Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Toilet Washing Made Famous by Bryan lao Shi

(A 2012 article with date changed once a month, refer to toilet cleansing beside label, made famous by Mr Gan)
updated 2015

Toilet, is a place a person cleanse their energy daily , inside out. If is not in good energy, health of family and mood affected.

Toilet should be clean, comfortable and safe. A bathroom or washroom holds significant importance in financial state of a house. Also whether the family members use a piece of cloth squat down wipe floor plays alot different for house energy.
If can once a bluemoon ask anyone in house whose always low luck use piece of cloth with favourite oil wipe floor. Luck change almost quickly, first thing is the person mood who wipe floor. U can use PAF lime. (Kaffir lime too strong, no many can handle.) 

Reason behind :
In 2012 I invented this method and many strike lottery. My purpose was not for lottery by cleansing.
Using ur pair of hands, hold a coconut brush and using aroma oil can brush away house stagnant energy and bring balance luck to a person and family. Is a remedy inspire by one of my client when a fsm ask her to spend $4500 on renovation and say if she dont do, house people will have  issues. So I ask her to use my coconut method. And today, she lives well.

This method and one of the method pass down to me by a Master is very precious. Of course the master use many herbs but i simplify with pure energy oil. U think alot of ur cleansing agent has natural herbs ah... no, use from bottle itself ok.

5 element oil famous since 2001--- Clean negative, energy build up for 18 years le
Rose geranium hidden potential to fufill many things in life and to clear a person blockages by quickly facing situations.

I have predicted this year the SHi Fei Energy max, which affect work and mood. And also hippcups. So use ur 5 dynasty coin put in living room near sofa for 21 days , if u find Shi Fei is disturbing u. U can move from current location.

Toilet Cleansing Days 2015

(Ultimate cleansing)
31st July 2015 (any time)
i) Clean toilet
ii) A piece of wipe floor cloth, put few drops favuorite essential oil, use hand wipe floor urself and lookout for rooms corners and wipe. After that u will feel very good. Is an energy connect with Earth and , too many people wipe floor with mope and "magi cleany" mob. When a person house member never squat down wipe floor, soon family luck will be affected and lack of grounding. What u do also very like cannot really progress.

1st August 2015, House light any coil incense brings in luck

Alternative Date:

29th July 2015 (anytime ) Clean toilet
30th July 2015. House light coil incense brings luck.

I remember written an article of bathroom fengshui in I-weekly, end up a fengshui master re-use and become part of his business plan. Ok la... But his idea ask people put $800 of item in toilet, which amaze me.

In our toilet alot of negative energy is accumulated in it. Day by day the qi accumulated can affect the fengshui of a house. U can cleanse whole house and do alot of things but if we neglect the toilet fengshui---- Bad Ki in bathrooms will dwindle your cash flow and affect health too.

If you find your emotion is getting bad, and there is alot of misunderstanding in your life. Health kept having problems. Work on your toilet first using powerful ancient coconut husk brush.....

How to do it?

1) A coconut brush from market (cannot plastic ). Gif Lemon floor cleanser. 8 drops of 5 element oil and 8 drops of Rose geranium and scrub the floor together.
Cannot ask maid do.

Properties: Dissolve toilet "SHA QI" that affect our health. And also remove of obstacles in life. After cleansing toilet, have a good shower and final rinse yourself with 5 element oil. 

Step out of the toilet spray Protection Space clearing spray. Sometimes can alternate with sandalwood powder (but not many like smoke smoke)

Coconut Brush : It has a powerful healing cleansing mystical power and when combine with 5 element oil it cleanse and dissolve negative energy, Unlike plastic brush when negative energy may retain. SO toilet should use this coconut brush.

Finally Burn some Bryan's Sandalwood powder in living room. If cant burn, use protection spray all rooms.

NB: Many Singaporeans are sick of FEngshui consultation from FS shop especially many now are from Chxxx. The advises you get from them is more likely things u know. Latest news... A "famous" lady who write for magazine alot, got complaint by many same field as she not only instil fear on people and she cause many couples to turn into anger... . She is not from local. Well human do, heaven will see de. Hope she will stop doing evil soon.

