Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hair serum available on Friday

This hair serum contain herbs very good for head and hair and 好运 too because of the natural argan; but is more in the good serum and u will love it

Process activation of pagoda

The red ink is not normal ink; is a red stone grind to powder ; triple activation

Botanical garden walk

Bring your healing trees oil to the garden than apply to your palm when standing near a big tree to allow healing energy to flow to the tree and in turns flow to u with love !

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Power jade for adopt

Is rare and it will be so good luck to keep one consider nice jade lesser; $380 to $580

Very nice back and front ; outside cost a lot!

100 elderly

Two mooncake per elderly; and they thank all donors ok!

GUI ren bag and dragonfly

Dragonfly confirmed my method and since 2011 my dragonfly energy is really significant ; and good good I am happy for u all; be strong and courageous;
Thanks for feedback

Mooncake delivery to 100 elderly

Today will reach them at 11 am; thanks to the 12 that participate in this project ;

I go oversea soon le ; have a great week ok!

Friday, August 29, 2014


This is a wonderful class to learn the prayer techniques and ancient tradition of Joss Paper and their usages.

If you often dont know what is the right way to pray.

Let this Mr Gan share with you wholeheartedly the Bai Bai method with fun laughter and knowledge

11 October 2014
9 : 30am to 12pm.
Room to announce
Fees: $50

Dont miss this fun and rare opportunity;

Email :

A quality service prayer for all clients luck also

Bryan personal offerings ;
50 Palmer road 168 piglets pray pray le; u all come this few days pray le can take home eat ok:) a special quality service from omhealth;)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

U know, omhealth charity group, didnt get support from any organisations because not famous and we low profile. Which is good. And together with u all my dear students, the few sms who always number reflected when I need donors , i know who you are and thank you.

To let you know what we have done:

5D coin and 6 D hulu coin

This 2 items are omhealth items for past 10 years.
Every year we change the 6d hulu behind main door. And it has done alot for us this year.

So before mooncake festival your 6d hulu wipe with 5 element oil abit ok.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

See one TCM to clear negative energy debris

U can see any TCM la, no need this one. Just that out of convenient. Anyway this month , see a TCM and take 7 days herbs for body is good. Clear all bad energy too.

Good Month to see TCM. (rem, take 5 days or one week medicine can le).

I suggest u see TCM and say need some herbs for tummy strengthen and better sleep. Like that can le than they will listen pulse prescribe. U can choose ur own TCM.

Off hand I have different TCM doctors under my research. So different months and period i will intro different doctor and all good and is not $$$$ type.

Bryan Lao Shi every year will research on some good TCM. This month, if u find body like fatigue,neck pain or stomach bloated need to eat herbs and need some tonics or nourish and no time cook. U can look for Professor Xu , XU BO SHI, 63230898 to listen pulse and prescribe one week medicine eat, less than $80 (normally $50 sometimes). And is eat one time can le. Good doctor caring and no ask people buy things and also good accurate detail. (Bryan Lao Shi, no profit, since 2002 has been sharing different doctors so as to help more people and prevent conned by branded one)
This clinic i am known as Hua De ahahah. Anyway mention my name wont have discount and I dont have money also ahaha.... Just that , when clinic heard my name , everyone very scare because i audit and post facebook. ahhaha

But no good one, I dare not post here, if not i wait die of poison ahahha... Choy Choy Choy

For neck he is good at opening neck cramped. U can request see he will do anot ahahah.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cup ready to order le

Cup left and right; I will choose correct one for you; personally I find left best because good to hold and bigger!

Right side drink color more and more nice; left is new;
Anyway is collectible la; want than buy if not don't waste money ok; market have $30 also can; $180 also can;

This one is $88 very good; they call it thunder cloud cup; longer u drink u will see;

Bryan lao shi nice nice to u goodies

Bryan lao shi will donate 168 piglet moon cake biscuit at 望海大伯公temple on Saturday and give until Wednesday till finish piglet

Those who go down pray can take one ; cannot greedy ok; Max one person one only when u there;)

Those who go down pray can take Max 2; cannot greedy ok; a family of three go down than take 4 only ; I not in Singapore don't be naughty ok ahaha; 

So one person go down urself: Max 2

Two person go down Max 3

3 person go down Max 4

Sometimes I wonder I niam so much; ahah one man show must of not no control;))

 If piglet finish is ok; just pray also good luck ;)

Leg leg tired ehehe but heart happy; complete 100 packet ginseng for elderly; totally happy thank u all!

