Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today bring home items for parents

Remember to take care ur love one ok! Make an effort; 

Level 9 Pagoda Usage A: Peace.

My new product launch today

Extract all natural and I put in fengshuu and science in it with scientist lab test 

Bamboo best hair tonic for healthy scalp and good luck free from chemicals and alcohol ; I launch at auspicious timing ! Support me Ba!


I design with the famous naturopath with many lucky herbs like 红景天 open luck good ahaha u see my hard work ahaha

Monday, October 27, 2014

So auspicious today

If u feel down, look at the incense. Is blessings to capture this today after capture the kwan yin cloud in morning and burn a chen siang and saw a beautiful dance....

Think about Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa (His compassion) and All Buddha (Their Compassion) are like Moon at night in the sky, our heart is like a bowl of water, if your water (heart) is unclear and not calm, then you will not able to see the reflection of the Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa and/or Buddha’s image on your bowl (your heart). In other words, you don’t feel the connection. The moon (Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa/ Buddha) are there for us 24 hours per day. All the time. They never left us.

But many times our water (heart) is not clear because it has a lot of greedy, foolish and angry.a lot of selfishness. We all do have that but just in different level. 

So if you can focus deeply on reciting Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa (or you pick the one you felt most connected to- any Buddha’s name) like cundi mantra, slowly one day ur heart very clear.

And when connected with Kwan Yin, u will be a very peace and happy person. All these need practice and u need help yourself. Thats why i say 10 mins a day, ur me time and write notebook and chant so good.

Those who follow me 10 years will see result now le. Life many transform le.

I use sandalwood coil incense and agarwood to feel 

Wisdom comes from sitting still and listening, not from rushing to get ahead. A still heart receives love and information more readily than one that is harried. Do something simple today: Pick a flower and simply study it with no intent. 
Be blank. Be open. And know that whatever comes to you is good, and a lesson in the making—always and forever."

Extracted from A person who write about kwan Yin prayers in English and I feel should be shared to all.

Kuan Yin always hears and answers our prayers, and no special ritual is necessary to contact her. However, you may feel a more heart-centered connection with her through the use of flowers. For instance, hold a blossom, gaze at a budding plant or bouquet, or draw or look at a picture of flowers. Those who work closely with Kuan Yin often chant the mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum, which means "Hail to the jewel in the lotus flower."
One prayer that will help you invoke Kuan Yin is:

"Beloved Kuan Yin, please hear the prayers within my heart. Please uncover and understand what my true needs are. I ask for your intervention into the areas of my life that are triggering pain. Please come to my aid and assistance, guiding me to see my situation in a new light of love and compassion. Please help me to be like you and live peacefully and purposefully

Nov what to do.

This month double 9 month is power good. Is a power month, u may get angry fast but once clear, u feel super good. 
Teach u, at all time, when someone provoke u or things happen, chant short version of Cundi mantra. See how well it handles the energy. U will be amazed......

Cundi Pendant have ready le. U can order le.

Wash toilet date is out!!!
see beside label under wash toilet for procedure.

31st October (whole day can)
13th November (whole day can)

This time must spray protection spray at home ok. Follow above ur head tranquility spray.

3rd, 16th, 28th Nov:

Can clean those black energy in the house using KM yan set.
Also if can door behind bedroom put a bowl of cheap salt for 2 nights. Can detox ur bed room. Do it after KM YAN that day.

Salt can use fine salt or the 30cent salt, Salt on it put 5 drops PAF lime, 5 drops dragonfly oil.
This clean the planets effect on ur body for year 2014.

U only have onE double 9 month.And is double cleaning. Even use KM yan method this november any day can break away negativity.

Food for November:
November, if can, home cook some curry. Or buy cooked already curry heat up at kitchen good. Or aiya cook the maggie curry noodle.

Curry must touch kitchen pan and heat at kitchen than house luck will improve.

Personally u can eat curry meal once or twice this November.

Outside meal:

Fish Curry: If u stuck in career for some time need break through, eat already u will know what to do.