Product Used are all clinical grade aromatherapy:


Rose geranium: $45 (outside $90 le)
5 element oil: $38
Protection Spray Herbs ($50)
Bryan's sandalwood powder can scrub body $38

U can use rose geranium one drop in a glass of water rinse hair for hair growth and shine; Also rose geranium and frankincense good for cancer prevenetion

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Heng ball Period: Buy something useful for urself.

Those who have the pendant. I have given u all a 5 color string, bless by few masters. And u can tie to wear as necklace:> And I want to congratulates u for the nice amber.

Heng Ball: Was designed many years le. This is to improve house fengshui without having any drama. It was passed down by a Thai Master to Bryan and a friend. So two of us know why it works. It is activated with lots of love and energy.
Omhealth have come a long way in giving luck improvements method. We are all human. So luck up and down is normal. 
Especially in this era, there is a star call " series of event" star. This star strike to people who are very cable or nice... to train u and sometimes test ur patience and focus and concentration.

So for those who cant handle this star, u will know u start to depress abit and not feel good. My master once shared with me is.... (oh dear i cant share too much, i share so much actually sometimes I may kana abit ahahah).

Anyway, u must start chanting mantra. Have more lights in ur house (visualise, thats why heng ball method is used).
Sometimes when see heng ball I will chant mantra and visualise it spread lights to whole house. Protections.

When a fengshui master ask u spend $$$$ on this and that and change wall or say no good things. Dont worry. A heng ball cure all. Because is specially activated. And is only $68

Heng ball works well with dragon fly oil tissue wipe the ball gently.

1) 18 Heng ball is made by Mr Gan (hheheh). Activated on auspiciousness. ($68)
First color we choose, subsequent u can select yourself.

As a gift for friend or family. Religious free unless temple ball.
It works on Bryan Activated Geometrc formular and activated with flowers and colors... 

2) 5 Queen Heng ball made ($228)

Is bigger than heng ball : It symbolise mother earth of Wealth and Prosperity. Secure wealth and bring prosperity

3) King Ball ($338)

Is like good ren yuan for whole family and all situations. A source of protection from star planets effect on body system. Encourage positive thoughts to family.

White Tea and Aura: This white tea adjust a person energy. Make a cup morning if the period of luck not very good.

Awaken blend those who use will know helps

Apply a wrist inhale, than massage temples. And than put hand around forehead for 1 minute.

In memory and it means awaken u in all situations. At work when trapped and cant have new ideas and also always no confidence and very passive. Always feel no breakthrough. Apply wrist and massage temples.
A very good oil for students. Put in pockets or pencil case, or a drop in warm towel compress fore head.

Purification Blend (works on the abdominal energy too)

Apply anywhere pain in body except face. Appy a drop wrist and inhale. Than put ur hand above position for 3mins with breathing exercise. U can feel recharge.
Purification apply direct on heel inflammation ( test allergy ma) or pain area just abit( if not dilute with rice oil) ; is a oil purify and also purify environment , there is a lot hidden benefits with this oil) Also a good oil to dab when go visit hospital or low energy place. Is like 5 element oil but is more for body and also 7th month, this oil very good.

Morning Dew Fresh

An auric morning blend. Is a bottle u put beside ur bed. first thing when walk up apply abit on wrist and than massage ur Bai Hui Point. It clears a person negative thoughts. Not let the yesterday issues follow u. It nourish u like u going to be rebirth in a new day. We all become Stale, as time goes by. We need at all time make ourself rejuvenated and fresh.

Victorian secret: Is a secret.

The above 3 oil dedicate acupressure points

Lao Gong works with Awaken Blend
Yong Quan works with Purification blend
Bai Hui works with Morning fresh dew

WHAT TO EAT  August 2015

U need to eat QiaoMaiMian. Cold or hot is ok. It will clear alot of bad energy.
U can refer how to cook the soup base or if not u can just go eat at restaurant.

Dont miss the 6th Sep 2015 , 5 element acupressure and exercise class

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Heng Ball is ready for order le. For those who first time want heng ball. Will choose for u.

Five element. Exercise class

6 sep 2015

$60 per pax with an exercise slap
930 to 1230

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Healing Pendulum

This Healing Pendulum very auspicious to hold or do breathing exercise or put office too.
U can order now www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart at the Miscellaneous

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

3 temple event and all send you all blessings

The first heaven door open day project was 2012 , do u all remember rinpoche still around! Today we go to rinpoche temple and have 3 rinpoche around to bless us and all; many of us bless before by past master really can feel the compassionate energy; 
Wish all good health and blessings ;

Updated : http://omhealth.com/bryanlovetemples.html

What to say today

Happy heaven door open day 
; using iPhone to write blog because on the way to temple;
U go temple Ba, bring the ti gong joss paper; lunch u can also go 粤海清庙,I will be lor 27 temple till 12 pm

We will have the awaken and the purification blend; u buy le this period of have altar home put for 3 days than use also good !

