Thursday, October 2, 2014

Power activation today

U can adopt this Braceelt as collection today;) famous very long le this two bracelet and of course the black tourmaline with dzi ! 

Email or SMS order today special with address! 

Power today

Very auspicious ; auspicious that today send blessing to all
Om health readers , to world and smoke offerings too and also to remember the goodness rinpoche has helped so many ;) 

Today official prayer request page launched and also puja and dedicate to all ; and many many omhealth students blessed by rinpoche ; it was say his energy power till today! 

945 am

Chant 9 times mantra

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PUJA tomorrow le

2nd Oct 2014

Bryan Lao Shi will organize a smoke offering puja by Rinpoche Yeshi

You can submit names to

Deadline I open until tonight.I still dont know how to change link... just submit first ba names;

8 October

The day before my birthday 8 October
According to masters is total lunar eclipse chant any mantra merits is 700 million!

I urge all to chant mantra and dedicate out! 

Rollers is $18 each
 Healing Trees oil $45
 Five Element oil $38
Rose Balm $25

 Creating Protection Using Clarity Oil

Two Power Video : Rollers

Remember Submit names for PUJA

Deadline is today. As I need to submit names for tomorrow le.

Thank you:>

Puja Date: 2nd October 2014.

Pure Quality HENG BALL Fengshui Revealed : Heng Ball.

2014 Heng Ball Orders:Only 88 will be made. Fengshui talk 2015, will not sell this item because is now made to order for u choose color now.

Many received good luck with the lucky Heng ball launched in 2013.

 In October 2014, u can order new heng ball.

There are total of 5 colors activated

Waiting time is 2 weeks.

i) Clear Heng Ball (if u dont have clear one, is a preferred one for second order)
ii) Pink Heng Ball
iii) Blue Heng Ball
iv) Purple Heng Ball
v) Green Heng ball
vi) Deep Green Heng Ball
vii) Yellow Heng Ball

Each Heng ball activated with flowers, scent, Harmonics sound by Bryan Lao Shi.

U can order one heng ball now. For newbies, first heng ball I choose for you.

To order heng ball:
Email to with full name, and say what color you want; Bryan will activate for you and deliver courier within 2 week. Handling fees is $3.

Heng Ball Hanging Procedure:

The purpose of Heng ball is make it easy for everyone and don't need have any procedure and hang any where also good. This is due to my activation process. U can put heng ball anywhere as long as is before 3pm and not raining when u put.

Reason heng ball was launched to reduce troublesome procedure. Just feel ur heart to hang where u want. For me I will put one at darkest corner in my house.

Heng ball, is a good way to bring light to the house. And renew house energy.

Maintenance Heng ball:

Heng ball once every month wipe with tissue can le. U can put a drop dragonfly oil in tissue, fold the tissue half and wipe the ball can le. Don't direct contact oil to the ball :> But even contact wont off color because is pure. I just don't want to have the ball ur fingerprint mark not nice ma.

How dragonfly oil works with ball is. If u at home use abit of dragonfly oil, even far from the ball. It will detect the energy and amplify love to family:> So remember.

Birthday Heng Ball: $128 [ Design HEng BAll for u to buy only on birthday Month] Secret eheheh....


HENG BALL luck enhancement was taught to Bryan by a Thai Master in 2005 at Yishun. Master taught  Heng Ball if well activated and can handle many house problems. Best thing is u can hang in home anywhere (even toilet). Also luck no good, when sun shine and become rainbow, u let this rainbow shine on ur body for 10 seconds. Or hold chakra heng ball 1 min.

But back in 2001, a Healer has been popular to make heng ball, her heng ball once cost $108. But I have learnt from her the music therapy activation and music tuning fork method so all religion can have:> $108 also worth it from her as her heng ball is so powerful too.

And I was introduced to HENG BALL too in Brisbane which bring very good energy.

First Heng ball best people choose for u. And slowly u collect color u like and must have clear in it:> I was given 2 HENG BALL by a healer in 2001. One is Green and one is pink.

Back than I have colleagues IN IT line, family luck no good , so he was asked to put simple heng ball. But buy from many shops is fake one, end up need to go to the branded one so not cheap. And plus one activated cost $108.

