Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Items to use 2016

Hi all

using of protection spray and tranquillity healing spray is very important for this 2016

The fluctuation of the energy may cause one to feel

1) Scattered
2) fatigue or overwhelmed

Spray Mist can be used on office , retail, yoga mat. Protection Space clearing to spray around environment and the Tranquility healing spray is for your body. normally we spray 3 times above head and let the mist enveloped our body.
The Tranquility spray remind us to take control of our body energy remind ourselves to calm our mind and emotions and is a very important steps to take back ur power
and be compassionate.

Using of spray .

Protection Spray : 
Some people leave lingering energy which may disrupt your concentration or leave you on edge.
Protection spray help to reset the energy and put it in a more positive
It sometimes dissolve heavy energy from accumulating at home or office or in the car
U can even use protection spray on crystals and stones.

Tranquility Spray: Heal our emotions and confusion,enable us to focus on the positive energy and emotions

NB: The introduction of Heng Tzi is for many to able to wear and feel calm.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

U can order

New year Heng  items 

One power jade at $1200 very lucky only one to collect! Who le? 

Wish all of u calm good luck always

Thank You All

We are so lucky to choose the day of garden walk yesterday where no rain !

Items must have

Oils mentioned here and 6D hulu, brass hulu set and Spray Set

The Bazi of 2016 of the Monkey year is Fire on Earth formations. With very strong fire and weak water and lack of water can result in health and wealth aspect.

As the main energy in 2016 is fire, we need more water element in it: Luckily it rains this 2 days and we should be able to handle the year well.

The economy should able to improve compare to 2014 and 2015.
So in fact wearing black tourmaline bracelet, using heng ball blue at home anywhere is good too.

(remember bracelet and heng ball don't tie to elemental is universal)

The problems which I felt most worries is the sickness star and sickness charm flies to the center of sectors. Showing the problems of spreading disease, food poisoning, skin problems, natural disasters, dispute and sudden bad luck.

Especially the sudden bad luck is common this 2016 but again luckily we aware, when luck suddenly funny we use power bath to shower. Use the Tranquility spray on urself and protection Spray on environment.

This water spray can really reduce the fire poison practically. The protection spray has arrived now.

This 2016 have a star call " Attract YIN " star. This star means a person if weak or tired can easily attract "spirits" which may cause one to act weird or make wrong decision, or suddenly upset for no reason. So counter this by putting a brass hulu at house anywhere. Use of aroma oil
I) Purification
ii) Awaken
iii) Fresh Morning
iv) Ten Spice oil
v) Canaga oil

Above top five oil can interchange use and how u use?

2 drops in tissue or cotton inhale and bring around one of the bottle in bag.

For me: I always have purification in bag, it seems to immediate clear the environment.
Awaken blend I use dab abit wrist and inhale seems to work wonders.

Monkey year is very mischivious year: Some may from top suddenly hit to rock bottom so u can reach next level. Is this kind of Up and Down roller coaster that may tired a lot. At all times, use aroma oil and ur crystal for breathing.

When sometimes all things don't go right...

Quickly Power Bath
Light sandalwood coil or medicine coil in living room
than turn on a music " Gao Shan Liu Shui" Go nap 15mins (if with Tzi wear and nap)

It rebuild ur energy.

Other Stars:

Number 6 stars flying with 3 killings to the South. It means when good things happen it will amplifies, if bad things happen it will amplifies too. So if a disease spread in South area countries, it may amplify.

Means Horse to take care of health this year too. Also if can put 5d coin in ur house South if u find, things happen non stop bad.

Also rooster and Tiger , if u know how to have pattern pattern, this year u have a lot wealth luck.

Also as we know NE is Five yellow star means also earth quakes, countries in China also need to do extra care. NE is a very bad sector in ur house. Keep it clean and if can put a 6d hulu.

Chinese New Year Bring in Good energy to your collections if u thinking always to get something for your self.

Items CNY:

Receive many good feedbacks since 2006 with this bracelet; 10 years le:> and still going strong:>

1) Black Tourmaline Tzu Sa Bracelet is $380 to $480. The Tzi use is so powerful that shops seldom have and so far we saw some selling $800 just a Dzi for this quality.