Those if temple chant mantra dedicate to ur personal karmic debt ask them 离苦得乐!
Also temple look at statue of holy chant many mantra today and dedicate to TI gong ahaha ;
If remember abit pray for omhealth to flourish Ba ahaha 

Today if can vegetarian half day Ba;
1) when pray at temple any time ; look at sky say
; greatest respect to Ti GOng and all Gods and all enlightened one;
Today heaven door open day , my name ........., stay at .......... May my ( ur issues in life) be resolved , ur health ( specific problems if have) if parents pray for parents first....
Also 身边坏人变好人,小人变贵人。
Confess ur bad temper character and say u slowly be a better person and also be helpful to more people!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good luck Amber

This is good to adopt and available tomorrow $45 if u get with Leng Leng tomorrow on spot de;

Power for activated and wear to tune energy u can adopt and for protect prosperity and good energy tie with leather given to u
3 Amber pedant very good at $150 ; tomorrow will have only!

U can text ;

30th August talk

Fees ;$25

Bryan lao shi 18th year anniversary talk at a hotel ball room; open officially for registration from today till Monday closing date; pay only when we reply confirm ur seats; is a super glam fun talk 30 August 2015 930 am to 12 pm !  
Closing date strictly coming Monday! 
Email class@omhealth.com name and mobile 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Heaven Door Open Day 22nd July

Hi all

22nd July once a year is Heaven Door Open Day. This event is FREE, dont email ask how much is the event. Thank you.

Do good deeds, chant mantra, Vegetarian and also Pray to Ti Gong.

Also chant mantra already dedicate to Ti Gong.

All is good.Sickness will find cure, sadness will find Joy.

The heaven door open day

Omhealth Charity Group sponsored and organised

i) 88 Buddha Prayers 930am - 1130am,Lor 27 Guan Yin Temple (By registeration, once full no reply)
ii) Smoke Offering Puja 1130 am Lor 27 Rinpoche [ Will offer 3 new prayer lamp, quite busy lately run up and down, anyone with car can offer help me buy and bring to temple, let me know]
iii) Evening Medicine Buddha Puja 5pm, Karma Kadju Medicine Buddha Puja

All u need to do for omhealth students. Chant Cundi Mantra and than dedicate to all beings and also look at the sky pray. If can go temple.

For those who last time temple walk in 2012, the Lor 27 Rinpoche there, I have organised a smoke offering puja at 1130am. I will walk over there from Lor 27 Guan Yin Temple after the prayers.

For those attending and want heng ball or the new oil (purification oil best). U can email and leng leng will pack. Please collect from her outside the temple thanks

All donations closed , u can do ur own charity.

Crystals and Heng ball

bryan Founder of Heng ball, once i put few years ago, many shops starts to sell, even japan come here sell ahaha

But the activation method only by Bryan!
Heng Ball http://www.bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.sg/2013/12/pure-swaroski-fengshui-revealed.html

Heng Ball handmaded activated by Mr Gan. Each individual special and nice. $68 each and u can order now as a gift or put at home

Heng Ball U can order by email to

orders@omhealth.com for those going temple, u collect from Leng leng.
First heng ball, I choose for u. Others u can choose colors

All bracelet, crystals vibrates at its highest energy today 22nd July 2015.

For those going temple. U can order heng ball today by 5pm. U can choose the colors

Friday, July 17, 2015

Bank Account:the world

It has brought to my attention many females have lumps tumors the above mentioned problems this year.

Sometimes is very stressful, once a lump is found, it can be cancerous or cancer. And this year many relapse of tumors or related issues.
Don't rush anything. When the time is right, it will happen!  Come to Clarkston Hot Yoga in Clarkston, MI for all of your Yoga and fitness needs!  Feel free to call (248) 620-7101 or visit our website www.clarkstonhotyoga.com for more information about the classes we offer!