So far some family luck no good, put already improve slowly. For me I put because I see already feel good and u know each heng ball made by me... so should more good ahahha

U all when receive the heng ball, take out and look at it can feel the happy energy ok:>

Limited made as I busy le: u can email to . To enhance energy. And many like a few. So to thank all.

CHakra Ball is $48

A lot effort.
Activated with 7 tune music chakra tone. Singing BOWL 7 metals, Pyramid energy. Orchid Angel Essence . Red flowers.

Swarovski Activated with 3fold flame by Lao Shi (NON RELIGIOUS).

1) Improve the following in house.
2) Bring happiness to family.
3) Using tuning fork energy chakra to tune the crystal (once activated good enough)
4) enhance harmony in house without using $$$$$$ fengshui items
5) Hang in car or anywhere in house when u feel house energy receding.
6) Sometimes let the sun shine and catch the rainbow to your house.

Above the Swarovski ball is 21 mini Swarovski to represent 3 times rainbow.

Hand made by Bryan Lao Shi, activated and also using pure energy activation.

each one is unique with activation at $68 only with logo of swaroski and pure energy.

Till today many of my friends and myself use it in my house. I never share because not the right time. But for 2014, a lack of earth year, hang a activated swaroski at home , car or anywhere is good.

It brings protection wealth and happiness to family.

It must be pure swaroski and not the china made one. A pure one in market at the shop is $100 over.

Here is $68. And hand tie by Bryan Lao Shi activated with 3-fold flame. Only tie 38 pieces this 2 weeks. U can order now. Imagine pure swaroski.Or is already in the United States including the Hollywood actress, even among the celebrities completely boom SunCatcher penetration rate is very high.

Hanging window treatments direct sun light hits or car, and reflect sunlight and a rainbow shower to entire rooms.Is said by the Rainbow shower room and body will be purified and the fortune.

Even sleep in the room and so can room captured energy into the body.

Thought and thinking in the Feng Shui originally based on the position of the Sun in the solar light energy itself, immeasurable is the power.

So as a good-luck items will bring positive energy and cast away negative. NOn religious.

How to use Swaroski Ball for WESTERN FENGSHUI

Western fengshui don't care direction. Use main entrance as guide. And each corner represent different things. As long as u hang one. Means is activated. The ball is clear because it can represent all color. So if u want to hang the place represent blue. U say blue when hang.

Heng Ball has proven it's power by letting many strike first prize. My Master told me when u launch an item the lottery is a sign for me to tell me this item super power. No like gambling energy.

So far launch begins:
Black tourmaline launched let a lady strike 80k toto
Gui Ren Bag and FLower coin let many strike , u can see testimonials
Wealthbowl : People strike until in newspaper say my wealthbowl. (Not a paid advertisement)
Clarity and Affirmation bracelet 0188, after my talk first prize many strike

Monday, September 29, 2014

11 October few things Happen

A) Bai Bai Class
B) Than rush to temple 1pm do prayers with 200 Ang Ku Kuek
C) Elderly lunch sponsors at Bendemeer
D) Light 18 coil incense.
E) 1pm pray le, all eat Ang Ku Kuek

So those who want go 1pm blessings, do email name ok .

Title email: Going Wang hai We Good Luck.

Also the blessings submit names for 2nd October, is going on:> Remember is 2nd OCtober vegeterian ok:>

Important Coil Incense for you

Coin Incense Article for you:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

11 October 2014

That day is 大家来baibai class!

After class I will be going to 望海大伯公 temple and invited a famous master to chant blessings ritual!

Those who wan can go to the temple arrive at 1250 pm!

100 people can be contained! So email to if u wan go! Is free la!

Sponsors enough le:>

At the moment receive 12 email le, and we will reply evening. So donation for Ang Ku Kuek stop here.... All email sent since this morning 9am, is accepted.

Enough Sponsors le:>

Special sponsor open to 10 person only!
Sponsor of coil incense and Ang gu kuek and food for elderly at $20 or more those who wan sponsor email to and transfer to Cindy 023-07926-7 posb saving and mention how much u transfer and only after transfer than email her! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Activated one at $1800

For those who want can adopt one;)
Once a blue moon have
Earth dragon rare wood;) and very good for house; 

Pagoda third time explain

The name submission is my extra effort to send names for those who buy pagoda for blessings;
May be my English no good some thought is carved into individual or tie to each name; is not  ok;

So when u receive four for family u just give accordingly , not so complicated

For all Students

2nd Oct 2014

Bryan Lao Shi will organize a smoke offering puja

You can submit names to

I still dont know how to change link... just submit first ba names;

Lao shi birthday prayers

Today I am doing a big prayers and also dedicate to all omhealth client;

Feel the energy of my crystals today with love ok;

Is my Chinese birthday la;)

2015 power welcome goat year talk

Meditates this period what to best share!

