Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blood moon

This few days many feel weird and a lot emo don't worry is the energy;

Drink lemon juice with honey will cleanse the blood
Moon energy;

Also 20th April no time do the procedure another date is 27 April called the Sun energy day

Go home now and bring akaline water to parents; parents love best love u without expectations ehehe 

A one hour seminar takes me 10 days every morning to prepare to ensure right informations; ok stop my work now go market eat; don't wan do already ehehe

Ahaha do u know

My personal experience from the event.

I want u all to know, sometimes when u think is negative is not negative. Is a BIG POSITIVE.

Like some email ask me why poster iweekly put buffet and my email put light refreshments. And this email is so important so I can clarify early in blog. If not end of seminar it create a lot a lot of unhappiness.

So cool.

Anyway do u know I spend a lot time to prepare the free gifts. Hmm I know I cannot expect u all say thank u la. ahahah But smile when u receive ok.
Is a power aura mist. for all attending Saturday workshop thanks for coming ah.

Heng Mala Usages

Enjoy ok:>

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sing if You Can ( if u think I am joking than ignore ba, Lao Shi teach until hor....)

When a person sing , the energy movement changes.

Is like you are paying $250 for a session by healers.

Apply PAF lime in tissue 5 drops and dap on wrist.

Now choose a song and sing.

I wonder u all will do anot, in my Welcome Horse Year talk I say sing energy is important this year to clear obstacles. Also if have black tourmaline or obsidian wear on left hand and sing.

Look at the Tai Sui this year. Is playing a musical instrument.

U all must listen. Do things simple effective must do. Why must pay so much and ask.... Haiz.

This month 8 cases people kana CONN , my heart breaks when I know some are my old students. I tell you, luck is in your hand. Believe in hardwork to achieve good luck. And don't have expectations please. just go with the FLOW.

Sing ba;;

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

20 April What To DO?

First , do the sandalwood bath at .

The moon has turned red. And now sandalwood can help to bring this energy to your body YANG QI.Photo

20th April 2014 (one time enough each year special date)

1) Use your stove boil water
2) Carefully bring the pot to the center of house
3) 5 drops 5 element oil and 5 drops Rose Geranium and 5 drops PAF LIME

The oil combinations symbolise: Love, cleansing of house and bring positive news to family and clear sickness star energy.

(equivalent as a master cleanse your house at $888)

After 1 hour. Use the water (careful if is still hot). Mob from bed room to living room to kitchen.


All can do above or no need do also ok.

But for those whole year block until speechless and always sick hor. Do one time.

FOllow by use your GOLD INK pen write: 49 times your name. Mean name have gold aura and  final sentence after 49 times, write:


If can that day 20th April 2014, eat out with family. Don't cook. Is ok cook. But eat out can bring home luck that day.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sacred rainbow/gold sheen obsidian ($188)

Sacred Obsidian Goldensealwith aged medicine Dzi.

Gold-Sheen Obsidian (with EMF quality) is formed when volcanic lava cools very quickly.
It is said to shield against negativity, to absorb negative energies from the environment and to block anger attack.

Supports manifesting that which brings great joy and fulfillment, helps to eliminate egotistical attitudes.

Encourages opportunities to  expansion of resources both through the attraction of wealth and prosperity

Also control spending practices that are helpful or hurtful to you.

Excellent for the confidence energy and help to   eliminate power struggles and repels those who may try and block you from achieving your goals. Acts as a "etheric watchdog" patrolling your outer energy field to deflect negativity and attract only that which serves your highest and best good.

Either one made already, u cannot choose, I send the most suitable for u base on my feel.

And is made base of energy. So whichever u get is same good and value.
Golden Sheen Obsidian like other varieties of Obsidian are good for clearing negative energies and purifying one's auric field.
  • Clears one's auric field
  • Gets rid of negative energies
  • Helps align one to their goals
  • Helps provide direction in one's life
Activated by Bryan Lao Shi with love essence of 12 level layers:> Healing energy.
2 made today interested sms 94895606 with address:> and full name.