What has become of this Bazi of the land?
Personally, I felt that with the advancement of technology and also stress and lifestyle. A person's health is brought too challenge. 
Personally, I felt that food and water you drink are the key to good health.
Also I see too many buildings now, too packed and imagine in a box, many many metals and the whole box will increase in temperature.  So many buildings and so many heat generated and luckily we have alot of trees.. Do u know we are so lucky in Singapore.

But the misuse of phone and computers cause a person energy to deplete. I strongly against use of smart watch. It attached to the main meridians and will further weaken ur eyes and people will get more irritable.

Food: Avoid Cold food now. Drink more warm things.
Water: Drink more water , thats why now I invest alkaline water for family. It is worth it. If not u all can put a piece of charcoal (japan) to a bottle water ok. But long term, I calculate the alkalie water even $900 plus is super worth it.

When family members is sick, this can cause whole family heavy heart. But remember the person sick one even more stress. So at all times keep your house energy high up. Just understand sickness is a karma, need to be cleared. Even Buddha before Buddha alsogot sickness. As long u are human, u will go thru old age and sick.
But learning the law of karma, we do what we can to maintain better health so old already dont sick until so sick. So I always emphasis u do purification prayers and gain merits helping people.

First merits that can help many people is, dont stress people, dont stress ur friends. Dont do things that cause worries on people. because karma will come back.

Use of Oil and Aromatherapy: Using herbs and oil can really prevent alot of illnesses:> Some oil can  be  an antidepressant and stress reliever and  calming to the nervous system. Use on bottom of feet and neck and tissue inhale. Use in vacuum cleaner, tissue stick to fan, bath etc. Many find my holy frankincense is even better than many brands, hehehe yeah this extraction very precious.

Prayers can increase the energy level, of body cell. Sometimes do u know how lucky we all are. No matter how stress and worries, we have Buddha's teaching we can turn to. Buddha before he pass on nirvana, he spoke and share with us about Guan Yin Pu Sa and many teachings. Withou Buddha , we wont know there is a Guan yin Pu Sa
Dear all, u are not alone. Depend on Guan Yin Pu Sa. Dont here ask there fortune telling. Buddha left us a Guan Yin to pray to and talk to.

Since day one I teach u all Kwan Yin mantra, daily i chant 3 times in the morning www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm

Prayers come true?
Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa / Buddha have to look into many factors and analyzed and decide what the best way to help you is. Even it is something you want; they will help you in the best way. Also u have ownself carries manny karmic debt  which u need to repay, and lucky have kwan yin around to guide u, if not how?

On other hand, sometimes what you wish for is very simple thing, then it is that you are not sincere enough, You must be very very sincere (concentrated) to able to feel the “connection” with Buddha/Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa. 

This sincere connection is only u pray daily and chant u can feel it. Is not easy to tell u how.
One must be very very focus and concentrated. So if you are very concentrated and very focus, then you are already very sincere. When you are so focus and concentrated on reciting Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa’s name or any Buddha’s name, that mean you are using the sincere for them. 

Sometimes evening I will look at Cundi pendant the mirror and chant.

Facts: Praying is considered healing of the soul and the body. Some scientists who examined the impact of meditation on the minds of Buddhist monks found that there are active parts in the brain become inactive in the state of meditation, while other inactive parts before the start of the meditation become active. In an article published by the BBC News website, Andrew Nioberg, a radiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, United States, said: "I believe that we are about to experience a wonderful time in our history, when we become able to explore religions and spiritual matters through a way, none has thought of its possibility before."
Simple Fengshui:
A packet of salt (50 cent )type and put behind bedroom door once a blue moon is good. Is like a packet of salt, put 5 drops PAF lime oil and 5 drops rosemary oil. Put behind door or living room a bowl. After 3 days throw away.
Spray of Protection Spray in house very good. and Use 5 element oil wipe house.
Still remember your 6D coin hulu behind main door knob, it works very hard this year.
As number 3 star flies to center HOUSE. Is a year of many anger and dispute. Now u see why people scolding people in MRT. And is so true. 
Visiting Temple:
Go Waterloo temple, pray and seat there 10 mins. Feel the energy in the morning. Can clear ur worries.
Calm: 21OM in morning
A wondering and worried mind === to deplete of energy. Use your 21 Om mala do 21 Om daily. Although lately scientist, say how good OM is. We dont need science to prove things that have been use for thousands of years.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Black Tourmaline And Dzi

No one piece is same.