1) different tradition to cleanse negative energy 
2) parents good health group ten mins chanting ( very powerful for parents this life and past life)
3) goat year fengshi remedies
4) temples to visit 2015 and what to do
5) Qi gong movement for 2015

And more .....

Energy October

Early this year six hundred who attended my fengshui talk I say importance of filial piety and not surprisingly this year keep having elderly benefits policy and also ninth of lunar month nine become officially respect elderly day;

Energy is changing and chanting cundi mantra is a must; also this month get a present for parents anything will do( for me I make soy milk ahaha

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Super calculated

This three months chant if can daily cundi mantra; u can use ur own Mala or counch shell Mala;

Energy I calculated can help resolve many issues have faith!
How to chant can
Under cundi segment
Dear all listen ok my dear students! Do it u can feel one!

Good luck make black bean vinegar

Blk 202 amk ave 3 the organic shop; anyway I go there buy because remind me of my childhood area; me no spokesman; old vinegar super good

Coil Incense how to put into hulu

The special burner above is genuine have 2 only and one at $138

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Level 9 Pagoda And Sandalwood Coil Incense

Level 9 Pagoda

Why did I launch the level 9 pagoda in September with so many ways of activation.

Well there is a reason.

Do you know month of October, November and December of every year is a preview of your new year. So What ever happen in this 3 months is important to have a good 2015. Also if is not so smooth, is a signal of your 2015, but it can be rectified and reduce the effect of negative energy for 2015.

First person who combine pen and pagoda together (soon market will have alot) and is activated with Zu Sa.

The pen usages will explain in 1st feb 2015 (because cannot say too early). Is more than a pagoda and pen.

Now this 3 months, have this pagoda and pen in your bag or table drawer is good. Let it tune your energy.

In October this pagoda will rectify gossips energy.
In November this pargoda pen will start to rectify negative Qi 
In December this pagoda pen will remain you what is your directions for 2015.

And remember 2014 the heng ball launch in October. And still it shines power in your house. Do remember to wipe the ball with 5 element oil.
9 Level Pagoda brings protection, career and scholastic luck. It’s especially auspicious for thought and office workers who need fresh energy and to help keep you mentally alert. 

Living Room Fengshui

Do u know if your living room has a cabinet, the cabinet represent your support mountain. And if the highest level u can put this small 9 level pagoda with pen. It bring strutural support to your house and especially Holy wood type. Is made small so u wont over empower the house and is a right size.

This month is 9th Month of Chinese Lunar Month, any day, hold this pagoda and say

Affirmation for September with Pagoda (say 3 times and blow on it) .
I advance with love and peaceful action: at all times my heart is open, caring and full of compassion; at all times my mind is open, attentive and full of understanding and, at all times, my mind spirit is awakened, powerful and full of light! 


Pagoda u can order le is $48. And if order one item no courier.

Anyway from next week courier has $3 handling fees for $80 and above because courier company increase another $6 le

Hulu for coil incense

Hi all, there are many ways to burn the coil incense, not necessary hulu.

Hulu i try my best to buy for u all le, even activate my Father.Shop selling $8 ah.


Oh I am glad many like the coil incense and feedbacks.

Sandalwood coil many feedbacks

I receive many SMS on these thank u all

Important October September and November

This 3 months is a preview whats going happen next year as advised by famous masters.

Stay tune on what to do.

11 October 2014

Is a few days after my birthday. And I have decided to conduct this powerful Bai Bai Class.

Da Jia Lai Bai Bai Class 2014

Is a yearly class and share with you how to pray for

career, family luck, business luck and also illness issues.

Extra Special Track this year on how to clear " Xiao Ren Shi Fei".

Good News Announcement:

All attendees will receive a mini hulu make of Peach wood and activated. Is very powerful for class only. This class only accept 80 students.