Since 2008

an old article

Bought at taka le


I wrote the article to buy gold pen this week well by Friday or latest Sunday; if u have not buy go taka buy; just buy more gold pen; save it ahha I tell u later; rejoice ;

Now I know why my calculation by gold pen by Friday because suddenly the stage pop up Friday prayer on thanks giving in Ngee ann city and rejoice ! Also marble ready soon

After all this years I am glad good things will happen have u buy ur gold pen

I was waiting and am glad Ngee ann city do a thanks giving prayer this is auspicious and I am very glad ; u know I was waiting for years and it all happen now

Avaliable Items

Up coming class
July have 2 class:

This 2 class consist alot of technique pass down by master to me. And I want to share.

6th July :Music Mantra Meditation Mudra class includes few yoga posture for wellness and very very important.

1) Music Mantra Meditation Mudra ( A MUST for health ok, this session is a healing session, all will receive a rainbow stone .)

U will learn:

1)Simple fun way to meditate
2) Single mantra to handle pain, insomnia and health problems
3) Touch therapy mantra to handle deep issues in life
4) Treatment for others methods. A technqiues bryan will share with all this unique skill.
Bryan Lao Shi Touch therapy to assist: migraines, chronic neck and back pain, motor-coordination impairments, colic, central nervous system disorders, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries chronic fatigue, emotional difficulties, stress and tension-related problems, fibromyalgia, temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), post-traumatic stress disorders and more.

2) Copy Sutra Class
3) 21st Sep 2014 Heart to Heart Health Beauty workshop with Bryan. (VERY POWERFUL)

This 6 months no seminar busy with TV media thingy.

Now see u want support me get any items if u have finished using ok. No time promote.

1) 5 element oil
2) Healing Spray Protection and Tranquility Spray
3) Dragonfly Oil
4) Holy or healing frankincense
5) Gui Ren Bag, Flower Coin or BBC coin
6) Cundi Pendant
7) Heng Ball ( if u have le, dont buy first buy during CNY, as once a year thingy )
8) Birthday Ball ready to do
9) Golden Sheen Rainbow obsidian bracelet
10) Heng Mala
11) Heng Hua

Bank Account Article

All these years, I have the great karma opportunities to meet up with many Masters from Fengshui, Buddhist, Daoism and other religion too Some 20 years ago are not well known and i learn from them  For me, I learn from all and filter too.

 Is fated that they share with me all information and what I did was all these years I kept a journal. I can tell u this informations are so precious.

Last few years, many masters left the world and some retired. Last month the Joss Paper aunty left retired le and her shop taken over by some new people. ASk them things, they know nothing de.

I am glad I kept all the traditional prayers method. And have trained more than 5000 students. So at least we are not totally lost in future. And also this blog and has helped many people who has been conned by funny fortune teller and also those who suffers from alot of injustice . And I think all these are not coincident. I think when I do this blog and website the pure motivations is to share.

Of course I earn my living too by selling stones and crystals but in a good heart way. Like my black tourmaline bracelet using all good quality stones. Till today black tourmaline 15 years le is growing strong.

Today I want to talk about  NATURAL DISASTER and OUR HEART

Do you find that natural disaster is getting  more now in every parts of the world. But in Singapore we are shield. But if we dont do our part in developing good heart. We cant escape one day.

Natural Disaster was called natural because that was last time. But by looking all the disaster all these years, is no longer natural. I can say is all human made. From pollution to hatred, anger and killings .
Created alot of negative karma.

MRT always spoilt we also have a part too. We everyday complaint so heart create bad Qi and this Qi create alot of EMF faulty problems. Foreigner too many, and we also anger. All these are due to the heart created the Qi of Unhappiness which convert into SIONG Qi. But again luckily SIngapore many religion harmony and pray alot so this negative Qi is supressed. Infact u are living in a paradise. U sure u dont treasure next life u go to a country where no electricity than u know.

For us, this  negative Qi can be reduced if daily we do a 5mins breathing exercise (this sentence i repeatedly teached for years. I make it one liner only because have fate, u will do. If not everyday I niam u, u also wont do). Human are like that, u all like procedure. If I tell you there is master in Mount Faber that can read fortune and clear obstacles, u will queue up for it. But when there is alive Buddha tell u to do simple exercise u take for granted. This alive Buddha is in everyone's heart.

I learn this from my master. If your luck super bad, do nothing, go sleep for the day. More u do more problems. More go find fortune teller, more problems will be created.

Let me come back to the word heart create disaster. If luck no good, work on heart. U know my BBC coin, Gui ren bag and flower coin works on heart energy.

