Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thank GoD

Pray ti gong; give thanks, love , compassion, wisdom, gathering, family love, respect , help people, loving kindness 

Self healing pair

Big pair 

$88 a pair only 3 pair activated for today special stone day! Interested SMS me direct ok 94895606
Is for circulations and alert and good health!

Lie down each hand hold one and relax five mins

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TT quartz

All no le and will not have for anymore the $38 ! Cheers !

$500 set

Rare heaven and earth dzi and a crystal ball!
Wealth and balance and happiness

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


记得很多事情都很平常,没有必要让一些无谓的事情占领你的心。一切尽可能随他去,风吹云过。你会发现天地是那么登明,一切都是那么i 自然。why let our heart so burden so suffering right!

Dear all light ur sandalwood or agarwood coil and rub  the tian Lu hulu

Special Cut n activate ( 10 days from u order date) $88 and have $3 courier

Star of Feb and March and effect

1 ) Mood to bottom for few minutes, and u need to talk to someone to feel better. Touch a crystal and make cup of warm tea when to max not happy.
2) Buy some chocolates one time for ur friend, any friend. Buy high quality one.
3) Go temple and pray. Chant Cundi mantra
4) If cant take it, apply eucalyptus left foot and lavendula right foot, rose balm neck and go sleep

I can sell this pendant for $168 but no is $88 and activated. each crystal have a energy cut to precision and the tip is flatten so wont chip off.

I can only produce a limited set a month. 5 for each month.

U can order by


wear neck so it touches heart area to clear the negative vibrations;;

Special cut of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz is believed to protect against negativity, attune to your higher self, and relieve pain. Quartz crystals are very programmable and have a tendency to hold a program much longer than other minerals

If your Life feels a little opposite from what you expect from it, or maybe you feel that things are too tough on you, then try wear this awhile.Help to block  the Negative Energies away from you, helping you to break through the 'unbreakable walls'. You will feel a lot more energized and optimistic towards any beginnings. Change your life for the better.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Heng oil five element

Today buy some red bean item eat Ba! Banana also good !

Five element oil 38 and ten spice oil 45 
$83 ! Ten set  


Heng Mala 5 made
Laugh Buddha and tianlu jade 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tomorrow special day can order

Smoky quartz power and balance ur aura or hang office ! Is very good piece to keep at $68

Quartz all adopted! Is very high quality and u can order now by email and will send when have stock! Keep
One Ba is a very good quality quartz

Below is lotus cut; u can wear it when feel aura down! Only two piece and each at $88 very nice cut quartz !

Is very high quality others u can order first and is energy healing cut! Worth a lot in market de !

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Time to light medicine coil incense

picture extracted from ISA facebook.

Have u eaten your fruits? well start now and be good luck.

Light the medicine coil incense if u feel not right ok than lie down on floor do the stretch !

Stay on stretch each leg 30 seconds with eye close if can put sunstone on tummy and do!
This move Qi to whole body

Now here 10 am le ahaha

Shuang Lin shi I left sweet behind the lamp, u can take ok when u arrive 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cny do ur 24 k gold massage

I have this gold foil intro on tv 24 pieces for $90. Once a month take two foil massage with moisturiser into the face!

U can use dragonblood gel ok! Super Heng!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy new year all

Cny a good crystal collection at $218! Grab one Ba . Good good year 

When lapchun rain and first day cny rain it means ah also people get moody easily; do calm down and do simple affirmations

" everything is in divine order , love is powerful"

Do when can light some medicine herbal incense or agar wood or sandalwood coil once awhile in living room! Sometimes light a red candle awhile at living room can fight the anger stars! Also ur five d coin use it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy 除夕夜 2015

Big Thank You to all Customers:

U spend time to email and order things. Which people other website click Shopping cart. This I appreciate all ur email order. Is very old school ahaha....

Thanks for supporting me. If we never do our job proper or forget pack ur items correct... Do forgive us ok:> We will do our best:>

Trust me. Omhealth will not forget every single customers:> I mean every single one... I remember:.:>

To all who SMS whatsapp email me and I can't answer u! This is for u!
I care but I have limitations; remember everything happen for a reason; ur prayers everything merits u gain are not wasted ! One day u will know!

Every moment of our life is reducing, everytime we sad or unhappy the time are wasted. Is very difficult to have a human being body , u may not know. My Guru says if you miss this human body chance, u may know come back as human again.
Only a human can pray ah, able to choose religion etc... so as long as u can pray , ur luck is not bad... U re just repaying your karma... Good thing will come de... really.

So every moment when have time, reflect and just be happy. Really, even 8 mins a day chant cundi mantra, use your counch shell mala  etc... Even when I use my aroma oil i will say affirmations like

May my aroma oil scent bring peace to world.

