote this mantra and help many) 

南无佛母大孔雀明王尊 (108 times)
 This mantra very very good for those who always sick and feel calm after chanting. Do daily and as a homework .

Saturday, May 23, 2015


A quiet meditation in temple is a good way to balance oneself , if u can once a week or once a month;
Om shanti
U can use ur conch shell Mala to do om also

Friday, May 22, 2015

News from thunbten

From admin:
Lately will be travelling and also lately few case of people having cancer sudden strike; this is quite sad; shall be doing research how it happens and once database collected will share ; 

Remember do prayers and dedicate to all beings; message from thunbten and this month do more charity work too; many may face issues at work etc
Leng Leng admin 

One Made

Can email to leng order, if no reply means taken.

Tara Mantra

Article by omhealth admin: Thubten Sonam, extracted from 
major Guru.

Many times, if you visit some major Buddhist temple, there will be a picture of Tara. And infact many Monks and Nuns know about Tara. And is part of practice for many Buddhist.

Swift and fearless. When in doubt, stress and worries. U can chant Tara mantra;

Tara in Chinese is known as
The mantra of Tara (om tare tuttare ture svaha) is the second most common mantra heard in Tibet, after the mantra of Chenrezi (om mani padme hum).
The goddess of universal compassion, Tara represents virtuous and enlightened action. It is said that her compassion for living beings is stronger than a mother's love for her children. She also brings about longevity, protects earthly travel, and guards her followers on their spiritual journey to enlightenment.
A similar tradition has White Tara born from the tears of Guan Yin Pu Sa's left eye and the Green Tara born from those of his right. In a third legend, Tara was born from a beam of blue light emanating from one of the eyes of Guan Yin Pu Sa. Tara is also the consort of Avalokiteshvara.
Green Tara, with her half-open lotus, represents the night, and White Tara, with her lotus in full bloom, symbolizes the day. Green Tara embodies virtuous activity while White Tara displays serenity and grace. Together, the Green and White Taras symbolize the unending compassion of the goddess who labors day and night to relieve suffering.
Green Tara is iconographically depicted in a posture of ease and readiness for action. While her left leg is folded in the contemplative position, her right leg is outstretched, ready to spring into action. Green Tara's left hand is in the refuge-granting mudra (gesture); her right hand makes the boon-granting gesture. In her hands she also holds closed blue lotuses (utpalas), which symbolize purity and power. She is adorned with the rich jewels of a bodhisattva.
(extracted from text) ( admin )
In Buddhist religious practice, Green Tara's primary role is savioress. She is believed to help her followers overcome dangers, fears and anxieties, and she is especially worshipped for her ability to overcome the most difficult of situations. Green Tara is intensely compassionate and acts quickly to help those who call upon her.
Below Card Specially Made by Rinpoche which many has one. As ink was made by Medicine. Do treasure the card.

Tara mantra can be chanted 108 times daily.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meeting master

There is a few school no more le and now am at temple handing the donation for school rebuild so the children can have place to stay de; this building also gone le;
Those who wan help contact Cindy Ba please don't transfer money to Bryan lao shi;
I am planning how to help out the Nepal school now;
U can email to Cindy and transfer Posb saving acct 023-07926-7. Open to students only; newbies can do your own donations;
Message from magdalene admin

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Incense Puja dedicate to all Beings Performed

Is a good auspicious Puja performed today by Buddhist center . And wish all students peace and happiness.

Parents and You

Puja organised this 2 days by omhealth

1) Today karma kagju Buddhist Center 1130am to 1230pm
Center renovation and next year will be ready. Now temporary at geyland. U can find the CD which I played in class for parents de:>

I have sponsored this CD for u to buy at $5 only and can help center also. Do make effort go and buy . Dont call them and what ask for delivery, be considerate ok. All $5 go temple fund de.