As there was a saying

In many religion, they talk about that, specially Buddhism Philosophy. But no people take it seriously about the heart.

Scientific Research In Japan

It was done in many countries this research that our water is alive. If we say LOVE and say HATE, the water crystalline differently.

Bryan's Concept:

Now our body is 70% water and earth also alot percentage water. If our heart always in problem, ur crystallise luck will be bad. And also if 1000000 people at that moment have negative vibrations, it cause environmental issues.

Water receive messages and water give out vibrations.

If everyone, have a pure heart or  at least 5mins a day, i ask my few thousand students to have a calm heart . U create a big force of good energy.

e start out life being ninety-nine percent water as fetuses. When we are born we are ninety percent water and by the time we reach adulthood we are down to seventy percent. If we die of old age we will probably be about fifty percent water. In other words throughout our lives we exist mostly as water.
Water, carried by blood and bodily fluids is the means by which nourishment is circulated throughout our bodies and serves as the transporter of energy throughout our body.
if we have a thanks giving heart, forgiving heart, compassion heart to all things, people and environment. This will be a paradise.

Of course this must be natural cannot be force. I have seen some buddhist group friends. They form groups and act very very polite too fake too polite this is also cannot. must be natural.

Human 70% is water if we have love and compassion all your problems will be resolved. Your health will improve.

This is like fengshui:善意念带来好环境。So today dont complaint in facebook too much le. Complaint abit than remove ur post. ok.:>

All things is about the heart. All happenings from the heart. Body 70% water. Water receive send out message. So from today work on your heart.
Many teacher has method , for me an aromatherapist I work with oil to heal heart.

this antique Buddha is blessed by Late Master, and inside the statue alot mantra and prayers, every year i put on stage to send blessings to all. Can u all feel it?

Bryan's method of purifying heart once a week using ISO 9001 forms ahahah.

Select one day of the week. First 7 week, must be same day.

Get a gold color pen. A mini notebook

write this Chinese words: (created by Bryan and Masters the fan formations)

Through meditation I have created above poems to form a one line. Is not easy. Today officially i created this affirmations for all. For all who alwayss ay luck no good. To all who cant chant mantra u write this with GOLD pen. How many times ,? write once slowly and feel it.


Confession: Today I ( write the negative things u created today, like gossips or in mrt have evil thought scolding some people from heart)

Corrective Action: I will slowly improve myself, instead today i scold 12 people , i will reduce slowly.

Preventive Action: Once a week i will read Bryan's book, love myself more and calm my heart. I will not let office work affect me.

Give Thanks: I thank you universe..... (all things u want to thank)

Mantra: Chant any mantra 3 mins.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


The one in the spoon is the ancient historical one and will work with the compassionate energy to make for all students in July ;

The reason why u didn't mention this earlier is I wan u to come for copy sutra class is it for marble or for self development? 

Music mantra meditation class will be a very important one and is 6 th July ok; 

Ancient time: blessings marble

In ancient time there was a monk very very famous compassionate to help village people he blessed some marbles because that time he can't afford Buddha pendant to give people so he give blessed marbles to people with meta and  need special ritual and blessings; the marble is very precious and very very old Liao I think more than a hundred years Ba;  

Bryan has the ancient marble and will show u all; 

to promote this kind act I will work with temples and is templessss to bless and give this marble to all who attend the copy sutra class ; with my energy I scare not enough so I wan a lot a lot energy;

U will have a chance to see the original marble which cost priceless in market and is with me ; blessings to all ok 

Below ready for blessings; latest in market only few one may cost $3000 le

Thank you all for the Ang bao

Thanks for the Ang bao u all give me during temple visit activities; actually each temple visit my purpose is gather people pray together happily;
Today I open the Ang bao and thank u; I will use money today some for prayers in temple and offer to temple and send lights to all ok;) thanks again;

Reason why I don't stick to a temple is I want free movement I don't wan attachment de ; we wan go we go , is better right so ahaha let us be the free flow group visit interesting temple in singapore ; 
Ok I will use some to eat buffet with Leng Leng lai lai cousin ok; eheheh thank u:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Have u done ur homework?