2) Heng Tzi Pendant is $198 to $238. Very good pendant.

FOr item 1 and 2, email ur name, DOB (no need time), or issues if u have.
Say out and feel better.

3) Magneto Scrub, rose mask, rose water (all these good ren yuan for the year)

Special Edition 9 EYE Tzu Sa Dzi Pendant $500: only 3.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

除夕 9pm-11pm

This timing u can do something to bring in a lot good energy to house
U can use those things u have
1) five element oil and sandalwood powder mix and burn and bring the incense to every room ;
Spray protection spray or tranquility spray around house
Light wishfulfil coil incense

Power Day

From today to End of Feb 2016. U can put ur fengshui items

How to have a year of Good Luck?

First day of CNY go to a temple pray pray. Anytime is ok:>
During CNY if abit angry or quarrel (cant avoid because sometimes u spend a lot of time prepare housework abit tired).

U can spray above u the Tranquillity Healing Spray.

The fire Monkey here and bring with some quake. Well fret not. Do the right things.
Wear ur black tourmaline bracelets.

Things to drink!

Gold Tea or Lingzhi tea as I have taught as it works wonder:.

Temple Bryan will be?

Lor 27 Guan Yin Temple at 1130am to eat vegeterian and pray la:>. U happen see me ma? I will give u a red paper. This year the red paper u all receive will be super power of the hengness.

IPOH: We lighting the tall incense for all Ipoh charity donors with ur names

Omhealth will light a coil incense for all heng ball owners heng heng. Heng balls good luck energy :>

We are open but email reply slow:

During the 15days of CNY, u can still order things from omhealth. So for some u can invite the heng ball to ur house or office :>

U can put heng ball any day and time before 3pm when no rain.

Tell u frankly, today I can feel a Kwan Yin energy. I don't know how to explain and I feel is good one.
Everyone remember is not going to be easy year. When u feel lost, just go garden or take a deep breath and use aroma oil. it works.

Don't forget keep things simple.

All omhealth lucky items has a good energy, infact u put in wrong place it minus negative. If u put in good place it amplify.

The black tourmaline bracelet and also the Tzi for pendant is so worth to have it. Don't forget to get one:>

Health and Beauty Talk 5th March (have u registered?)
Don't miss this talk:>

On the way

Friday, February 5, 2016

Protection Spray ready only next week

Hi all

due to the overwhelming need of protection spray. It will arrive next week.

Many receive parcel lack of this spray, it is not missing but will send u once arrived next week ok:> Thanks

Today design another few tzi

Rough dragon marks scales is good

Don't forget this high quality tzi and at a special rate between $188 to $280!

And we also go all the way to choose for ur base on instinct from email; hope u really know the effort we put in de and every single tzi pendant I do for you is very happy once u receive de 

Black tourmaline tzi is another type too for Braceelt and guess what one of the zu SA black tourmaline sold &1200 in market when a students when to shop at the person commented is very nice !!

One of the tzi done is for harmony
It represent energy of moon and star and strengthen ones energy; it encourage one to pursue dreams with efficient career and right actions; bring appropriate balance between thoughts and action 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

6 d Hulu

Few 6 d Hulu when reach some the liuli has cracked , I think I will use another type of bubble pack because seems the coin will press the liu Li;

Thanks for understanding friends;) this liu Li Hulu is so specially made


Today a customer say the tzi she got sold at $480 in market;)
Well congrats to all who adopt! Yes is very very affordable for u because I make it so all can adopt 

Is really an effort de 

Ipoh charity group

Today Ipoh charity group and also omhealth charity combine ! Lamp light for many days!


U can start now put 5 d coin in rice urn and also bowl of any year $1 coin for all!


粤海清庙 see u students;)
Still rem garden walk four years ago !