Have you registered? The most powerful English bai Bai class in Singapore.

Fees: $50
Repeat Students : $25

Venue: Park Mall 13th floor.
Time : 930am to 1130am

That day a special temple prayers arranged for all attendees. Is a special day:>

Email to

Bryan Lao Shi on rest mode now for a week, all email may reply slow .

Monday, September 22, 2014

Everything increase really no choice

Hi all apology , courier suddenly increase $6 which is ridiculous haiz!  So I may need $3 handling fees to help out le hope u all don't mind! We absorb all these years ah not easy

The coin incense holder

All sold out end up I go geylabd they sell $8; if I no time buy I help u all buy the clip one ok! Is $4.5

Clip sold out ahaha I order le uncle me will ask Leng Leng Collect than pass u all with coil incense so u all wait ok

Friday, September 19, 2014

havelock someone buy for me le

Have 2 quality, this on heavy one is $5.50. Err now some place is $8. The uncle sell $5.5 is old stock. ZZzz faint.

To put coil incense, u just gently hold on it for  8 seconds and dont press in. Once secure ok le. Ahaha must have technique. I think later i go town buy a japanense bowl, than  you can go joss paper shop, buy a small packet of joss powder. than put bowl and use.

Or u can use sandalwood powder burn finish le become ash so can put coil incense on top in future.

U see, i use a small $2 bowl, than put some ashes.


Yesterday after writing that article, I went to Temple to chant alone. And after that many dragonflies appear.

So remember le , to chant this 10 days method. Also pagoda energy strong. U saw the statue infront have few pagaoda.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Precious of the marble

Those who have the marble in the sutra class; is extremely precious; do treasure it ok; the energy is very clear , hold it and feel the pure vibration 


Because of energy I went temple chanting alone, chant 108 time guan yin name 

Suddenly many dragonflies 
Recording video show u all soon

Strong Re New Energy

I was truely busy, but when energy come, if dont share i cant sleep.

Alot of times, we know and really know many philosophies. Informations are everywhere.

U know about gratitude, filial, good heart , mantras, goodness of this and that etc.

But when a person is in troubled , we lost of confidence or too tired to think of all these (even ur house many power items).
 And many just want quick solution and tot by finding fortune teller can help. Thats when many fall into traps easily.

Many of you, show and demo your weak aura to fortune tellers end up they can attack u, instil fear on u. Aiyo why not just go temple seat there 30 mins, is bettter.

Thats why when u really want see fortune teller, rub a drop healing trees oil at base of skull head is good. It create an aura of protection from any attacks from unknown energy. Because is pure TRees and Natural Energy.

Well, fortune teller is like a panadol, take away problem with $$$$ , after few days problems come back. Is not easy to find a powerful fortune teller nowsaday in SGD.

Only way is help yourself. Working with Jade, crystals, healing spray or any natural items (no need get from me) works. My main purpose is to share here.

18 Sep to 28 Sep 2014: Self healing clearing energy;
Burning sandalwood, using 5 element oil, talking to Holy Statue. Etc is very good.

This 10 days energy as I have calculated and share with you.

Personally I calculated the Kwan Energy of touching our heart is very strong this few days from now to 29th September.

If u have been feeling very lousy or very very difficult period in your life or not right.

Procedure (because u cant think le, i must guide u)
1) Shower follow by final rinse body with 5 element oil 8 drops in a pail of water. As this cleanse the negative aura;
2) Once finish shower, dont see phone or do anything, go straight to your house altar, or if no altar , go to your room and take out any Guan Yin Pictures or cundi pendant or have any internet guan yin picture. Look at it with respect
3) Than in your own language say out all unhappiness (health, work, relationships...) and what you have been through in life. Ask Guan Yin to guide you and also be a better person and also have the heart to help people also. SO ask for strength

--------- Normally you may cry until... or may not cry... dont fake cry....