Rare pyramid in quartz: $180 to #218 each

靠山pendant is activated by me to let u have support at work and in life lack of support is good.
Interested sms 94895606. Tis quality this price is rare le:>

Is rare collections: Career Success Pendant.
During the growth of some crystals, a layer of chlorite (most often green) is deposited. When the crystal is clear and this is followed by additional growth of the crystal, the result is an internal 'phantom'.
Green Chlorite quartz makes a wonderful connection to nature. It is used to facilitate communication with nature realm.
This is a powerful self-healing and regeneration crystal because of it's strong connection to Mother Earth.

No need wear daily:> Wear when u feel need to that day.

Ameliorates panic attacks, stabilizes bi-polar disorder and helps with self-realization.
  •  It alleviates despair and helps you feel supported.

  • Use Chlorite to assist with your inner balance, health and well-being.

    Below is for all about love
    Photo: Ice pink quartz highest vibrations

    Things to do this five days

    One of the day drink coconut water u can buy one fresh one and share a mouthful will do;

    Friday buy gold color ink pen;

    Wait for my instructions 

    4 challenge this year

    4 ladies who are in mid forties want me to advise on give birth method with garnet.

    My target is 90 percent success rate.


    Toilet Wash Dates: Announcement

    In 2010, Bryan make famous the toilet wash method. And sometimes each year only 3 dates.

    The date is not like every month must have the date to wash. U can wash toilet every Friday for good energy with the toilet wash method.

    After my article was released, differet FSM follows and publish and modify and ask people put fefw thousands dollars in toilet.

    My uique way of toilet wash date is calculated using my master Iching. And u cant just sms me ask me which I receive 30 over sms a day. I am glad u sms me so I cant xplain the reason now.

    Toilet wash date: Is to wash the energy aura of ur house and bring in good energy. Is a day to develop loving kindness and cleanse your mind too. Is not a day to choose for cleanse and handle worldly concern like strike lottery etc..... Although it happens all the time.

    My main motivation to toilet cleansing is cleanse the 12 level link of ur negative aura and bring in good things to your life.

    If u can call me Bryan lao Shi, I can say u. And u accept anot is your thinking la.
    I am not a PR company to make things out out of no where. So respect my toilet wash dates ahahah.

    The date I specially selected is based on my energy and calculation. If that month don't have I cant force a date out. So at all times just look at blog for toilet wash date. April Don't have the date. So please take note. I write so many articles to help people. Spend more time reading.

    And toilet I mention so many times, every Friday is good to use. My special selected date is for other purpose.

    And also u can even use this toilet set to wash few time a month ok.

    Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    Bank Account Article

    On the right side blog, there is a label call Bank Account it has helped many le. New comers can read.

    Common Case Now:

    A Mother can spend whole life to take care of 5 children. When the kids grown up and get married. One day Mom sick, 5 children starts to push responsibilities on who to take care.

    How hurt , how pain. I think Kwan Yin Pu Sa will tears so much seeing this.

    Just one day today I have 2 piece of news (from SMS).

    A)News A: A client sms me says all brothers refuse to take care of her sick mom but she is ok, to do it even she not much pay and ask me about acupressure for mom. ( I send her power)

    B) News B: A boy,his mom suddenly got sick (all along health food) and was in serious conditions.  Anger strike the family , why?. But with faith, he make a vow to be vegetarian whole life and the boy, brothers and sisters take turns to take care of their mom. Chant mantra daily. And really committed to the recovery. I salute. Here I see aura of pink in them and I feel the Kwan Yin Energy with them.

    NOW: Ask Yourself: When your mom or dad is sick, what is the first thoughts that will appear from your mind?
    I) Money, time, worries.

    2 cases above I have nothing to write le... I want you all to ponder ok and think.

    Looking at above 2 cases, we understand life is unpredictable. No one knows what will happen. Even Buddha. Even fortune teller. A lot of time is depend on our karma and yet we daily spend our time, anger, worries, feeling unfair. Life has a lot of beautiful things, spend some time to allow them to appear, don't keep remembering bad things.

    Spend 5 mins mantra and reflect about life . Trust me, a notebook and a pen and five mins so important.

    ( I wan all of you to buy a pen in gold ink by next Friday).

    Karma is real.

    Bryan Gan's photo.

    Time and karma is so related. U do good now doesn't mean tomorrow u will get things feedback. Is not. Is a process.

    To illustrate the principles of karma, let me show u the engineer way of drawings and the returning feedback as single arrows.
    In real life is more complex and u always listen them in Chinese , so today I simplify for u.