2) Tomorrow 10am Incense Offering Puja at Lor 27 Nyingma Buddhist Center

Dedicate to all sentient beings in 10 Directions. U can look at the sky make wish this 3 days including weekends. Feel the prayers done for highest good.

Keep it Simple:

Next 49 days: Chant

Na Mo Da Ci Da Bei Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa (7, 21, 54 or 108 times) Morning and Night.

Chant le, dont dwell on any problem. And dont niam your problems anymore as Kwan Yin Pu Sa will take care of you. Dont keep niam ur problems. Just Chant and no need tell people, how many times u chant or ur accomplisment.


When my Mom think of her Mother: She will make Fa Gao
When my Dad think of his Father: He will look at the Sky.

Every time when I see my Mom, make Fa Gao , I know she is thinking of my Granny. My Granny is a tough women who one person handle and raise up 8 kids and with my Gran-dad Handicapped.
A lady who wake up 3-4am daily sell Fa Gao....

[ If you think your problems sometimes... is really insignificant. Ur problems always just because of one issue and your circle around it and lost your energy and life. U should use this energy and help people, spread your compassion, go and be volunteer help the needy. Imagine now u have no food to eat and no place to stay, see how much worries u can have. U wont even have depression. ]

For me, I think Parents are the greatest, Sometimes we are overwhelmed with work, sickness, relationships and we totally forget they are the one who are the most worried. Without them , we wont be around.

So from today, put aside all your worries, ur like and dislike. And think, who give you life? Is your parents.

Even if ur mom is 90 years old, if u run into problems, they are the first one who will come and protect you with their life.

Once a friend of mine and his mom is around 85, face some problem at work. And remember the scene the MOM go to his work place during lunch, get him a herbal tea, and say " What is there to afraid of, anything, Mom will protect you from all harm"

My friend is in late 40s and this words really touches him. Trust me parents will go all the way to protect their children, if the children has been bullied de. (but with Wisdom la, not lately those parents, protect children in wrong way , like school fight all those, so dont mistaken the meaning here)

Even your parents already not around, their angelic energy still surround you. And memory is the greatest healer. Think of what food your parents make for u, think go and eat. And than send them blessings ask them not to worry.

If your parents are around, really , today get some them nice food and also talk to them.

There are some who have anger towards parents. Is true some parents are weird and may not be nice to u. But all these is karma, and is for you to handle and face it. When you have good relationship with father, ur work and relationship in life will be smooth, when u have good relationship with Mother, your finance will be better.

If you suffer from depression, upsets and worries... Go talk to your parents. Get them some nice chicken soup or tonic. Tell you, whenever u are lost or worries, seat beside your parents. They are like an army of Angel Wings surround you.

To me parents are like 佛母。The debt we owe them are difficult to repair. If they are still around. Do from today, think for them abit. Set an example.

Trust me: Work relationship problems, Love relationship problems, Children problems,... They are not a problem. Is all about handle with courage and compassion.

Aroma Oil to Work with:
1) Love essential Miracle Oil: Apply a drop at wrist and bottom of feet. This blend consist of oil that calm a person too.
2) 4 R rose facial nature complex oil; This oil is very good for skin and calming

Just for today: Send a message to your parents or call them. Sms to people u think have hurt u and forgive them. Email to people who u think u have hurt and apologise. This is the greatest energy healing u will receive from Guan Yin Pu Sa

Oh if parents not around, u can also turn into Guan Yin Pu Sa as your MOM or DAD, and feel they use their hand envelope u  with care, comfort your heart and mind ok. Just like pic below.

Hi all I am away le, any orders can email to, admin will handle the orders.

Best Oil for this Season

1) Rose 4R facial Oil
2) Cypress Essential Oil
3) Facial Vanilla scrub (one type facial scrub I have only)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Health puti seed

This health puti seed is many years I have sometimes I rub a bit rice oil ; but once a year I sun at 12 pm sun one time for 20 mins!
Very good to hold or carry around de;
Urs will be nicer than mine ahaha; when sell things I choose best for customers;
Ranger from $88 to $280

Some class cancel

A TCM massage class is cancelled because venue used by Library and booked le.