Om health directions

I think back; past few months omhealth and u all hor we do a lot a lot of chairty on food, toothpaste, lunch, prayers and medicine for many le;
Today I formally send this merits to all of u and u all multiply send to whole world ok;

Is so good we do things fast and simple and no hidden agenda;
Thank u all once again; I am traveling again next week;
U must make effort to handle ur issues in life; remember never give up!!!!

Physically age catching up but I think I manage well ahah; remember to support my skin care and oil I very long forget to promote ah;

The white clay mask , facial scrub etc


11 October 2014 I don't wan to miss this class 

Tea cup I can choose

The tea cup have two design; I can choose for u ok if u wan;)))

Now I know why I go Taipei

I went to Taipei last two weeks and visit many temple with incense burner; but today my friend told me they going remove incense burner le; so I may be the last Singaporean who burn incense in this old temple la;


Last two weeks to September is a month of tought first than better; so anything happen is not because u bad luck or house no good! Is the planets energy many experiencing so your all these years of cultivation how to face this problems show how good you re! Be courageous ok!  Use five element oil, PAF lime and ten spice oil
The debris of last month of negative energy is quite tiring; so many may start to experience minor sickness this week ; also computer or things spoilt or give way;

I tell u, consider lucky le, looking last two month many world disaster;

I tell you we need so many merits than can handle all these years of Qi which affect everyone; that is one u can see increase of depressions case and natural disaster; also human beings destroy of nature and kills too many animals for food create a negative Qi and now less people know how to clear the environment le like our grandparents know how to use smoke to smoke house , temple do offerings to pacify this Qi; now youngster and temples not doing enough or cut away too many things and some too commercialise end up the positive Qi less and less! What can we do? As omhealth we continue do our part , u chant ur mantra la

But for us is lucky; however the exhaustion of this energy must be stopped from affecting out daily emotions and life;

This week : choose a day eat vegetarian and chant 108 times cundi mantra and dedicate to all beings;

House 1st sep 2014 perform a thorough cleanings with five element oil wipe house and also toilet wash is a must too on first sep or first week of September!

Body cleanse: negative energy may stick to our aura last month because of the planetary affecting our mood too! So use sandalwood powder half teaspoon scrub body with few drops rice bran oil;

Sandalwood plus rice has auric cleansing properties!

All who have my bracelet , bring any temple over incense this September ok!

Fruits for September to clear luck: 
Kiwi once a week
Soy milk any type drink when feel very down
..... To be continued

Monday, August 25, 2014

Moon cake project completed

Within 15 mins I have enough moon cakes for 100 elderly thank u ; project closed! Distribution date will let ah Leng do as I will be overseas 

I think is guan yin energy we do meaningful things I am happy for u all; 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Get one can le and drink with this daily ur puer

Three different design one at $88; drink daily with this cup , longer u drink fine lines form and is even more valuable ; collectible !Three different design one at $88;  汝窑杯越喝越漂亮;养杯法;

Tea cup this is power; tea drink from here good for luck Qi is a special fengshui method and also this cup outside more expensive for this quality !

In 陶瓷the most difficult to produce ; u can order one or two le;

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pagoda Energy

The pagoda and pen energy came to me few weeks ago. And now it has reached its matured state.

Pagoda and pen combine was once sold at $$$$ by a FSM in plastic metal form. Than it was not known for 10 over years.
Posted Image
Deep Meaning behind:

This set enable a person to tune energy of Wisdom to overcome all issues in life. What U and Me lack of is wisdom to see things beyond.

The pagoda is a temple of knowledge, peace and silence. It symbolizes the path of wisdom. It is said that a person who knows more or is knowledgeable stands firm like a mountain or a pagoda and cannot be shaken by anything. The Pagoda is believed to possess the power to tame unruly minds and behaviours.

U see a person molecular structure is always in the changing. At one moment we are very happy enjoying food, but when that moment ends, we sometimes feel .... why end so fast and whatever emotion stores will surface.

In Feng Shui, pagoda is also known as the education tower. It has long been a symbol of calm and peace, making it an excellent item to use to stabilize an area for better concentration in studies. You can place a pagoda in our child's room to increase his/her concentration in studies. It also is said to to reduce his/her boisterous behaviour. 

It helps to keep away anything that could distract your mind. It could prove to be useful for for children who daydream a lot or get distracted easily. It helps in a ways so u can say them easier to hear. Is worth trying.

For a child, place this in the NE corner of his/her bedroom or dont know where is NE just desk where the child studies for school. 

To ward off exam fears, place few drops rosemary oil and lemon and lavender on the pagodaon your child's table. And bring this pagoda to exam hall.