Those temple today if see me will receive this! And all who are going to botanical garden will have one too on 6th feb( have u registered this 开运动会)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gold tea arrival

Gold tea received tremendous feedbacks ! Is a super good luck tea! Well this new year have some gold tea be different ! Make a pot and let ur friends try

Thank you

During the talk we suggested to walk here ; that day I told a influential to plant it full so lapchun all can walk and 2016 all good luck
Many thanks! To a power family and plant this at night and for benefits of all; omhealth 在此感恩


After planted ! Please with ur heart thanks heaven and earth when walk 

Polka dot everywhere ahah

After mentioned ahah poka dot on 24 Jan you will see now a lot; is the same energy as dragonfly ! So have some polka dot at home

Heng tzi done for customers

识货the rare dragon scale and people
Look for the non smooth for this type tzi and is great energy

Tied with Amber and green wealth stone

野生土沉香 limited edition

100 gram $280 can use long long long time but only 3 pack!

This is highest energy and not easy to find

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Look at the side .

For limited tzi pendant ( will tie ready to wear) we will activate and choose base on ur needs sending email to orders@omhealth.com
This are really good tzi

Sickness star and the sick charm comes at same times so we at all time watch our health;

Use ten spice oil
Purification oil ( can repel insect)
Boost immune with apply oil base of foot !

Remember u can start put things now till whole of 2016 and doesn't mean must be 4 feb so can't rush for courier as is peak ok


Updated Questions 2nd feb

1)Shower with oil is good this period, if the recipes u don't have the oil.
U can use 5 element oil a must, mix with Canaga or Grapefruit Pink added.

2) 4th Feb is known as the day Lap Chun and Monkey comes. It doesn't mean u must that day put ur items. U can start from today till April of 2016. All full months for u to put. So don't worry.

A) Oh heng ball is any color anywhere is ok. The color which direction is for those who want further enhance or into flying star. If not u put heng ball anywhere any color is good.

So don't worry. A clear heng ball is a must if u want to invest another heng ball that u don't have

B) The Gold ink pen day is 4th Feb.

Garden Walk is 6th Feb 2016, class@omhealth.com with name and mobile.

Spend time to listen to this Teacher. Listen le really good energy. At listen for 15mins :>

 Most repectable one:>
A teacher I learn from . And u can get his full series of Chinese Book in Kinokuniya


1) House items from 2010 where can I put or remain same positions?
House items since 2010 we have the Laugh Buddha, Kwan Yin, Hulu, Elephant etc
U can anyday and time, wipe with 5 element oil tissue and remain same place.

Or u can put at 1,6,8,9 position If u want to change.

2) 6d hulu main door can remove any day now or 6th feb if u want. Even u no time or overseas, u can do it after CNY is ok. as long as is before 1pm or 3pm no rain.

3) Rice urn 5 D coin can continue to put and just change the red packet or the man zi if u have. A pinch of salt to the rice very good.
For those who have the marble and the one dollar coin. U can take this five d coin out of rice urn (if it has reached 3 years) and put on a bowl of coins and all items. And put anywhere in living room

4) 5D coin on fridge u can continue to use. The red paper Man Zi change.

5) 5 D coin that u use to black poison star, do change and the old one just throw to recycle bins
( If u check outside FSM, all their items to put in one sector is minimum $200)
we do our best to make things minimum

6) Planetary Signs has changed and also my Fengshui master say my daughter cannot get married this year , how?
Please , this can be a year to get married too and it is really good if u select a good date. Please check with others how to choose date. For ur information in market choose date for marriage can cost $500. Go balestier Kwan Yin temple, give the aunty there a ang bao they check for u.

7) The Kwan Yin Paper mantra u give in workshop, what can we do?
Oh is designed by a famous artist. U can chant daily ten time kwan yin mantra and color each cicle once u complete 10 times. After a full circle complete, dedicate to all beings and also pray for ur family wellness.

8) 4th Feb 2016 , deposit money should I lao shi?
First think, u deposit $100, one year later ur wealth is 1 percent or less interest. What do you gain from it. This was created to jammed up the systems and make things difficult for banks. Waste effort waste time. Instead, learn to accumulate the real bank account this date. Go temple, do prayers for the world (u gain positive energy), go buy things for elderly, go donate charity.

We all have greeds. But greed to do good things, to peace, to accumulate good merits is welcomed. But greed with no wisdom like queue upto deposit money hoping to have great wealth in 2016 is so not cool.

Think again ba. Uncle me spend money on that day and organise Charity Lunch for elderly and visit temple Philip street at 10am.