    So karma is like all that we send out, will in some way, shape or form, return. And this process takes some interval of time.
    So we must wait for our kindness to return to us. Likewise with our bad action. But, at some point in time, in equal measure to all change imparted to our environment, the results will return.

    We are the owner of our happening in life. It is a law of nature. It is fair.

    We have all had experiences in our lives where, doing good obtained for us good result at a future time. Perhaps we were diligent in studying and then did well on an exam, or we spoke nicely with others and had them respond in kind. Certainly we have all experienced that doing bad begets bad as well.

    But what about the good-deed people who get nothing good in return? In the Buddhist view, the conditions for the feedback from the world are not yet in place, so their karma has not yet returned.

    All of you, listen, u all karma very good, u are in Singapore where we free from natural disaster and also u have a chance to pray or chant mantra or learn.

    Whether good luck or bad luck, u are simply receiving the result from a past action that we are unaware of.

    I have few thousand clients, at one time u receive sms from client A, found good husband, and everything provide for, at one time u receive a sms, a husband outside gamble, bad tempered make whole family suffer.

    What is this? Karma. What can we do

    I) 5mins do daily prayers (Rain or Shine)
    ii) Set motivation and intention daily to be a better person
    iii) Do good, doesn't means need money to donate, u can be a helpful person. etc.

    Can God/Buddhas/Bodhisattvas get rid of one’s karma ?
    The honest answer is “I don’t know.”  According to some sutras, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas can grant enough merits to people to offset their “light” karma, but serious offense involved other beings could not be solved without the agreement of all involved parties.  If one side decided to carry on with the justice, there is little that anyone could do.  Not that it would be good for both sides or for the party insists to carry out the Karma retribution, but really not much that anyone could do.
    Sometimes, a prayer to Bodhisattva Listening To The World Voice (Avalokitesvara) asking for help seemed to have no effect.  And other time, it did help.  According to one of the Bodhisattva of our present time, no call to Listening To The World Voice Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara) ever gone unanswered, but he chose the best option for us.  That option may not be what we really want, but then, beggar cannot be choosy.
    However, I am not Buddha or Bodhisattvas, so the above statement only reflected what I have learned from my master and from my research.  It’s not the absolute truth since lives and karmas are very dynamic, but the foundation remains the same.  Hope that helps to your quest.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Monday, April 7, 2014

    Bryan First...

    When I am asked to do a Show in 女人我最大。
    I was thinking what can I teach to benefit people. As I was preparing the Music Mantra Meditation Class.

    Bryan Lao Shi Mudra go International.

    I decided to share some of the topics... At first they were thinking errrr.  ahahha
    Bryan spread music mudra methods on show ahaha
    But once share it draws interest for all.

    Have you registered Music Mantra class?

    omhealth Charity Group

    Dragonfly in my room last night after completion volunteer work and prayers for all.

    Photo: Dragonfly to my 19 floor after I activated some crystal thank you
    dragonfly my energy:>

    We have completed for you le.
    And finally for education. And last week a blessings for all.

    Omhealth Charity Group touches all religion. And final one is Christian friend for English educations for the poor in Cambodia. For children who wants to learn English and with this amount is enough to teach for some time.

    I will continue to spread love. Aiya at my age now. Can do good we do more good. If not u live in this world end up is all about boss, colleagues or anger... end up u leave this world with regret.

    So from today.

    Just for Today

    release anger, unhappiness and do good. Life is very short. U look back ur 10 years old, now u 40 50 liao. U left 50 years only ahahah.

    All who read blog u will live until 92 at least ahaahha.. And u going to help me spread love. I don't care liao.

    read more

    Thank you.

    Photo: To omhealth charity group we manage to provide education for the poor;) and Jia u;) also motivation of Bryan lao shi read more

    Sunday, April 6, 2014

    July 2014 Coming

    I mention in my talk that 2014 JULY very important. That is why I have 2 workshop arranged. Let us come together ba.