Just email sms out to all participants. 

Hope next year have this good  class.

Rosemary Oil

For mental stress, rosemary oil is a good choice as a base to combine with rosegeranium, lemon and lavendula. They seems to work together well.

Rosemary essential oil enhance our  quality of memory.
I normally use a drop on palm, rub both palm, inhale and than massage scalp
Rosemary essential oil stimulates hair follicles and circulation in the scalp, which may help prevent premature baldness. (I have a method is put rosemary 2 drops and lavendula one drop in a cup warm water final rinse hair)
Image:Do an Indian Head Massage Step 12.jpg
Rosemary helped people become more alert.
When you blend lavendula vera and rosemary it help to feel contenment and is a good oil to use before you go do volunteer work.

A drop each on ur wrist.

But when u mix rosemary , rose geranium and lemon together. This is a wonderful blend of destress and also feeling protected.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Guan Yin Mantra

Hi all

remember to do your Kwan Yin Mantra or Cundi Mantra ok; And dedicate to all beings.

Life is a series of issues. Just dwell on positive and help people. Never give up. Always feel there is a bright SUN above u and make your day a brighter day.
I love talking to elderly during volunteer work. It is a kind of helping them and also helping ourselves. I learn alot from them.

Do remember life is very short de. Spend more time to help people, think for people. But also take care of yourself and your love one.

Do feed your body with nutrition food. And dont let stress and negative take over u.

Have a good evening to all my students.


Wish all
Peace and happiness !

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Enjoy this Oil

This is a very wonderful oil for love and family harmony.U never know. And we all have miracles happening everyday.

Is an auspicious oil that  time when blended, have rainbow in JB and yesterday saw Fireworks... ahahah good sign.

I have all these years blended few blend

1) 5 element oil
2) Bryan relax Blend
3) Healing Trees Oil
4) Dragonfly Aeonian Oil
5) Spice Up Your Life
6) Love Miracle Blend

U will love all these blend de. as they have so many properties.

Friday, May 15, 2015

7 th June class

Almost complete le for u

Luck Transformation Method for people with low luck

Gui Ren Bag (since 2008 famous till now)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Dzi (what can I say, omhealth started this as first item and till today accompany many for 10 over years and sometimes when attend my workshop I see u wear with so much happiness)

Ready to order le for first timer.
Powerful Activation for those who in need of luck:

i) Black Tourmaline Dzi Bracelet (Protect, Motivate, dissolve negative, breathing exercise)
ii) Gui Ren Bag  (Activate Gui Ren Star, and also wont affect by negative people)
iii)  DragonFly Oil and Rosemary (Bath for luck)

Activation of Gui Ren from 10 directions and Luck Transformation

In times of economy crisis and due to 职场的竞争与压力也越来越大, let me share with you a few simple methods to achieve stability and have Gui Ren's help from all 10 directions. Always bear in mind, even when the market outlook is not very good, only people who take up challenges positively, know how to make use of opportunities and activate good "Ki" will rise among the rest.

The following methods are for those whose luck is not very stable:

1. Wear Black tourmaline with Dzi 招来贵人的能量磁场,搭配圆满的形状,更象徵贵人环绕,生机处处,为您广招十方贵人,不仅可以让你工作事半功倍,还有防制小人功用,让小人退散,财气、人气广聚,开启事业成功大道。

Hold it in your left hand and say before go out of house main door


Black Tourmaline Bracelet was the first Historical bracelet omhealth has invented. With Heaven and Earth activation. The Dzi used is very limited edition. And with ZUSA. It is mark up many places.

2. Identify and Detox: Many of us know what's our problem. Detox it by writing your problems on a piece of paper. Do not let problems/toxin stay and accumulates in our body. If you think which part of your luck is not very smooth/good, write them down, crush it up and throw it away! Where is ur GOLD pen? U forget le ma?