9) Seems my health starts to be no good and also seems the spreading disease and deng fever is showing up, is the sickness stars mentioned by many fSm true.

Well, in Chinese Tong Shu, we see the sickness star and illness charm star flies to center of the chart. it means spreading disease and health issues need to be taken care of. It warn us to keep check of health.

That's why omhealth this year re design 6D hulu and also the brass hulu for u. To remind and plant in good energy.

Don't be surprise the clear heng ball is good to bring light to house.

10) Puti Health seed can be found in Chinatown at 20 cent one. But in shops saw one is $150, how can u tell the difference.

For me is base on trust. Also many who put on palm can feel the bounding energy at first.  Use puti health seeds by hold on hand and do deep breathing daily. In time of stress put near u and pocket.

12) 2016 Emotional balance for star signs can work with heng ball for 2016

People easily get lost, time is difficult because our focus not strong. What is important in life is awakening  (awakening oil important). On ur planetary earth, we don't want to live day by day blur blur.
If between 430pm to 6pm, u can do breathing exercise, u can feel good. In office u can do 478 5 times with the method below. Or chant mantra 9 times.

Emotional heng ball is to balance the emotion with the color for 2016
When blocked, dab the oil on wrist and look at the heng ball and deep breathing.

Pink Heng ball , Strawberry,  Victorian Secret

Taurus: Pink Heng Ball, Rose Apply, Love Miracle blend

Gemini: Yellow Heng Ball, squeeze lemon jucie once a week, lemon eye

Cancer: Clear Heng Ball, Drink water, use Clary Sage oil

Leo: purple heng ball, eat some Purple grape, use Lavendula oil

Virgo: Green Vegetable,

Libra: Blue heng ball and lavender,

Scorpio: Red Heng ball, Dragonfly oil and eat Red Apple.

Sagittarius:  Blue heng ball, eat Plum, Fresh morning oil 

Capricorn: Grey Jing Gang Heng ball, Bryan relax blend, drink coconut water abit

Aquarius: Antique Green, PAF lime use, eat green bean soup

Pisces:  Green heng ball, Rosemary oil use, eat any green vege.

NB: Go for garden walk this year, it can bring a lot balance. When go, bring healing trees oil and Purification Oil. Use it in garden. Feel the energy.

6 th Feb 2016 garden meet 730am , register with mobile. Email class@omhealth.com

13) There are more and more group cult coming up . The reason many people when lost need answer and support. So when weakest time if have a group that look promising human may join and do the wrong things.

Before u listen any Masters etc, do go for a proper school or read up books from the great will do;

Books from Dalai Lama.
Books from 南怀老师 (most respectable teacher)

If those teacher create confusions and fear and also using Buddhist teaching and add this and that , just think ok.

Some say they are God Avartar, and can solve many problems. Lao Shi I am confuse and a lot of procedure to do.

Ans: Look deeper and understand what is truth or not. I am in this line, basically I have come across many many group. If u want to listen talk etc, listen to the wisdom one. Like dalai lama. 

Instead confuse listen here and there, read books from Dalai lama. Super safe and good. Believe if only it make sense. U have to analyse if it make sense when the teaching people give.

A teacher is humble and established and notion of love with no ulterior motives.

Dalai lama says a joke" He says, some people rumours he has healing power, and he says, if he has healing power he wont have to go surgery in hospital. He says when listen to him speech or teaching, listen with wisdom, and not he is a figure of healing etc...: Also careful there are more and more so call swami is not real one.

Good tian zhu

Hi the tian zhu is very good quality and proper procedure to do; is sold in thousand in some shops
Omhealth has this few for me to select for u really good and make to necklace for u!
Do order one to keep is $188 to $238

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bryan lao Shi TZi

To limited Heng Tzi
Email to orders@omhealth.com name and also issues u want to say .

If not will choose a suitable for u base on ur birth date given (no need time please)

I was so into good Heng Tzi . Black tourmaline Heng Tzi bracelet is Cinnabar type and worth a lot more in market. Many who buy le, appreciate the price for it.

The second type of Heng Tzi which omhealth intro in 2001 was this type when I first got mine for $450 2001.