U dont have to be a monk or nun or meditate whole day chant whole day. U can just use your daily life as a practice.
MRT many crowds and difficult people. WAIT, instead of moody. Transform yourself to Kwan Yin and feel ur present give out light and send love to all.

U see la, because of us, Kwan Yin PuSa need to wait Long Long than can become Buddha. Whose fault,  our ignorace, our greed, unhappiness and ....

So why not be soldier of Kwan Yin Pu Sa. Be it any religion, heart good can le.... and send love.


I would like to thank all who LIKE the pic on Meevent again. And thank you.
Use auric blend ok is really good!
CNY Special Items ( 3 each and only during CNY for collectors)
$218 each:> Tied with power crystals:>

Students and Customers Come and Go

Many times in business there are 2 kind of bosses. One is the boss have alot of helpers , all email and sms and whatsapp the helpers reply, the boss at all times will put on a PR attitude and inorder for business to flourish , will say things like that and behind scold u. Things once sell dont care le. One customer good luck can re use same testimonials

There is another kind of boss, everything ownself do. From head to toes. When u talk to him on sms or whatsapp he only reply one line, but u forget he take into heart what u email or says and sometimes appear as an article in blog. He is working alone but dont know...表面功夫。But he cares. And since start of business all skin care to crystals he work very hard to ensure quality. 
One thing u can see FA LU many times... Best testimonials. He many testimonials and he dont really put alot up le... Because good is good.

I am ..... hmmm the very old school way of business.... And customers who know me... ahahah u know me... new one... u slowly will know.... But if u like PR good words kind, not me... ehhehe

Do continue suppoer omhealth skin care... little help... u use u will know....

Try my Scrub, hair serum and neroli facial oil.....


1) Bryan lao shi, my father is tiger and my brother is monkey. This 2 animal cong, so a fengshui master say brother must move out.... 

Bryan Answer: This FS master is not actual one, animal cong apply to only time of doing things SHI CHEN not to human. This indeed wrong information害了many chinese family in ancient time. When one children or son or daughter is against parents animal it will be given away.

Oh please. Let me prove to u..... Is wrong. Many of my Gui ren is animal not in line with me.And Wang me because to me all animal is good. 
A good fengshui person is can adapt all animal. If u know that animal wrong concept is against u, u avoid. Means u are not there yet. U still at level one. Ignorance. Need scolding.

So many couples married with animals sign match, and many breakup... how u answer... so many animal, rat and horse example married and happily ever after how u answer. So dont be educated by wrong concepts. 

U go and ask proper FS master they also agreed with me de. ahahha only this half past 6 FS master... say Cong animal human. Next time they tell u.... u roll eyes can le.

2) Bryan Lao Shi my boss is Animal A, and he wants all animal B cannot watch Lion dance in office and must take leave on first day of CNY.... And I am the animal B.... I help him so much and close many deals... Feel lousy

Bryan Answer: U should ask ur boss to read blog. He do this way lost all the animal who can help him, make people feel lousy. Is very Suay. This kind of advice I hate most.

3) Lao Shi, CNY period my family anger quarrel how how?

Is normal because alot of things to do.. And many visit. REN DUO DUO KOU SHE. and this year the flying star 3 in center of house. So any anger appear chant
OM AH HUNG 3 times in ur heart and use rosemary spanish oil on palm rub hair.

4) CNY broken things how?
aiya, do as number 3.

5) CNY eat what best?
Macademia nuts ahha this year and eat the 3 fruits.
6) CNY pray where best
first day CNY 12pm i pray kwan yin lor 27, 
3rd day go Toa Payoh
eve go arumugam

will give u sweets la.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Borrow Luck from Rat and Horse

During CNY period, omhealth still in process of orders. So u can take your time ba.

Many email we clear le and orders send le, so is courier company delay ah:>

Borrow Luck Method:

Dont forget 7th June Niam Until good luck talk:>

Sometimes luck no good you know yourself one. And sometimes if fengshui predict ur that year zero lucky star, what can u do?

2015: Best Luck is Rat and Horse to borrow luck from.
(Ahahah coincidental is me and Leng leng)

Look for Rat or Horse, shake hand with them and say  Heng heng. Than give your rat or horse friend an Ang Bao. This will borrow good luck from them. In return get some sweet from them. Eat the sweet and u will be fine.

Must eat the sweet immediately when they give u. 

RAT and HORSE are the two animal can bring you change your luck in 2015. Aiya so no need worry. In so many items is pack by me and leng leng. U all ok de la.