4) If u have the tranquility spray. Spray around your aura. Than go do your thing.
5) Drink Soy Milk (thats why get some soy milk that day if u doing this)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Six dragonfly above me

Ahah whenever I am having some big decision and my dearest dragonfly will signal me; anyway first feb 2015 welcome year talk will equipe u with more skills;
11 October bai bai class if can come ok

Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 真心良心诚心

Powerful joss paper

Have requested and Bryan will be supplying temple few weeks coil incense ehehe; soon u will see my coil incense burn as offerings le ; I was told ever this temple renovated and change rules , less people come le; well nevertheless I support and bring my own joss and incense pray; every good; we heart sincere can le

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cleanse and sun some of hour crystal

This two weeks choose one of the day
Cleanse and sun your crystals or black tourmaline bracelet and wear it feel the energy!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Just receive an email that makes my eyes red red(still have people remember my trolley back in 2001 to 2008 le:
Subject: 共勉之
看到你从行到水穷处 坐看云起时到你游刃有余的用你那十八般武艺来个七十二变从一脚踢老板到导师到健康美丽由你把关到义工到上不同课程进修到研究新产品到拜拜到念佛到会niam又spot check父母的孝顺儿子到上广播与电视到发觉美食到五点起来买菜做饭到游泳健身瑜珈气功到回复烦躁又令额头冒起三条线的问题到写blog到旅行到做家务到咖啡王子拉花到...到...到...(姑娘的,生气liao,讲不完的,你不是讲要环保,换写你不会的lists会比较短吧!一个人着么可以会这么多东东,又是不古代的黄蓉,又或者你是《来自星星的你》的都敏俊she,xiao liao)
卧虎藏龙!laoshi你是发了多大的宏愿!or你是拥有超能力or你是把一个星期当一天来用吧,这可不是一般人都能做到,而且还要保持容光焕发摆个chok样拍照po上网(chok样最近香港流行起的潮语:耍帅摆酷,Don't play play hor。auntie我有跟上的,真的很不想讲自己是auntie,没办法leh我们是同个年代的人你讲你是uncle我不讲我是auntie就很act cute leh)
你说你可以很凶,可这种pattern很凶又有肿(oi,你才肿laoshi有在workout keep fit,有喝普洱茶也有吃山楂糕的hor),oops 是有種的人通常很容易心软right你总是心太软,心太软...爱心泛滥)可以是很高端的疗愈达人又可以很草根地显示你的”吃货相“又可以很邻家男孩当乖儿子烧菜做kueh又可以很暖男(我喜欢,有问你meh)又可以带群众到庙宇喊着Huat ah Huat ah(不敢领教)又可以用broken hokkien很自在的给老人讲解“armm”米汤的奥妙又可以... ... ...。(在玩cosplay meh!是versatile ok)
看到你不计较名利多少,只要是自己感兴趣的事情,又能找到其意义所在,便全力以赴,精益求精,不断研究,改善,在流汗流泪的日子里体验人生。只求认真努力工作,有原则,不愿巴结也无需获得每个人的赏识。不卑不亢,自爱自重,不随意放弃理想。(认真的男人是超超超帅的咯,应该建议李总理在群众大会把你非常激发人心的故事发表给年轻的一代听。Very motivating !laoshi你匿名上网跟总理介绍自己啦,哇!一剑三雕,可以作个好榜样又可以帮公司免费打广告又可以出名,可以少奋斗十年, blog sure爆表,要赶快订货不然要等很久,Oil,laoshi tell u don't PR hor n low profile hor ,噢对对要低调低调)
很都人都很羡慕你的成就,却忽略了你的成功是你用X10000倍(够吗?)的血汗努力辛苦换来的。laoshi(先讲har,不是niam你是gentle reminder ok,我知道你比我历害可你know better有讲座你这种使命必达的性格常会乎略自己)为了走更长更远的路,是善待自己的时候,偶尔也要让不为人知(我有不小心看到一点点)被深藏在心里某个小角落正顽固发霉的那个灰灰的你出来放假放空,虽然你贵为laoshi偶尔也会象我们一样碰上对生活的无力感吧!(元老battery ai flat liao,是少爷hor讲到laoshi好像很老,是尊重ok如果他老我也是一样老 !我不能借用你的台词don't worry omhealth is there for u, 只能庸俗的叫你睡饱饱再去吃香喝辣减压)
laoshi请容许我放肆的给你一个大大的抱抱(自己想象一下hor)轻拍你的肩膀/头(二选一),然后很诚恳地告诉你:“臭小子(Oil!是laoshi hor laoshi, serious lah,Oh! SoriSori)laoshi这一路走来,您幸苦了,这一切都很不容易,所以越显珍贵,老天爷看到了,我们也都看到了,可个中的辛酸血泪史也就只有你自己最能体会与了解,而我们却只坐享其成品尝你的成果,never mindlaoshi这一切都是值得的!因你正在做着非常有意义的事,最终最有福报的会是你。HockQi lah!
最后起立行礼谢谢laoshi 祝阖家安康辛福!
best regards,