When you asked me to do a Dzi, i will specially select good energy and activate for you. So please appreciate all the effort. And u pay alot alot lessor compare to outside. If I want to mark up it can go up very high price. Is been 10 years in this business. Enjoy your black tourmaline bracelet.

Some Dzi has aged lines and "crackeyao'ya'hod" this are not cracked but aged Dzi. Of course u can choose those shining mass production Dzi.


Below cracked but cost $1800.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The heaven door open day registration for two hours prayers is closing soon:

First in Singapore a double prayer by two different temple but with one intention is organized and made happen by omhealth !

A email will be sent to all on schedule
1) temple A: Buddha prayers lead by head of temple and is special arrangement by Bryan lao shi ;
2) The late rinpoche center , his friend rinpoche will be here and also at the temple beside the 88 Buddha prayers perform most auspicious fire puja

This is a rare occasion , those who have registered do come with a heart of patience and know the rare opportunities to have this to happen;

Also those who have donated for the Nepal home and school rebuild and medicine Buddha puja and book card printing, we will also light a one year lamp for all;

The 22nd July is strictly by registration and all name submit to temple for security and blessings requirements!
Class@omhealth.com ;

Event sponsored omhealth charity group!

Monday, July 13, 2015



Those who have modavite first time is the rock type and thicker and the pendant is thinner type ; first type for healing use de

Friday, July 10, 2015

Power arrival: can order le

Some wear awhile giddy is ok just take out and wear next day as it clear and tune ur energy; this stone I have a lot feel! Previous sold are the thick one not to pendant 

$180 small
Big $250 to $280

Below biggest fake one in market which looks like real 

Fake below

Lucky Draw A

For all who spend $300 in shopping cart or orders:

U stand a chance to win this $1100 bag. result out on National Day.


When you started to learn mantra, may be your first mantra is Om Mani Padme Hung....

Human character likes new things. When we first learn something new, we are always full of excitement and interest than , when we learn more new things, we forget the old one.
And feel the new one is more powerful than the old one etc...

Is very common especially if you meet many people who practice Buddhism. Some so into puja and mantra and feel this mantra is more power than that mantra.. Whole life keep searching non stop.
In the end go back to basic is simplest.
Too much ritual procedure, tired you out and simplicity and faith is the best. DOnt know mantra just the name of Guan Yin PuSa with faith can le.

Today let me refresh your faith again. No matter what or which mantra. Do your homework.

Start by setting a target for your practice.
May be this month u focus on Om Mani Pad Me Hung and Cundi Mantra.
Once a month you do 88 Buddha.
Every Friday you do Medicine Buddha Mantra.

So when you set a target, you progress, All mantra are same. Only human heart different.

If you see my healing pendulum, the middle ball is Om Mani Padme Hung ball. Remind us the compassionate heart and this are the meaning.

Mantra I have taught in Class and For you. These mantra I am honored to be given Oral Transmission by late rinpoche. And I have put to good use and when u say after me, is like a line of unbroken energy. Thank you.

Green Tara Mantra

Tara mantra is often used to overcome physical, mental or emotional blockages and also blockages in relationships. Green Tara is very active and steps down to help all the beings. Only thing required is that we need to resign and let go of our clinging to a particular outcome, because, to cling to a particular outcome is often self-defeating, as it creates unhappiness and agitation, particularly when it involves other people. The more we have Tara’s non-grasping attitude the more happy we are. When chanting the Tara mantra, we need to let go and bring the energy back into ourselves. This will generate immense inner peace and clarity. 

Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha BeKanze Radza Samudgate Soha 
The ancient teachings that tell us even seeing an image of the Medicine Buddha can confer inconceivable benefits also reveal that just hearing the name of the Medicine Buddha brings the same benefits
The Medicine Buddha mantra is recited for success. Since we have many problems and want to succeed we need to recite the Medicine Buddha mantra every day. It can help us eliminate the problems, unhappiness and suffering we don’t want and gain the success, happiness, inner growth and realizations of the path that we do.
Lord Buddha told his attendant Ananda that even animals who hear the Medicine Buddha mantra will never be reborn in the lower realms. The highly attained Kyabje Chöden Rinpoche, who has completed the entire path to enlightenment, said recently that if you recite the Medicine Buddha mantra at the time of death you will be reborn in the pure land. Therefore, it is to be recited not only for healing but also to benefit people and animals all the time, whether they’re living or dying.