3. Cleanse: Shower and do a final rinse with 2 drops of dragonfly oil and 2 drops of Rosemary oil.

This is break Xiao ren and bring gui ren blend shower. In shower, sing a song u like.

4. Carry a Gui Ren Bag: It will help to attract Gui Ren from all 10 directions and also release stress. It can also be placed on your office desk or your working bag.

Details of Bryan Lao Shi's Zu Sa Gui Ren Bag
Gui Ren is most needed in career and business especially when one is in the following situations:
1. Improve network. When working relationships go wrong, your career advancement may be hindered.

2. Remove tension and anger. Anger and unhappiness drained your energy and disrupt creativity and thinking power.

3. Prevent gossips
是非4. Protection against people who has ill intentions if you are victim of jealousy and politics.

There are many ways to use Gui Ren Bag. One of which is to put at your lucky directions.
To increase your personal benefactor's luck, you can placed the bag in your personal direction: ( U can place permanently at home). Or go to that direction hold it and make wish

Rat - North
Ox - NE
Tiger - NE
Rabbit - East
Dragon - SE
Snake - SE
Horse - South
Sheep - SW
Monkey - SW
Rooster - West
Dog - NW
Pig - NW

i) Black Tourmaline Bracelet ready for order $338 to $480
(Super worth Dzi)
ii) Gui Ren Bag activated 20 le ($38) famous long time

email to 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Special Gem Quality

For $338, u can buy branded silver or bracelet but just because of design and material is very cheap.

Why not invest in a good activated stone de:>

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

7 June talk

No registration number; once register paid and receive ur email means ok 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Congrats all who come for temple walk

Remember this who come for temple walk and have falu congrats today met a master it means a lot good 福报
Must continue do good and have faith

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fridge CLeaning

With the success of Toilet Cleaning...

Here comes the fridge... See

Now till End of May... Do clean the fridge. Also remember, if u add Tangerine Oil, it means also a fruitful life ahead

True founder of Heng ball activation

New batch of bracelet $98 is launched and made pheonix eyes of puti and root of goodness! 5 made activated by lao shi 

Some shops start to sell Heng ball le ; but the original flower music activation is by Bryan lao shi and now omhealth is ready to activate few more Heng ball and birthday ball ! U can order le!

Your First Heng Ball

2015 Heng Ball Orders :

Many received good luck with the lucky Heng ball launched in 2013.


First Heng ball I will select for you. 

i) Clear Heng Ball 
ii) Pink Heng Ball
iii) Blue Heng Ball
iv) Purple Heng Ball
v) Green Heng ball
vi) Deep Green Heng Ball
vii) Yellow Heng Ball

Each Heng ball activated with flowers, scent, Harmonics sound by Bryan Lao Shi.

U can order one heng ball now. For newbies, first heng ball I choose for you.

To order heng ball:
Email to with full name, and say what color you want; Bryan will activate for you and deliver courier within 2 week. Handling fees is $3.

Heng Ball Hanging Procedure:

The purpose of Heng ball is make it easy for everyone and don't need have any procedure and hang any where also good. This is due to my activation process. U can put heng ball anywhere as long as is before 3pm and not raining when u put.

Reason heng ball was launched to reduce troublesome procedure. Just feel ur heart to hang where u want. For me I will put one at darkest corner in my house.

Heng ball, is a good way to bring light to the house. And renew house energy.

Maintenance Heng ball:

Heng ball once every month wipe with tissue can le. U can put a drop dragonfly oil in tissue, fold the tissue half and wipe the ball can le. Don't direct contact oil to the ball :> But even contact wont off color because is pure. I just don't want to have the ball ur fingerprint mark not nice ma.

How dragonfly oil works with ball is. If u at home use abit of dragonfly oil, even far from the ball. It will detect the energy and amplify love to family:> So remember.