    Music Mantra Meditation Class Must come ah

    Saturday, April 5, 2014

    Done and Love You All

    Today Qing ming, the merits accumulated today, we dedicate all to all beings. Also this rice packet is sponsored by temple heng ball:> ehehehhe:> rec

    I slept few hours last week due to work. But today I am very energised:>

    Wednesday, April 2, 2014

    Mala activated

    This Mala has deep meaning and was designed base on a lot of motivations ; 

    Those who have can feel the good energy of this Heng Mala full color at $68 and use for chanting or reminding the calmness rainbow deep within u;

    Activated to bring happiness to family and urself

    If not now than when? Must spend 5 mins a day ok

    I am preparing how and what to share with u in this July class copy sutra the essence so easy for u to study;

    U heard so many about prayers chanting but confuse? Well this class is to help you to the right pray ah;)

    For adoption

    The very auspicious carving ;) one piece front and back ;) $680

    Diamond Sutra Blessing

    Dear all a very very good diamond sutra blessings chanting every evening to ur name brighten ur wisdom and ward off misfortune and invoke blessings ;) go down yourself to register now and is $10 per name; support library ; geyland lor 27 南海飞来 观音; 


    THe bracelet I design for pregnancy cost between 380 to 480.

    Is more than that , also for wealth abundance:>  But again is the quality of the stone.

    Pregnancy article:

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014

    Moth and Qing Mind and Ancestors Guarding Energy

    Qing Ming is a festival in early April where people go out to enjoy the spring weather and honor the graves of their ancestors. There’s also an abundance of moths during the festival, but they have a special place in Chinese mythology.

    Well in my beliefs.

    Moth are actually the very pure energy from our ancestor sending a message to us telling us, everything is in Divine Order.

    And is protecting us telling us not to be trapped in current situations (if u very stress that year, u will see more moth). Because all ancestor love us.

    Is not negative or anything. Is a pure form of energy. This energy is send through the 仙气。And when in time of the year they appear.

    U will see more moth:

    I) Probably that year, u feel upsets about life and u miss ur ancestor. The power Qi will absorb to the moth fly near u to tell u, u are fine and blessings u.

    Like last Friday , I was busy with Taiwan show. While waiting for my turn in press conference. The scenario of my Grandparents who take care and love me appear in my mind. Which give me the strength. This morning, I saw a moth at my balcony.

    And when I close my eyes, I can hear an energy saying : " Relax... u re doing fine and we are happy"

    Moth Energy:
    When we observe the moth to fly into artificial light or flames, the moth demonstrates its faith and determination.

    Once their message get to you. They will go to any light , to me is like an email.

    It is still unproven as to why the moth is driven to light - but the best hypothesis is that the moth navigates by lunar light. In the absence of moonlight, the moth moves to the next best thing: man-made light.  

    Even at the risk of loosing its life, the moth is ever-vigilant in following its path of light. This may also serve as a moral to us to keep our own vigilance, but not fall victim of blind faith.

    Here we see a fragile vulnerability in the moth. The moon is her mother, and she will follow her course at all cost. 

    This makes her open to distraction, vulnerable to harm. Here we may find another message to adjust our course as our path indicates rather than drive forward without heeding important signs along the way.

    As a creature of the night, and by her navigational devices, we see the moth is highly influenced by the power of the moon. This aspect ties in with animal symbolism of intuition, and psychic awareness.


    In other words, fly high with the moth - but always have a clear runway for happy, safe landings.
    The moth continues to be under the influence in matters of love.

    When u see moth next time, it is a combination of all ancestors from ur side, every second it can be A B or C ancestors. U can chant 3 times Om Mani PadMe Hung and smile to the moth.

    Things to DO in Qing Ming:

    Do Charity as kind of giving back to society.  I will be having a volunteer work on 5th April :> Thank u this time have enough volunteers le.

    Monday, March 31, 2014

    Dragon blood facial gel

    It brings a lot luck when use this precious gel to massage face... Many testimonials le...

    Especially those always feel face no aura and luck very vlock. Try it ba.  Benefits skin and luck.

    DragonBlood Gel: All Vegeterian

    In the ancient is known to

    Warding Off Evil and bringing Good Luck in Money and Love Matters

    But this I don't know la.

    Is amazing rejoice

    If u sensitive u may tears de as Dalai Lama is manifestation of Kwan yin ah

    Good teaching must listen good boy and girl

    Sunday, March 30, 2014

    In the news now

    Haha i am in the news now; I am singapore top skin care guru ah ahahah;

    To earn this title , I don't know how many things I have gone thru; u gain something, I lost something; to me I just follow the path of Kwan yin, whatever we do we think for people but with wisdom!