Pagodas placed in the office has the ability to stimulate career energies, up your work progress and ward off negative intentions and also effectively avoid plagiarism of your work effort

Friday, August 22, 2014

Temple change but heart and faith remains

Please attend 大家来拜拜class ok
11 October park mall 

 Go! when I arrive one dragonfly; when dragonfly appear means a message must convey to u; ahaha 

The temple changed because management decide remove so many tradition like coil incense and joss paper which I feel new generation soon thought is a museum; do let me Bryan lao shi re intro and we change our method to pray now;) 
Joss paper no more don't worry!
We bring ourselves because is teochew temple u can bring what I bring as shown here ahaha and U can bring more; (smart right) think positive all my student u can bring all u can and also if security say wan burn for u , u insist diy and ok one;

Coil incense don't have don't worry I bring myself; is so weird I am launching my brand coil incense and now put into good use;( but no need always bring la)

Teochew joss paper( how can they remove that is an asset, but don't worry I am around)
The joss paper is called 中七 u tell joss paper shop they also won't know so this is the original joss paper this temple provides and they remove it ; my role is to continue;  u show those joss shop they will know; how many pieces up to u; really this management people don't know why they thinking;Ok cannot scold people;

老师七十二变,越变越厉害!妈祖sometimes u can bring this perfume water out there; also u can bring my rose water pray le bring home use very good one;

Thursday, August 21, 2014


我拜观音菩萨38 years, to me 尽心is important, 你别半信半疑,你要生实信心;


From Taipei reputable temple Bryan will impart one short sutra to all and one new mantra to learn;

From here I announce 大家来拜拜class open for registration 

Just do it

Dearest all; have u done your homework today to spend 5 mins chant any chant? Or re u just too tired and overwhelm with problems and lazy to do things that can help u!

Dearest all Bryan lao shi won't always have one, and don't forget to chant la; good for yourself

When we have problems as we grow older, u will find all have to depend on ourself, people listen only won't help much! So after read this article close eyes and chant 108 times any mantra

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Offical Announcement

11 October 3 days after my birthday I have decided to conduct this class


930am to 1130am: Da Jia Lai Bai Bai (English)

Have 15mins tea break

All names for first time will be submitted for first time at 望海大伯公庙 blessings.

Is not easy to ask for this and we manage to, so luck right . Include of drums and bell blessings for all . Means ur name will be pasted on wall for a day. First in History ok.

This class is all about prayer methods and old students can come for refreshment.

Fees: $50 per students.

Venue: Park Mall Orchard
Time: 930am
Room: will announce asap.

Pagoda Plus first in world add a Pen: It symbolizes compassion and wisdom and courage and also with power knowledge and wisdom u are like a mountain and nothing can affect u. It has an energy of shield to clear negative energy from affecting ur mind and once activated by Bryan lao Shi can help to overcome bad chi.

For career u can put on ur desk or hang behind u  wall to support ur self and ward of small people and ensue project good good.

For study u can carry and put table it helps focus. This is holy wood u can put essential oil in it.

If u really wanna follow fengshui, u can put North East sector of a bedroom of a child to enhance study luck and education luck follow by a prayer method which Bryan will teach in 2015 talk.

Human will get sick but if always sick and very sian right, u can put at East side of the house hang on wall etc or living room east side, put for 1 month see have improvements. If dont have is ur own diet and lifestyle, if have improvement means is ur house qi no good and u can continue put this pagoda and put essential oil on it once a month
 You can also place a pagoda by the bed of a sick person to speed up recovery.

Other informations: Normally level 7 focus study one, for kids till 21 years old , level 9 is have career, business and adult study also use this.
  • 7-tier pagoda can also represents the 7 treasures of Buddhism. It is believed to symbolize blessings from 7 northern stars which brings ultimate career luck and wealth luck. But many use it for children study. But also can use for career

  • 9-tier pagoda signifies completeness, strength, nobility, wealth, good career luck. 9-tier pagoda also has the power to suppress instability and bad luck.

Photo: more details in September

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TV show

Dear all never give up. I never know one day my work will be featured on tv. And 15 years of hardwork to gain recognition is really long compare to many people. But I never give up. I want to thank all of you ok:> For ur trust and love and care for me.

Even i reply ur sms short or seems rude, i dont mean it. Because eheheh i work very hard le:> thanks again.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pagoda and it's effect

U ever wonder why so many fengshui master intro their pagoda and own seperately and each cost few hundred dollars? Why are they so special and how Bryan lao shi spend so many years to combine two in one using wood of holy!