Chicken Curry: Always mistaken by people and arrowby people, or boss mistaken u. Eat already u will be ok.

Vegetable Curry: Find no meaning in life and feel stagnant. eat already u will think differently.

Curry for November can break aways series of 2014 bad luck that linger in your house....

More to be shared....... TO BE CONTINUED.... Go buy curry powder first ahaha

Power items ready le

Bryan will have master carved kwan Yin Jade between, $380 to $680.Only 4 pieces and all nice. Will choose for u and select for u.

Every year end will have this service. Interested sms to 94895606.

9 eye dzi set in pure gold. $800 for collections. Wonderful as a treasure for family.

Very big Dzi with alot of Cinnabar grow in it. Is for hanging at wooden stand. Is very rare. $680 a piece. One only.

Power Bracelet: $188, minerals with many kinds in it to bring prosperity and happiness back to ur life.

Power bracelet with amethyst and the minerals , it bring alertness and calm the mind of course many auspicious happenings.

All time famous black tourmlaine version 3. U can read alot about black tourmaline design only by Bryan Lao Shi. This design heaven earth was made popular by me and is only one selling for this quality of dzi. $338 to $380, few are $480

Cundi Pendant ready le


Friday, October 24, 2014

Not yet ok, soon wait ah just an announcement

Bryan and five sponsor a Taoist prayer at one oldest temple and this prayers , is on the best date of January 2015;
Good start good year; 
And is best date of the year ! 

All prayers ceremony is paid for le all please take note, u don't have to give me money or the Taoist master ok!

Even u give me angbao I will use buy food for elderly , ok la some I buy chocolate for myself la , but no need ok!

I will soon open the site for you all put names ok! Wait ah
Thanks to the five sponsors! As long as enough we don't need le; rest u can do ur own charity or donate Cindy rice fund for elderly ok but no need la ur heart good is best le

Simple joss paper

My dear students! Remember u can help yourself ! 

Only 20 Box arrival this November, U can order le

A very very lovely incense.


All incense without any fragrance oil added. Is pure wood.

But don't forget the Sandalwood Coil is amazing lite and nice.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Healing water

Let me teach u how to have a cup of healing water;

Cleanse your body and rinse ur mouth;
Light a pagoda sandalwood coil or Chen Siang;
Than prepare a cup of water put beside the coil incense:

Than start chanting cundi mantra 108 times and blow to the water. And dedicate merits of chanting to all beings;
Water can drink le ; very good for people feeling not right or stress;

The Mala I use is my famous amethyst Mala since 2007rememver ahaha those who have this Mala!

Chen Xiang Super nice Launching 48 pieces

Pagoda Incense Coil : $55 2 hours each 
Chen Xiang : $80 three hour each 

Ancestral Prayers:>


U can read le. The Joss set simple and effective.

The butterfly

Those with me for 15 years, remember I always tell you how my butterfly dance was invented? Ahahah after 16 years today it visit my balcony. I think is related to my article coming up. Stay tune.

I must say the

1) Sandalwood Coil
2) WenCang Pen Pagoda
3) Chen Xiang coil
4) Heng Ball
5) BBC coin

this 5 items really shine!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

An important Article

It will disclose here further at 3pm tomorrow:>

Ancestor and Your Family Luck, Health, Career

Today good news Heng ball Heng

Receive six miss call and ahaha actually this phone number 5016 was litter first prize today! He call to tell me and congrats! Heng ball yellow power wor today ahaha! But u all don't what ah, Heng ball is for happiness just that coincident la 

This person will do good deeds!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Eucalyptus radiata

I learnt from Sydney using eucalyptus radiata to cleanse all crystal , the effect is amazing! Two drop of eucalyptus in a tissue and four drops of water and u wipe all crystals; almost split seconds u feel
Good and crystal and Braceelt feels good! It clears all stagnant energy!

Order Heng ball Ba!