Omhealth now has the sole sole of this Heng Tzi. we don't go for those shiny shiny one .
U will be surprise the Tzi $188 is sold $800 in market. This is common.

Now heng Tzi has a very good energy but market also filled with Tzi.

I must this grade heng Tzi omhealth has is good one. Old Aged one in museum.

Price is $188 to $288 a piece. Most are $218.

U can keep one at home. It will be strung as a necklace for u. Or u can put in a nice bowl.
Tzi was popular long ago. When some shops mark up this to thousands. Is like that one business. More expensive people will be, cheaper people tot is fake. All these are real one and has been more than 10 years energy.

Below what beliver says: But for me, it is good energy and happy to see.
Tzi was said to bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner, enhance owner’s ability to accumulate wealth. Ensure that the wealth will be retained within owner's control and not slip away. It is said to pacify sickness, hindrances and troubles; Increases life qualities and wisdom; Attracts and obtains wearer’s needs; Destroys confusion, doubt and ignorance

6 feb garden walk

Is 6 feb
One of the blog typo so no time correct outside now only can post new article please take note 

Power dZi since 2001 and make a come back

Preparing dzi pendant this are call the dragon scale natural dzi and those marks are the trademark for this type dZi!

Are u adopting one for pendant? Not many ok and is $188 to $288 a piece and very worth to collect

They read blog

When announce of $1 dollar coin method ahaha many fsm start to use it le!

But omhealth intro with five d coin and the marble method is the original ehehehe founder ok ahaah

Huat ah

Further we go

Power Items not to be MISSED

1) Jade Buddha or Kwan Yin (personal sms range is $450 to $1200)
2) Puti Health Seeds
3) Gold Tea will be on cart tomorrow
4) Master Healer pendant (find it so balancing this year)
5) Animal Sign Person Dzi ($188 each, saw a shop sell $1500 for my dzi , I zzzzzz)
6) Black tourmaline bracelet
7) Brass Hulu
8) 6D hulu and 5D coin
9) Tian Lu Ruyi
10) Heng ball invite a new color( clear is a choice if u don't have one)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A free will wAlk for hengness

Omhealth third Singapore botanical walk with strict registeration ! Class@omhealth.com limited numbers ! Email now
6 feb 2016 730 am sharp; if rain u can choose not to come is ok;) 

Clear Heng ball a must have

Heng ball was introduced in 2013 and many find the great happiness s energy! Don't forget to have the clear Heng ball also is the mother of good luck energy and simplicity 

Friday, January 29, 2016


Message from the temple

U can go any day after 4 feb to get the red paper with an Ang bao also;

您好! 2月4日(星期四)立春, 上午11点至11.30 诵经上供。今年是盲年,你可以当天来请师父亲自写和加持的"春"字, 于当天贴上, 护佑来年全家人平安健康, 事业顺利。南海飞来观音寺 谨此通知

黄道吉日at suntec ahah

Sometimes just can't believe the moment suntec was mentioned , we invited for seminar on above date few days later 

Puti Health Seed

Hi all congratulate for those who have the Nepal Puti Health seed from the talk

Puti Health seed can range from $5 (china) to $200 a bead. And exclusive type can go up to $10000.

Omhealth has Puti Health seeds from $50 to $250 now:>

$50 is good enough:>

we never want to drill thru it this single bead is for using it for breathing exercise.

How to use?

I will put on palm, relax my shoulder and feel the energy on palm.

Longer u hold and rub it, slowly will turn dark brown.

Than hold it and do deep breathing exercise when stress .

Also if sometimes health not so good. U can put a bead in litre of water for 10mins. And use this water to shower.

Below I dont know yet. But I know is good for positive energy

Some experts say it can help: It is Recommended for: Weakness,long term sickness (not cure but encourage body seek treatment and be positive), worries related to personal finance and hopelessness.

Also sometimes if i go Hindu Temple, I will take some ashes from it and rub the bead.

Even u put bead in a nice mini pouch and put bag also ok.


Special Mala where we will drill a hole and design for u base on ur name

Necklace Mala: $1500
21 bead mala: $800


21 bead