If your kids or babies are rat and horse. Hug them more ba;
CNY new year eve, i am going pray at arumugam road temple at 930pm. And CNY 3rd Day Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Shi 10am. So if see me, I give u sweet ba, dont worry ok:> No need give me angbao, my bag will have sweets de la:>

3rd Day of CNY is anti-Anger day.

Light a coil incense at home is good. Also those who have herbal coil incense do light up . CNY period alot people minor sickness so dont blame to luck. Is the mini flu season ok:>

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hi all please email

Lately a lot email put from orders

1) Bryan lao shi I wan buy this; no address no mobile , no sense what how to send 

Hehehe Leng Leng and lai lai receive a lot SMS order; 
Can email ma , if not I can't track payment and my account all messy le thanks a lot ok!

And they are working full time job so can be affect their work ah!

Also once email try not to send SMS again to them ah, if not one day they don't help me how how how ahahah 
Ok thank u

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Goat Updated

Updated Goat 2015

And also the numbers and you

Good Luck Items Product List Click HERE

Courier we work day and night le

House also have cleanse ahah

we work day and night to clear order email

Once email replied means process. As is festive.... Courier they all collect and send will take longer time ok:>

regards Bryan

Wealth Balm Antianger

Use this balm, massage stomach 3mins. Than apply Zu San li and press for 3 mins. Some may burb or fart.

CNY period people are busy so get angry easily or bad tempered from visiting house to house cleansing.

Remember prosperity come to a harmony home and also a good stomach energy.

Stomach in India is known as abundance money pot. U can see many wealth got problems, digestion have issues or Qi at tummy no good even can digest. Start now.

How to USE WEALTH BALM powerful way for friends or parents.

U can put a sun stone on tummy.
Than after apply Wealthbalm on their tummy. Put a sunstone on tummy. Than press their Zu San Li gentle, ask them close eyes. Than ur eyes look at their tummy think of yellow wealth balm colors. They will feel so good. Ur figers stays at Zu San Li for 10mins. Touch therapy can le.

In a family if someone always lost temper. U dont lost ur cool. remember if u keep ur aura good. Slowly u will cleanse them. That is one flora spray like tranquility healing spray is important.

Items that are here

1) Wealth Balm $25

Visit temple must have good heart

All these year there are more new comers for temple visit; is important to be in order polite and example when u see people no incense give other ur incense;
When in temple do remember think for people; as long as I organise all re blessed ; be in order polite is very important!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Make an effort

We must never forget to do homework ! Have u spend some time write and dedicate to parents ma ?

Also when u feel really out of energy or post or sad , use the method any method I teach u, give ur self ten mins take a paper write and play Buddha song! Trust me u won't do de but u just go do , u will thank me. Many times when we re down we will totally forget methods and continue down but is wasted. U learn so much must use

Also do u all practice mindfulness ma? The cause of many sufferings are desire greedy and expectations! When there is too much wanting the mind is not peaceful! Spend a five mins with a cup of tea. Take the load away from ur mind;

TT quart has a sense of tuning our energy this year especially! Try holding it awhile 


Help friends to buy once a year 拜天公金

6D hulu behind maindoor


remember whatever item u put in house, discuss with ur husband or wife before putting ah. Harmony is important ok for house:>

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cny Ang bao giving

Omhealth will sponsor rice and Ang bao to elderly and donate medicine during cny!

All u need to do is remember do good and be happy! Life is short de , do more good things by giving people right advises. Motivate people around u be setting a good example 

If u free do chant mantra to dedicate merits to omhealth charity projects ok!

TT quartz

Using small TT quartz small for breathing exercise can attune a person scattered energy beside putting office table !

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A miracle is beautiful

All along I wanted donate medicine in Bangkok this trip but no idea where! Because was in a rush journey!

Guess what ?  I took a taxi wanting to go temple A! They drop me at temple B and guess what !!!? Temple B have the sign donate medicine! Is amazing direct of route by Divine, this is such a beautiful mistakes made by taxi driver ! Also I manage after donation find my temple A ahaha don't ask me how to go I anyhow walk till lost way and found de haaha

I think I have the Singaporean Kia shu bring my own candles and big incense and after prayers all
My red incense stay till I left -) and this blessings for all
Who see this pic ok!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blessings times 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

12 Animal Forecast

Dear all, go eat the 3 fruits. Is calculated last week. And alot of signs happen to show me this 3 fruits combination eat before 5 pm really can help u in many ways. Try ba nothing religion. I use the 5 element of Iching to calculated fruits ahahha.

And is always accurate de:> Is my service for u:> Take care u all:>

For those affected by Tai Sui. U can start carrying your 5D coin le:>

Peach Wood they are. And I am sure soon, market will be flooded. But again, this are activated with so much effort.

Goat calculation was not launched till today because.... I want to write about Goat on 14 Feb 2015.