Heng ball is very Heng! Order one Ba! Don't have expectation just put and feel happy ok!
Today a golden dragonfly fly to my golden Heng ball ahaha

Today I was activating of Heng balls and guess what?

Anyway I am very glad.

Dear all, u can order ur Heng Ball le.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coil is two in one

Some newbies ahaha u must seperate the coil to be two coil; some burn immediately without seperatinf ahaha

Beautifulness of Agarwood

Main uniqueness of Bryan Lao Shi Coil incense

The agarwood, u keep 1 year and keep 2 years smell will even more nice.

AgarWood: 沉香 Coil

1)48 coil, each coil 3 hours
2) purification of air
3) Super nice and gentle, no chemical fragrance added.
4) Calm the mind, sooth the body
5) Happiness

Super tested for purity. Further under test now and will be launched in November.

For those who love incense, u can get good guaranteed and reasonable price here.

48 coil , 3 hours each at $88.

Agarwood, how to say le? When I first come across the coil incense cost me $200 for a box. And I love it. I understand why is it $200. But after 10 years of research, I find that with right ingredients it can be sold at lower price for good quality. Protected Agarwood cannot be exported now so what we have are from some famous countries that plant Agarwood for commercial use yet have high medicine values. For omhealth we want to protect environment, yet we want good quality agarwood. So now founded le.

U ask me which is better agarwood or sandalwood. For me both same. And just that sometimes we are those who love incense, we change accordingly. Agarwood has many properties but some of them too commercialise and over over le, what burn le many God come... well... this i dont know. I only know burn le feel good energy.

U can order now as Agarwood, unlike sandalwood as it don't comes in big quantity.:>

I must say after 10 years of research and sourcing bryan has finally found the best agarwood that scent just nice. And again tested for safety and now testing again to be launched in November.

In future the direction of Bryan Lao Shi Coil incense will have 3 types

1) Sandalwood Coil Incense (successfully launch with wonderful feeedbacks)
2) Chen Xiang Coil Incense launching
3) Finally Herbs Coil incense that will banish negativity also but very herbal smell.

it is not only China where chensiang has been used in medicines for more than one thousand years, traditional uses extend across Asia and into India within Ayurveda, even the Middle East where Agarwood chips and Oud oil have a long established high value market. At Asia Plantation Capital  are working to carry this cultural heritage forward scientifically based upon sound environmental practices.”

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BBC Coin have u been using?


BBC coin left 80 pieces. Once sold out all , wont be making anymore. $48
Flower coin left 60 pieces. $48
Gui Ren Bag forever.... have $38

Monday, October 13, 2014

If not now than when?

Ahaha congrats all Heng ball

Heng ball second year launch le; remember is not about expectation and lottery ; is about bringing joy back to our life and is activated with purest energy !

Heng ball and birthday date

Many strike lottery because buy my birthday year today and congrats! No wonder I sixth sense when is the birthday lottery 

Heng ball many strike again

Is all about good energy not about lottery I wan to emphasize ok

Hengball peak period again every time this period many good news

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Celebrate 3419 Verygoodluck articles

Today officially omhealth has 3419 articles le.

Now I try to locate all HUAT VIDEO.

If  must out one at previous page, u direct me ok. SMS or Whatsapp me ahahha

Look above is a rare scene now!!! We can only refer in our memories my dearest Bai bai students.

Huat Video

FIRST HUAT VIdeo in year of Dragon 2012.  That was how everything started. Geyland Lor 29 SHUN TIAN GONG Temple very very power.

Special Day Special Blessings

Information: All temple activities the event , all is sponsored by omhealth group from Masters to etc. FYI.

Yesterday Class and Temple Event was very rejoice.

Formally Announce Bai Bai Class completion and this class will rest for 2 years le:> And see u all in 2017.

Consecutive 3 years in a row. But will have one BAI BAI gathering only for those who attended Bai Bai Class before.

I cant imagine I have the energy to stand for 7 hours in total. But all these is so good.