Birthday Heng Ball: $128 [ Design HEng BAll for u to buy only on birthday Month] Secret eheheh....


HENG BALL luck enhancement was taught to Bryan by a Thai Master in 2005 at Yishun. Master taught  Heng Ball if well activated and can handle many house problems. Best thing is u can hang in home anywhere (even toilet). Also luck no good, when sun shine and become rainbow, u let this rainbow shine on ur body for 10 seconds. Or hold chakra heng ball 1 min.

But back in 2001, a Healer has been popular to make heng ball, her heng ball once cost $108. But I have learnt from her the music therapy activation and music tuning fork method so all religion can have:> $108 also worth it from her as her heng ball is so powerful too.

And I was introduced to HENG BALL too in Brisbane which bring very good energy.

First Heng ball best people choose for u. And slowly u collect color u like and must have clear in it:> I was given 2 HENG BALL by a healer in 2001. One is Green and one is pink.

Back than I have colleagues IN IT line, family luck no good , so he was asked to put simple heng ball. But buy from many shops is fake one, end up need to go to the branded one so not cheap. And plus one activated cost $108.

So far some family luck no good, put already improve slowly. For me I put because I see already feel good and u know each heng ball made by me... so should more good ahahha

U all when receive the heng ball, take out and look at it can feel the happy energy ok:>

Limited made as I busy le: u can email to . To enhance energy. And many like a few. So to thank all.

CHakra Ball is $48

A lot effort.
Activated with 7 tune music chakra tone. Singing BOWL 7 metals, Pyramid energy. Orchid Angel Essence . Red flowers.

Swarovski Activated with 3fold flame by Lao Shi (NON RELIGIOUS).

1) Improve the following in house.
2) Bring happiness to family.
3) Using tuning fork energy chakra to tune the crystal (once activated good enough)
4) enhance harmony in house without using $$$$$$ fengshui items
5) Hang in car or anywhere in house when u feel house energy receding.
6) Sometimes let the sun shine and catch the rainbow to your house.

Above the Swarovski ball is 21 mini Swarovski to represent 3 times rainbow.

Hand made by Bryan Lao Shi, activated and also using pure energy activation.

each one is unique with activation at $68 only with logo of swaroski and pure energy.

Till today many of my friends and myself use it in my house. I never share because not the right time. But for 2014, a lack of earth year, hang a activated swaroski at home , car or anywhere is good.

It brings protection wealth and happiness to family.

It must be pure swaroski and not the china made one. A pure one in market at the shop is $100 over.

Here is $68. And hand tie by Bryan Lao Shi activated with 3-fold flame. Only tie 38 pieces this 2 weeks. U can order now. Imagine pure swaroski.Or is already in the United States including the Hollywood actress, even among the celebrities completely boom SunCatcher penetration rate is very high.

Hanging window treatments direct sun light hits or car, and reflect sunlight and a rainbow shower to entire rooms.Is said by the Rainbow shower room and body will be purified and the fortune.

Even sleep in the room and so can room captured energy into the body.

Thought and thinking in the Feng Shui originally based on the position of the Sun in the solar light energy itself, immeasurable is the power.

So as a good-luck items will bring positive energy and cast away negative. NOn religious.

How to use Swaroski Ball for WESTERN FENGSHUI

Western fengshui don't care direction. Use main entrance as guide. And each corner represent different things. As long as u hang one. Means is activated. The ball is clear because it can represent all color. So if u want to hang the place represent blue. U say blue when hang.

Heng Ball has proven it's power by letting many strike first prize. My Master told me when u launch an item the lottery is a sign for me to tell me this item super power. No like gambling energy.

So far launch begins:
Black tourmaline launched let a lady strike 80k toto
Gui Ren Bag and FLower coin let many strike , u can see testimonials
Wealthbowl : People strike until in newspaper say my wealthbowl. (Not a paid advertisement)
Clarity and Affirmation bracelet 0188, after my talk first prize many strike