All email again will be replied when  Leng leng are back on 13 feb 2015.

I was in the Temple taking some pic of House Item A and B. And I tell you, a dragon fly from nowhere, one and only one fly towards me. Whole temple one dragonfly. And there it goes.

House Item A and B can be put in any parts of the house. But if u want you can follow the flyings star as in the superheng website.

House Item B is the Tian Lu Hulu: FOr those health not so good, u rub the tian lu hulu with your thumb daily. Than what ever issues just say out. Is activated and u can feel good immediately. Emotionally feel good de. Pain hopefully u will find thru good doctor and advises and diet ur health improves.

House Item A is the Smiley Tian Lu. If finacial is really blocked. Touch from head to toe. And awaits ur chance of good fortune. Everyone has good fortune. U need to build up. This Tian Lu is to remind u to repay all ur debts u had in the past and accumulate merits. Change your character and your luck will come.

TT QUARTZ Wealth Bowl $38

It is specially activated and different from market one. Alot effort put in and specially infused Titanium. Some are just colored and even box look same.

This TT Quartz  symbolised vitality, strength, eyes, brain, ears, central nervous system.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

The Big What Angel TT QUARTZ wealth bowl $68 only avaliable next week.


Heng Mala today I bring to temple and offer to Guan Yin Pu Sa so all who have Heng Mala I further help u shine ok! Chant happily daily as this Mala is made with love and activated !

Today I actually pray and may all of u good health ! And also those who has house item B tian Lu hulu! I reported again so u all further good health by rubbing the hulu! 

3 fruits in hotel amazing

Omhealth will be having a 3 days lamp offerings for all who submit names from
New year eve to second day of new year!

Monk will be doing blessing 3 days prayers from wealth to health!

U don't  have to donate or anything is settled and is for u! Wait for my website to be up later ok!

Before I travel
I wrote an article ask u all
Eat this three fruits this month ! Guess what this morning in hotel
They serve this 3 fruits! Confirm le ! Ahaha

Monday, February 9, 2015

Temple Ball Final 15 le;

13 people strike first prize on 4th feb 2015 after my event

EMAIL EXTRACTED and congrats to many many

Date:    Fri, February 6, 2015 11:59 am
To:      "Bryan Gan" <>

Hi good morning Bryan Lao Shi. 

The welcome goat year 2015 talk was really fabulous. 

Rejoice to Lao Shi for arranging all the auspicious blessings, puja and
lion cum dragon dance on that day.

I want to share this happiness.

Well this year lap chun 04 feb 2015 is a memorable one for me.

First I followed the procedures of lap chun prepared by Lao Shi. 

After my meridien exercises with my classmates,  we changed to red top
blouse, ate the 2015 auspicious fruits and home made Ngoh hiang.  We
visited arumungam Sheng Hong Kong temple.  I bought the 2015 joss paper
formation as advised for all deities, da Bo Kong and tai sui.  Lunch was
at timhowan (impromptu) and of course we did not forget to order the
spring roll.  The feeling at Tim ho wan was kai sing because the logo for
this restaurant happened to be green in colour and the words in hokkien is
ho woon (good fate). We had tiong bahru spring roll and red bean soup for
afternoon tea.

At 7pm we received a big surprise. 13 of us won first prize 1313

Bryan Lao Shi, you are absolutely right. 04 feb is really a super luck day


Whatever good things and practice u do won't be wasted ; good things will come de!

Also don't over fengshui ur house , do
Moderate and family harmony important , as I say if any family member don't like u put things than is ok; use my oil like rosemary , dragonfly oil, five element oil , healing trees oil also ok for body nd wipe floor;

The $38 aura wealthbowl many like is a crystal la not a bowl bowl ok! 
Activate more will be avaliable valentine day !

Omhealth is love and freedom and not procedure ; 一个人的心要开、放下, 呼吸!

Before I fly my house bamboo flower a lot le

Temple event a completion and very auspicious

First time in omhealth 发炉five times when lion dance was at Tigong dancing!
Do u know one time already power but five times!
Also I dedicate to all of u readers , crystals and house items students! Feel the energy, also I calculated the fruit for this month is a combination of papaya, watermelon and pineapple. Have cut fruit of the mixture and eat before three, u will feel second day very good!

I repeat again as u wan me niam!
All six d hulu old one last year de please change to a new one this year! Five d for rice pot u can change the red packet of any design on the day before cny!

The Mala $68 has two types , color one and clear one; u can adopt for chanting!
Chant after one year , the Mala sometimes can hang behind door knob for a day to cleanse house energy!

7th June niam until u good luck workshop $68 can register le!

This year remember the star that create obstacle before success , use rosemary or eucalyptus before sleep helps!