Avalokitesvara Mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum
Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer), Om Mani Padme Hum out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. Viewing the written form of the mantra is said to have the same effect. It is often carved into stones, and placed where people can see them.

We all have good and bad karma in our living consciousness. This is why both good and bad things happen daily.
It is important to accumulate good karma like a bank account. Also must learn to purify the bad karma left over from past lives. This determines the events and outcomes of our lives. Buddhist masters point to six powerful ways to purify bad karma.
  1. reading the sutras ( Heart Sutra, 普门品)
  2. meditating on emptiness (Just breath in and out and observe ur thoughts)
  3. Chant mantra daily to purify our body mind emotion and connection with Enlightened one.
  4. reciting the names of Buddhas (88 or 35 Buddhas)
Remember for me, above are ways to purify ourselves and purify the negative karma. Anyone filial to parents (which is first, i also no need mention). And than follow by do good deeds and be a nice person. 

So is simple:

Practice good character
Spread love and help people
Never give up no matter what u face, because is just past karma, u purify more, more good things slowly come.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Change House Energy

When hectic and stress condition of life strike. make a cup of white tea. But if is night , u dont drink white tea. But for me, I ok, just 3 leaf wont have sleep issues.

Than light a sandalwood coil incense. It feels good.

Drink white tea , light coil incense ===心清人定,吉祥开运。
Simple and easy.

Try this every morning from now...

Once u wake up say:

Thank You,...... thank you thankyou thank you... keep repeating....
I am grateful, grateful ,grateful , grateful......

because every morning u wake u.... (sigh ahahha) so change ur routine.

Also from today, whatever u do, thank yourself also. Example, u finish replying all ur email... u say thank u yourself;>

We lack of grateful..... ahahah example, u reading my blog now... u are so lucky, there are so million of people dont have chance to read blog... be happy here and now... and create happy later. Is law of attraction. Be happy now if u want to be happy later.

Short notes

When a person reach certain age like old age or serious problems or illnesses.

 If a person don't have faith in religion or personal development, 心会苦,很难做主。
But if we have  Buddha's teaching, PuSa Merits, it can help us to go thru different stage in life.

U and me will get old one day de. So now, have strong faith with Wisdom.
At all time we have Buddha, Guan Yin Pu Sa 保障我们不要怕。要有信心。

The problem is
So today hope this blog gain ur strong faith back.

Human will have obstacles when u practice good things, is like detox.

我们每个人其实是带业来,时间一到,这个业就会出现。Lucky we have merits and compassion heart, this can be lighten. But if one day u forget, practice of goodness, merits etc... once ur merits used up, the karmic debt impact can be big.

And have faith with Guan Yin Pu Sa, so heavy karmic debt reduce to lighter, and combine with our good heart and compassion helping people.

Like now MRT spoilt, dont add on to scold, just chant more Guan Yin mantra and dedicate.

Is logical science. Bank Account use finish, nothing to pay. So 记得 work hard accumulate merits.

The healing pendulum is design base on this feeling. Order one if u think u need ok.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

普门品: Remember to read ok.

[ This article is prepared after the MRT break down and I manage very quickly call taxi reach home.] So I use this rest time to type. And cut some articles put here. ANd grammar or language, is regretted. But u know my meaning can le. Tomorrow morning than correct ahahah]


Although we chant  Na Mo Guan Shih Yin Pu Sa, we must learn to chant with faith.

Chant more and u will have 感应 soon。Chant with faith.

Today I share with you the sutra spoken by Buddha 2500 years ago. Talking about 功德 of Guan Yin Pu Sa, if not we wont know.

Chanting the name and sutra of 南无大慈大悲观世音菩萨 can really help us in emotion and physical issues. U must today have faith LAAAAAA.

When face with obstacles and troubles, u dont know what to do and run out of wits. Trust me, have faith to Guan Yin Pu Sa. He will guide u one.

NB: When a person karmic debt too heavy and too much obstacles, it will obstruct u to have faith, like u will think, does the prayers works anot. So u must have faith.

But I know many of us, so lucky, even we face sickness, problems in life, we have faith in Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa. I know things will turn out in a way, our normal knowledge wont know. Buddha wont lie to us. And a Sutra pass down 2500 years le. What we lack of is faith.