The brass hulu

I buy from geyland the joss paper shop de! I check see they have than I help u all
Buy for those who order coil incense ; but not confirm I go when free so if not u all buy urself

Health is Weatlh: 21st Sep 2014

The reason why I have once every 2 years health talk is because is organise on a health rectify day.
If your health is not very good. Do come for this talk to renew your energy.

21st Sep 2014, left 11 seats le:>

CSC club auditorium, Fees $45,

I am a KiaSu person, my test for my coil incense has been the most thorough one.

Omhealth Test report fron Lab Insight with authorization number
First Detail Test report: Chemical Test for Bryan's Coil incense:
Calm your heart and calm your mind and calm your health and calm your house.

Omhealth Brown Coil Incense result:
ICP-1/GBT 26393-2011
AA70473  PASS ppm
AA70473  PASS ppm
AA70473  PASS ppm
AA70473  PASS ppm
AA70473  PASS ppm

Launch of Sandalwood Incense Pagoda Coil:

There are many incense in market may not meet safety test. So omhealth make an extra effort to ensure you.

When I use this pagoda incense?

Tell you, next few years pagoda very good for overcome luck problems, that is why I have the level 9 and level 7 pagoda with pen. The coil incense i have been using since small boy, and since my mom time le la.

When young, my mom only light coil incense on the 15th and 1st of chinese lunar month because if very good for offerings and harmonize the QI.

Personally, i will use the coil incense few times a week. may be 3 times a week or more. But is up to you as and when.

Sandalwood coil incense using old wood brings alot of health benefits like calming a disturbed mind and feel lost of directions and unhappiness.

Many spend $120 on one candle to burn, just for that 10 hours? And all are perfume and chemical. Why not start using light sandalwood coil which wont cause headaches and bring calmness.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014



My dragonfly prediction three years ago

Heard soon the new house estate will Harv dragonfly pond le!

Effort Made

Photo: U can buy the brass hulu easily and also put in a small cup for the incense!

60 pieces pack will be launched; First in SIngapore to test Sandalwood coil incense and also brings alot of good luck when burn weekly. Or u can offer to Buddha during auspicious day. If not burn one in living room with window open, let the incense harmonise ur house.

An extra Step to ensure good incense using Old Sandalwood to you.

It has been tested in Singapore : Officially tested in Singapore : free from lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium,arsenic; and will be launched soon! Stay tune!

First in Singapore to be so Kia Su and test incense. It will be launched 21st September 2014.

A pack of 60 coil for $55.

In the market 30 coil for highest quality branded can go for $120. Here 60 coil for $55. Because is a give back to u.

The brass hulu u all can buy in market outside many place have. I bought from incense shop. Also , u can put in a nice porcelain or cup like me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Super Class

Things That Will be covered:

1) Joss paper meaning and what they are?
2) Simple formation to use at home?
3) Formations you can bring to temple to use.?
4) Go to unclean place what does people do?

i) Business no good and house stay not good ; How to pray?
ii) House agent difficult to sell house, what proven method used can sell?
iii) House always quarrel.... what mantra can work on to harmonise?
iv) Morning what simple mantra (2 mins) to chant for harmony.
v) Totally mind stress and lost, what to do (techniques 1/10).
vi) Working with calender to improve luck.

PArk Mall Training Room.
Fees: $50

Welcome Goat Year 2015 ( Open for Registration )

Welcome Goat Year 2015:

1st Feb 2015
NTUC Auditorium (600 attendees, but full house every year, so register early)
Fees: $39
Time: 930am to 1230pm

A Talk and Blessings which everyone waits for. A 15 years of Talk:>

Register with name and mobile;
Once confirm ur email, do transfer money with reference number

Monday, September 8, 2014


Wish all have the the heart of 月光菩萨,慈悲柔软,静定;


Pagoda power day

Who can combine both and when activate day has dragonfly appear few times! Eheheheh stay and wait ur pagoda good things must wait; have stock one 

I waited today and few days right time to activate batch two pagoda; u all cannot chase Leng Leng;

Must do proper; and ur order will be processed; as long as u order le the name will be blessed and energy with u le no need rush and please be patience ok;) 


I am glad to attend the prayers today!