For all information. Class: U receive blessings from two place. One is Wang Hai Temple and one is KK Buddhist Temple. Ur name list is blessed, even u didn't go for the temple event after the class ok:>

Yesterday Activities:

A) Candle Offerings in Temple and bless all attendees

B) Taoist Master bless all Crystal Clients, Class clients and Heng Ball , 9 level pagoda, Gui ren bag, BBC coin etc .

Many Many Good Luck

C) All Ang Gu Kuek is sponsored by 8 sponsors, u are blessed and shared with so many people.
D) All who at facebook last minute assign u bring things all blessed.
E) Cindy and family for your help in driving me and making it possible thanks

Friday, October 10, 2014

Rose Otto water and scrub

This two items super luck! For tomorrow will bring 15 bottles each; $90 tomorrow only $80 power!

It open luck because of the rose and the vanilla in scrub most famous scrub!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Parkmall room 13-03

Lift come out see this and turn right ok

All see u Saturday who have registered! Left 5 seats

Thank You ALL: Special Tips.

Thank You All for the wonderful birthday wishes.

I look back, is a long way and we have been together at all times to motivate each other. Without your support, my research cant continue. Because of your trust and sharing your problems with me. I am able to receive teachings from many Masters and share with you to improve your life and also whatever situation u are in be firm. One day u will know what I mean.

28 years of hardship I have been thru to achieve this. And I proudly tell you. A simple prayers to Guan Yin Ma, your prayers will not be wasted. One day u look back. All situations happen for a reason. Dont be despair ok.

Eclipse Le

Four years once, and this time is represent rebirth and transformations. U wont be surprise to see things break or renew this month. Personal cleansing can help to renew your energy.

Bath your self with 5 element oil, Smudge your house with KM yan set. Feel the energy

In 2014 Fengshui talk, I told u many times this year tai Sui is holding a musical instruments. And if luck is blocked, u can go sing KOK once.

I always use simple method to help u. Try it, dont just read. U see, now i organise a band this year to sing have reason one.

Eclipse is prayer month, accumulate good merits and Qi to handle 2015. U dont forget ok.

At all times if luck abit block, eat any red bean related products !!! u can feel the Qi Change. Red Bean related products eat between 12pm to 3pm anyday this month can change your QI!

At Office rub table with PAF lime 5 drops and put tissue near table. And buy red bean related products for colleagues eat can activate the star of Office Luck Star Gua Number 1120394.  It can greatlt boost your ren yuan.

Wen Cang pagoda pen this month carry, walao can feel the good luck come, and any bad luck may surface and u handle it, like detox. 

11 October Wang hai Temple: Is a very powerful 1/2 hour prayers organised. Come ba. Do register class@omhealth.com so I can submit names for prayers.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chant mantra Ba

Bai Bai ClASS


9 Penang Road, Park Mall Unit No: 13 floor

than will have a sign for u

Singapore 238459

Tel: +65 6339 5411

Completed my Volunteer

Two days before the volunteer work, I was thinking to ask a band and sing for elderly. So yesterday night we choose a song and meet up this morning to only have 5 mins to practice:>
And 2 hokkien song sang by the group plus providing a good lunch:>

They are all happy

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

dear all

To temple there is no transport;)

Don't like that le ahahaha my birthday week le , 不要让我太劳累啦;
Go urself for those who register 50 Palmer road , be initiative check urself how to go ok

Monday, October 6, 2014

All pagoda we cang pen also herbs activated

A mixture of 30 herbs were used and they are all misted over pagoda 

So different timing activate pagoda will either have strong scent or scent less; same as Heng ball;

This is the most natural activation and very good; so the scent on pagoda will go away in two weeks ok don't worry;)

Different date different aroma herbs will be used to activate the pagoda wen cang pen; 
All are very precious herbs and oil ; the scent will disappear in two weeks ;

I must mention again here so ur friend who place order will noted;

The oil use is one ml cost $120 u know how precious it is; and hope u appreciate ok cheers 

Pagoda Incense October to December

Pagoda ICoil Incense used: Bryan Lao Shi Pagoda Coil incense activated. Must support local ma:>

Hi all those who have Wen Cang Pagoda Pen, your names will be submitted for prayers on few occasions. Is an extra effort i do to ensure good luck ok. I always do more than you expect de ehehhe.