I love alot of my Christian friends and I learn from them, because they have strong faith and every Sunday go Church pray with faith. I find many of us, pray with faith only when we problems. DO u know if u can chant with faith daily Guan Yin Pu Sa. Ur Gan Yin will be very strong. And what ever problems u face , u can handle.

In Pu Men Pin
Inside this Sutra, there is a word 福不唐捐”里面有大秘密呢。





2500 years ago, Buddha Talk  about this Sutra.  And there must be a reason. This sutra is chant by many. Is good to learn the Lotus Sutra Chapter 25, Pu Men Pin

Frankly speaking, I feel that without Guan Yin Pu Sa helping all beings in the world now, we wont have so much comfort.

And being born in Singapore, ur past life must have so much merits. And u know , my trip to China, is not what u think, not many temples. We have the most temples. And all have Guan Yin Pu Sa. And I feel personally we are all disciples of Guan Yin Pu Sa. When i type this sentence, can u feel the energy. 

U think... ok slowly think....

In Singapore we have so many Guan Yin Temple, we really enjoying many merits de. 

So u think carefully, our Guan Yin Temple even more than many parts of the world. Small small Big Big u add. I went to China, our temples more than China really. And your house add add add. I think we have the most Guan Yin Statues in the world. I am not Joking.

In Taiwan, u can see how many temples they have? U go China , u know only the mountains a few old one... U go ..... HK, only that few temples. basically Singapore, every corner a temple, every shopping mall, one corner u find Da Bo Gong and Guan Yin Pu Sa.
And all got systems one.

Dear brother and sisters, what u lack of is faith and putting in effort. We have the fengshui geographic position to pray and practice. Dont waste this rare life. Imagine, u born in other places... u see u have so much chance to pray ma. Even alot temple u need to travel la.

Lotus of the True Law..
Guan  Yin help all. U are good, bad , male , female...  People who are compassion and kindness can get help faster even Guan Yin Pu Sa helps all.
普门品 is one of the sutra i shared last year.

世尊妙相具,我今重問彼。 佛子何因緣,名為觀世音。
具足妙相尊,偈答無盡意。 汝聽觀音行,善應諸方所。
弘誓深如海,歷劫不思議。 侍多千億佛,發大清淨願。
我為汝略說,聞名及見身。 心念不空過,能滅諸有苦。
假使興害意,推落大火坑。 念彼觀音力,火坑變成池。
或漂流巨海,龍魚諸鬼難。 念彼觀音力,波浪不能沒。
或在須彌峰,為人所推墮。 念彼觀音力,如日虛空住。
或被惡人逐,墮落金剛山。 念彼觀音力,不能損一毛。
或值怨賊繞,各執刀加害。 念彼觀音力,咸即起慈心。
或遭王難苦,臨刑欲壽終。 念彼觀音力,刀尋段段壞。
或囚禁枷鎖,手足被杻械。 念彼觀音力,釋然得解脫。
呪詛諸毒藥,所欲害身者。 念彼觀音力,還著於本人。
或遇惡羅剎,毒龍諸鬼等。 念彼觀音力,時悉不敢害。
若惡獸圍繞,利牙爪可怖。 念彼觀音力,疾走無邊方。
蚖蛇及蝮蠍,氣毒煙火然。 念彼觀音力,尋聲自迴去。
雲雷鼓掣電,降雹澍大雨。 念彼觀音力,應時得消散。
眾生被困厄,無量苦逼身。 觀音妙智力,能救世間苦。
具足神通力,廣修智方便。 十方諸國土,無剎不現身。
種種諸惡趣,地獄鬼畜生。 生老病死苦,以漸悉令滅。
真觀清淨觀,廣大智慧觀。 悲觀及慈觀,常願常瞻仰。
無垢清淨光,慧日破諸暗。 能伏災風火,普明照世間。
悲體戒雷震,慈意妙大雲。 澍甘露法雨,滅除煩惱焰。
諍訟經官處,怖畏軍陣中。 念彼觀音力,眾怨悉退散。
妙音觀世音,梵音海潮音。 勝彼世間音,是故須常念。
念念勿生疑,觀世音淨聖。 於苦惱死厄,能為作依怙。
具一切功德,慈眼視眾生。 福聚海無量,是故應頂禮。