Today big celebration 顺天宮;和祝大家幸福!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dedicate to all of u

My company is very small, i dont have a shop, i dont have ADVERTISMENT. But i have enough business from u. And I make my promise as public responsibility to help people from young to old. And I am touched by this letter. For many years, the charity and volunteer i did, I never ask for any recognition. Many times there are appreciation dinner etc ... I didnt go. I dont want to. I just want to touch and go.

But this time , I want to thank Sri Lanka hehehhe:>

The children will continue to have omhealth support, as long as omhealth still around . Blessings from 7th to 5th October i dedicate to all of u ok:>

A powerful Charcoal awaits to purify ur environment.

I have few new products, dear all, buy only if u need to ok:> My channel for sales is blog to share with people also is my business.

All items are properly activated with love and light. Enjoy ok.

Bryan Lao Shi activated Round bamboo charcoal help to dissolve bad qi at home or office.And is a good gift as it is associated with longevity and durability as it flourishes throughout the year. 

Charcoal generates a strong soil chi and mirrors the five-element cycle of wood, fire, soil.

Chinese believes it wards off malign spirits.

The matt-black porous surface of charcoal means that it readily absorbs chi and can therefore be helpful wherever you want to pull the chi down.

Try it if you feel over-emotional or find that you have frequent unnecessary arguments, touch with both hand.

  • Many electrical appliances emit electromagnetic radiation that can raise your body temperature and cause tiredness. Bamboo Charcoal absorbs this radiation, helping to improve the environment in your home and office.

Bamboo charcoal can generate a good amount of negative (more precisely, negative-charged) ions, which have the property of giving electrons to nearby matters while the charcoal adsorbs positive ions. The air we breathe in is full of charged particles, and bamboo charcoal gives electrons to such particles, making the air richer in negative ions than in positive ions. Various experiences have shown that air rich in negative ions makes us feel better.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Emotions and planets

As Mid Autumn Festival is approaching. I did mention the mix feelings of a person may face during this September. The pull of energy make many feel out of sort. But those who are ok, congratulate, you are not affected and just look around your love one are they falling into abit of unhappiness and is your task to cheer them up ok.

As the Strongest confusion energy may be amplified to some during this one week.

Emotions plays an important role on how u feel today and tomorrow. Why let emotions control your happiness.

Why Bother With Emotions: 
Emotions control your thinking, behavior and actions.  Emotions affect your physical bodies as much as your body affects your feelings and thinking. 
People who ignore, dismiss, repress or just ventilate their emotions, are setting themselves up for physical illness. 
 Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body or in the aura can cause sickness
Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, negativity, frustration and depression cause chemical reactions in your body that are very different from the chemicals released when you feel positive emotions such as happy, content, loved, accepted. 

Bryan Lao Shi Emotion release Techniques:
How to release this negative emotions from planet movements?
Remember all of you have your Protection Spray and Tranquility Healing Spray>
I) Have a shower , prefer u can scrub your body with sea salt abit.
ii) Spray the Protection Spray Above your head 3 spray and say " May all negative be released from my body mind and emotions:
iii) Spray the Tranquility spray above your head and say " Love and light".
U are done.
Remember the only person who can change what you feel is you.  A new relationship, a new house, a new car, a new job, these things can momentarily distract you from your feelings, but no other person, no material possession, no activity can remove, release, or change how you feel. 
We need to understand that we take our feelings with us wherever we go.  A new dress, a new house, a new job, none of these things change how we feel.  Our feelings remain within us until we release them.  So do the emotion release techniques as above.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Email reply

Hi all

email and courier will delay sometimes, as leng leng lai lai, work night shift now.

Thank u all:>

Hair Serum

Dear all, do take care of your hair. Use this hair serum is like going for a hair treatment.

Ur whole family will benefit from it;

Hair serum contain the dragon blood essence too. Do enjoy the good luck from head ;>

Photo: Hair serum that worth trying; each time u use , u are like doing a treatment for ur hair! U will love it!