    Talk less if the words don't benefit situations; speak out with courage oif it can save people; be compassionate but again from within;

    In this show I am the oldest guru and also not easy to face camera but I make it;whenever  before I face camera I chant :may those who see me develop Kwan yin heart; 

    After all these back to my daily life ...while all of u have dinner with friends; I makan alone ok . Hahaha .

    News "To incorporate a local perspective to the expert advice, Singapore’s top gurus Bryan Gan and Keith Png will return as the skincare expert and style whiz respectively. New to the Singapore’s team of gurus are celebrity hairstylist Dexter Ng, and fitness instructor Jackson Tan."

    Saturday, March 29, 2014

    Worldly concern period

    This period will be busy with recording ahaha; kinda weird feeling because like spend a lot time meditate but suddenly ask to involve in things which is more material and looks etc but again I will balance de; and may Kwan yin Pusa be with me and thanks all for your support de

    Thursday, March 27, 2014

    Activate u all liao ahaha

    Hi all the day has come. Aiya pray for me hor. Recording 3 days ah.

    Thank you ah.

    Wednesday, March 26, 2014

    Birthday ball ready for order

    Each birthday ball is activated with many flowers sound and tones; u will
    Love it; u can order now !

    How coincident things can be

    Today first time I was reading with a rosary ; and when flip the pages it immediately talk about rosary errr; is a signal Liao , must chant mantra more ok , cultivate guan yin heart

    Tonight I seat quietly and when I was looking my teacher who pass on ; I feel very fortunate to have teachings from him our rinpoche; his compassionate prayers , helping people, blessings our first temple visit students .. All these remind me all his qualities ; rinpoche is blessing us all the time ok;
    Energy very strong one;

    One thing I learn also: a high master can speak Buddhist teaching for hours but no one get inspired but a normal person like us if get realization , even didn't have much experience with Buddhist teaching , ur few words can inspire people; so in Buddhist there is nothing like u know all mantras or understands all sutra u are power , realization is the key thing;

    Temple visit

    I organise temple visit yearly is totally from the heart and not tie to any profit and also temple benefits; oh only one benefit I ask for is no need queue la ahahah when super crowded ahahah;

    Today than I have time to arrange the red packet u all give me in the temple; some I will arrange donations de and of course I will use some buy sweets for prayers and also of course I will buy some tea for myself ahahah; thank u all once again;  

    During temple visit I no time to thank all so today thank you!

    All the red packet I will keep in my special red box and I continuously will reflect how lucky I am and we are can gather and do prayers together and no attachment , we are like a no formal group but gather like a family as and when very impromptu go temple; so cool right no stress and just want to pray is the key and enjoying the artifacts:)

    人生拜神知己难求! I have no regrets de even very taxing in organizing ;))

    Next step in omhealth is go around help people le;) 

    5th April will be providing lunch for 80 elderly ehehe;) that day I will think what acupressure to teach le 

    Also omhealth will sponsor 3 doctors to go to different committee to provide free medicine and diagnosis for elderly; pray for my project to be successful ok!

    Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    Merits accumulate

    U all can come down to temple donate urself on anniversary book for library with good material to spread Buddhist; 纪念文殊图书管特刊;is very good merits to contribute for this event; u all own self can go temple donate very good :赞助啊,very good merits : for wisdom , accumulate good merits, 知识的保障, 让后子孙有好的merits ah:  ( just go to lor 27 guan yin temple say u wan donate for book for publish in June and Chinese lunar 8 opening)

    Aiya donate $20 or more Ba or more very good merits and very good la u sponsor meaningful project;

    Bank Account Article : Compassion

    While I was in KL attending Buddhist or I say philosophy of Life talk. A sentence strike me.
    Anger burns away your merits incense. No matter how much charity U do last week. One anger destroy the merits.

    This also reflects the delicate nature of life and even Buddha say life 无常。When things need to happen it happen. And sometimes is beyond our Wisdom . For example the plane issue many religion pray, but again it has already happen, not that no miracle but it reflects the Unpredictable of life.