Life is up and down.  As long as we are human beings, we cant always have super luck. But people who practice and accumulate merits and spend time to reflect life. Bad luck stars will come fast go fast.

It takes a person long time to understand, but a person with Fu Bao understand what I mean instantly.

I says, October to December is a preview for 2015. U want to have good luck next year, this three month we need to do something.

For house luck, u can put keys (with keychain if u have), put with my pagoda coil incense, with flowers. The key chain put 5 element oil.

And than get some flowers with yellow color (no orchid).  Light the coil incense and let it burn around the keys for 2 hours.

This method open luck for the key, so everyday u open door with Good Qi.

Taught by Mdm Aunty at Bugis (retired);

To help

a) House Qi declined and spend alot money on fengshui masters.
b) Fengshui Master (no good one) came ur house and do alot things and no improvements.
c) Always ownself scare ownself, and no negative spirit end up ownself keep thinking have and created self created karma spirit in house.
d) Family members always sick, even pray alot and may have lost faith, so this inspire the flower qi to renew your qi and luck. Alot of time, why always sick is called karmic sickness cause by yourself, God cannot interfere but we can DIY to accumulate merits and also use this method. So when light the coil, chant Cundi mantra 108 times ( Do daily 7 days). (If u sms me no time and want short cut, slap u)
e) House stay more than 10 years and feel energy drops. (Do every Friday for 5 friday) Chant Da Bo Gong Mantra 108 times.


11 October, those who want to go Wang hai Da Bo Gong temple for blessings at 1pm, u can email to class@omhealth.com .

Ang Gu Kuek and cakes sponsored by 11 donors le and lunch for elderly 
Taosit Master sponsored by Bryanverygood luck charity.
All names will be printed and paste on the 100 years old temple pillar for a day. (first in History as requested by bryan)
All attendees for Bai Bai Class, ur names will be included, Heng Ball owners too.

Bai Bai Class left 12 seats. Have u registered? class@omhealth.com

Others student u can go temple direct 1pm at 50 palmer road.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spirits and this and that

Some people always think left and right house has spirit etc or disturbing etc and invite this master that master drive alway things but yet nothing improve

My master once say is self create spirit and no faith in personal religion;
Buddha already teach many many ways , people like complication ; I tell them chant cundi mantra can overcome spirit disturbance but they listen with doubt and wan invite those masters to home and do many things; do already no effect end up chant mantra

See Buddha himself already teach us as in text about cundi mantra; I tell u all chant yet some wan short cut, pay money and do funny things; 

Dear all 规规矩矩念佛; 佛法无边;
Anyway many email me floor plan and a lot issues , I can't manage answer but if u have time u will know many are answered at www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm and this blog; 

Cundi mantra

U must really help yourself daily and chant cundi mantra;) 

Is a few minutes a day self development ; many students who follow my advice since 2011 have see great improvement in peace and handling things ; also many see clearly things and discover many hidden obstacles; u do mantra is not for instant result but some people their karma ripen so can see result fast but for us we do it and accumulate in the bank merits also and who know one day all will be helpful; I guarantee chanting cundi mantra will improve ur personalities and how people sees u too;

11 October 2014

It will be so auspicious to attend. As alot of effort is made to have this course happen:>

I work very hard to preserve this tradition and if I dont something, no one will remember. Shops that sell joss paper wont know whats the meaning of each Joss paper.

And with this talk successfully started in 2010, it has trained more than few thousands.

This 11 October is only a few days after my birthday, the reason is very special.

Anyway that day a new track on incense prayers will be taught in class:>

U will get to see a 60 years historical incense used in Singapore:> Why they are so popular

11 October also after the class we are going Wang hai Da Bo Gong Temple 1pm for prayers.

Friday, October 3, 2014