Stay tune for more answers! I am still at Taipei meeting people of prayers too to share with u more!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Actually one dragon and one Phoenix

Captured by Bryan lao shi and split seconds!!!

Bryan lao shi 发发发lucky draw! 福袋activated with 龙火!as long as u get your wen cang set , u will enter the lucky draw ; total 6 draws! September, October , November, December, January and feb ; each month give one ! Very powerful better than strike lottery! Ur name even if won sep can enter again so is possible one person win 6 but I find not easy ahaha!

Taipei first time Fa Lu until have dragon

Bryan lao shi 龙山temple dragon fire welcome the energy of omhealth and I wish all my crystal client and Heng ball luck!!

文昌 set from Bryan confirm good and u confirm order first Ba hahha ;

9 leveled pagoda with pen is $48 for career

7 level pagoda with pen is study!

Seconday of Taipei and I visited place I need to for blessings and activate items; guess what the moment I put incense the burner powerful fire up which is so auspicious and normally the incense burner is normal normal


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Will be launch end September 2014

First time a wen cang pen and a pagoda tie together and one set is $48! Los tie together and exclusive omhealth but soon outside will

Duplicate but u all

Know me will get from

Here so is ok; outside sell normal one very expensive and this u can see the effort of out two together and request Taipei activate so is worth have one as collections 

Activated : exclusive from omhealth ; seven level for studies and nine level for career business ! Launch for 2015 each piece with Zu sa dot ceremony so must wait! More news out soon!

It will be launched September and is a good items for 2015 too ;
When I launch item I make it for use forever and useful except five d and six d must change!

All who want to order 7 level or 9 level can email to orders and with the person having the item full name; and when ready courier u September please state u wan seven level or 9 level;
If less than $80 courier fee include hor

This one piece is $48 powerful holy wood! And good handicraft and all the way to Taipei good day sign contract to make it happen

All the way to report on this two item and will be launched in Singapore by Bryan end year ! And will be Zu sa dot!


When see people have or more success we totally must chant mantra

Because is normal human heart will jealous or envious!  But if we can chant om ah hung when listen people happy things not only bring luck and their aura luck will give u also!  If u wearing my black tourmaline turn the dzi facing outward very powerful!

If can get get one

Chen Xiang nice scent; left side is new , right side I wear two months and more and more shine!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Recognition and work

I am glad that all these years the promulgating of preserving Chinese tradition of praying was done and my heart really thankful to all master teachers and u who guide me along;

When u started bai via class people laugh at me and friends find me weird; and they just laugh at it; I don't want to explain because to someone who don't understand the meaning of it is waste of time;

My main purpose of setting up bai bai class is to ensure some good tradition is preserved!
1)Like praying ourselves using simple joss paper
2) without to be affected by fortune master which clear their instil of fear
3) to pray with positive thinking and respect elderly
4) gather people with main aim just to pray and pray together happily!
5) to take care ourselves when seems whole world all things goes wrong we go temple and motivate ourselves

And I must say the project of praying is successful and we now have 2300 baibai students and I am glad;

My mission is almost done; is ur task my student to share with people!

Dimension special design

Today chairty work

I am busy yet feel happy; now go change money for Taipei le la;))
I not in Singapore must support ok cousin will check orders email

Wen Cang Taipei Blessings

Bryan Lao Shi this Taipei trip will activate 2 Healing Wood Items for 2015

 Special arrangement made:

A) Career Pagoda (small)  ($48) (limited 100 pieces)

Is a powerful key chain or put office table for career or business advancement

B) Study Pagoda (small) (limited 100 pieces) ($48)

Is a powerful keychain for study and clear minded.

This is for 2015; So just an announcement

My Travel Kit:

My mini travel kit:
Roller clarity prevent flu
Peppermint a drop neck when arrive hotel release dampness
Lavender and rosemary drop on bed 4 drops , protect aura and room scent nice
Ten spice oil gargle prevent ulcer as I eat a lot fried food
Eucalyptus shower scrub body boost immune
Bbc coin safety travel and balance five element whenever u go
Obsidian gold sheen bracelet pocket when go night sports
Rose otto( 3 years le) highest frequency oil one dab on wrist clear any Low frequency objects
Crystals under pillow
Massage stick; press accu point when feeling Xian;
Frankincense : when visit temple put abit wrist to increase energy eheheh kiashu

Monday, August 11, 2014

Peach wood lotus root is very powerful in a way as it immediate calm u down ; put a drop rose geranium u will know what I mean ! Eat peach also rem this two months