    We can be a very powerful Charity person , everyday pray and everyday do good deeds. But one day, we suffer a illness can " Memory Lost", we may forget all and become a different person. So dear all, whatever merits you accumulate , do dedicate out for your future. Don't always think of our own problems.{so IN face book or ur media, try to spread compassion. Some facebook put a lot of angry words than it multiplies.... )

    I am also a human, just that u call me lao shi, I will reflect even more. Like this Taiwan Show that I am doing. Is actually not very me, to concern so much on what to wear ( u know la, those with me for years, I one shirt can repeat wear for many times in class de, as long as clean, talk about fashion, I zero sense de) , what PR words  to say and to be into very worldly concerns, I stress.

    But again when I meditate on it. I can become the Kwan Yin Spirit among the people and let others feel my sincerity. May people who sees me, talks to me and touch me be happy.
     (The reason of don't know what reason, whole Singapore many rich  lao shi who have TV credential and also a lot a lot of shops and media backup, they choose me, must be an arrangement from Kwan Yin I feel. My friends were shocked, they say why they choose me? 女人我最大)

    That's how I overcome my TV stress (aiya still worry one la, but I comtemplate). U all ah bless me also la from this Friday to Sunday. I scare forget script le, which I prone to de. Imagine in class I can talk 10 hours in TV one paragraph takes me hours to remember....

    Guan Yin our BEST FRIEND: To all religion friends. Guan Yin is a energy. Just that He manifest into different forms to help all. Even devil she transform to help them. All beings le. So u see how compassion He is or She is.
    Because we human la, very worldly concern and in ancient time, u need Guan Yin transform to a female so can be in female committee ma to help female group.

    Guan Yin is our best friend. Think about the power of great compassion. Is there anyone who could care about us more or help us more? But as with friendship in real life we have to cultivate relationship. We cant just take for granted. So our daily 5mins meditation with Guan Yin is like touching base with our best friend everyday.

    HOW I DO IT? (3mins relationship)
    I wear my mala or bracelet (don't have is ok), than I close eyes think of Kwan Yin above my head, shine to my whole body and my body glow with light, than I say out may people sees me be happy.

    We must cultivate this daily de, if not we just remain a normal person, chant mantra and do good deeds, than behind scold people jealousy. U can see many do good deeds, and temple people lack of the compassion cultivation la.

    We can become close to Guan Yin Pu Sa if we are a angry, jealous, competitive, or resentful of others person. (Which I think I am sometimes, too).

    Thus to cultivate good relationship with Guan Yin Pu Sa we must learn to

    1) Avoild insult others when they disturb us (errr I learning ok)
    2) Avoid angry when others angry at us and make us angry ( I super learning)
    3) Avoid beating others when they hit us. ( wont happen, I siam run when people  want beat me, if really beat me, I run and faint so police catch them , sue them, but again I fall in trap of revenge ahahah joking la)
    4) Avoid observing others' fault when they observe ours ( I think we tend to think the worst of every person, example something do run , u think is their fault, and must be, also for example, u join a company everyone say that person is no good, in ur mind u register that end up treat the person no good, infact that person is ur GUI REN)

    In real life, we are brought up to work against the above, Like we have revengeful heart.

    I have learned that anger is generated within and it is not result of outside happening. It is the result of response to things and situations we like or don't like.

    Nothing that anyone can do to me can make me mad. O male myself crazy with anger and it originates within me.

    When u have the option to choose , happiness, compassion , love and understanding , why must we abandon all this choices and choose anger (say easy la, but u try from today, like me, sometimes u all make me angry I use to sms back scold, now seldom le).

    Do we need to be right all the time so someone else must be wrong le?  Like in temple, if u see the aunty do wrong procedure pray, are u annoyed and like ur method is most power? May be she is also right le?

    DO u know ? How quickly we can become angry like a lighter but how long it takes to become compassion .

    Bryan Power 3mins Compassion Method:

    1) Seat Back straight
    2) Apply dragonfly oil on bottom of feet (compassion Oil)
    3) Eyes Close, and say COmpassion 3 times.
    4) Inhale deeply and xhale too (3 set)
    5) Return normal breathing.
    6) With eyes close and think Guan Yin Above ur head shine light on u.
    7) Smile and say this light bring happiness to people who sees me today.

    U and me are normal person, this light will disappear one daily. So daily u must do.




    1) Heng ball have le
    2) Lotus Heng Hua have le
    3) Birthday ball can order le
    4) Black tourmaline remarks by many the quality, thanks.

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