Thursday, December 18, 2014

Updated animal for Pig and Rat 

Sunstone arrive le: It looks normal but hold it and do breathing feel the SUN energy.

Remember ur house item can start use from 3rd Feb 2015.

Good luck wor

Today I make my own 汤圆testing ahaha! If u wan good luck try make because luck come very fast

Thank u all

Many start to private whatsapp me questions le ; is It ok I request email ma; because I need to work de if not end up  can't do my work le;appreciate ur understanding for this period ok

Thank u ah

Wait till me talk 1st feb done, u can whatsapp for urgent queries if not email to thanks

2015 Event

1st Feb 2015 FULL HOUSE

Hi already posted is full house. So please dont suddenly bring in a friend to the talk etc because seats are not avaliable and NTUC auditorium disallow standing de.

U can arrive 9am for registration but hall only open at 930am.

U can arrive 9am drink good luck tea by the 100 years old tea house from the BOSS. They personally make tea for all to drink. I am very thankful for them helping me . This is call very heng one.

4th Jan 2014

Bryan Lao Shi organised most powerful Prayer Event to start the Year with Power Energy.
U remember submit name as many as u want to

Than those coming for event add a "C" Beside ur name

example  : Tan Ah Moon (C)

Lor 29 Da Bo Gong temple event starts at 9am ends at 930am. U can arrive 9am for event first . Taoist master will chant at 9am. So all will be standing with me. If u arrive 9am, u can buy joss set from them later after event ba. So is good u arrive 840am pray urself first.

Joss paper can pass to us we burn all for u all in one big box more heng.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tai Sui holding weapon 2015

So this two months u can see news of violence , what we can do is chant more cundi mantra and dedicate to world ok

3 king ball and 3 queen ball for adoption

3 king ball and 3 queen ball will be made for 4 th jan event !

Interested SMS me ba

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

3rd onwards

6d coin hulu 
House item can start put from 3rd feb 

Just want to share

Crystals changes my life ; well is not like what fengshui master claims; is naturally working with our heart our mind; in a house crystals helps to harmonize and bring good energy 

Heng ball works on this principle too when I activate it ;
If u have not work with crystals before now u can ; may be grab a few stones from me like blood stone healing set erc feel the energy or just leave it on table and look at the beauty

Sunstone arrival

Just feel great by making a cup of tea and drinking with sunstone by the side

Charge the auric field

A good energy video played again

This video emit alot of good energy and is genuine.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Give thanks taisui le

Today I went to Amoy  street temple give thanks taisui ! U can go any temple from today! 
Give thanks I brought a packet of sweet; as this temple has th prayer set and oil at $10 so I just follow simple procedures;

No need select date from now till next weekend can go;

North of House 2015

above is an old article, but method same.

Above article flying star 8 was at South so 2015 it flies to North.

In 2015, North of House is very good to activate. Take note where is north of your house.

U can put my House Item Tian Lu
Or 5 D coin with 8 $1 coin in bowl.

Or ur wealthbowl can put North if is convenient, if not remain same location.

1st Feb 2015

1st Feb 2015, registration number I am amazed Cindy give out number le, she email one by one to 500 over people. I feel so thankful for her help.

1st Feb 2015: Open your mouth to sing if there is a singing, open your mouthful for mantra if there is one.
As the Tai Sui for 2014, strongest that few days before the new Tai Sui take over on 4th Feb 2015. Singing energy activate many elements. Dont be share that day.

21 Stones Package

Those students who receive my 21 stones (add alot more than 21, call 21 have meaning).

U know u can bring few stones to work also. U can feel the energy.

The pack of stones are all personally activated and alot of efffort put into it. That is why each year i can max make not more than 20 sets.

Every stones are activated and u dont have to activate le. U can use and than to cleanse, just wipe the stones with a piece of wet cloth and few drops of any oil of mine. U can feel the cleansing energy when u wipe the stones.

Today I put few stones on my office table. U see stones u put no one will say u one:>

U can feel the energy of cleanse and charge. Sunstone is not included in 21 stones. But today I wanna talk about this sun stone. Sunstone is about openness and also for people who feel no longer happy in this world, carry this stone will help you feel worth living.

I use suntone, amber and jet stone lately because of the environmental star afflictions in sky, which cause me to be abit irritated last week. I think luckily i work with stones it help me to get over.

Frankly speaking, this year is toughest for some animal signs, i am one of them. But u see this year i have most TV show and recognitions. But emotion wise i kana the most challenge because of too many paperwork, admin work and also human interactions. But all is well.

Dear all, get ready to make Dumpling if u can this year. Are u ready?

Sun stone, amber, Jet Stone all available now new size of $38- $45 each le:>

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Power December and January

Must tolerate!
As I was doing my slides for 2015 talk; sudden calculations comes to bright light which I need to post today!
According to this two month star sign, it is very crucial for 2015 luck for many!

There is a good luck star arising today with a lot of wellness and healing energy!
That's the reason I say Heng ball is a good item that bring energy to home;

However this two months there is a star call emotional attack star which really comes into picture clearly and more obvious. Human relation need to carry out in a careful manner; 

At all time this month 吃亏abit is ok, don't loose ur cool which will affect ur luck; headaches occasionally may happens this two month because of olanet movements and do take care and drink warm water with few drops lemon is good in morning this two months!

A drop of dragonfly oil in tissue wipe the ball of Heng ball will help to fight this star negativity!

2 months now is the preview for 2015; the more u face challenges with positivity the more old negative energy will be washed away and the more good luck will appear!

House item a and b when u receive keep first till 3rd feb 2015; but if u start using is ok( u can put anywhere at home as activated with calm energy )
Key thing is to touch! Sandalwood coil incense try to light alternate day! U can also light le and after half hour extinguish it ! Dear all use the PAF lime in office this month to clear career blockages by putting five drops in tissue put on table

Friday, December 12, 2014

Power tea

Every year I will mention a good luck tea to buy back home for family! Using power calculation!
Last year tea 六合not in market le! U all make to drink this two months daily abit can clear whole year negative Qi!

Now tea is not my business de so I am doing a favour to preserve the old art of tea in Singapore! And in returns the boss very nice make tea for my talk without charging me!

This 1st feb talk lao shi through calculation of Qi will request the boss of this tea house to make tea for u and this year tea will surprise u!
 Is super good luck!

Dearest all this yearly talk infact I start preparing august le! I sincerely wants to impart the skill of good luck to u; if u bringing newbies make sure they know my style ok; 
That day please come with happy heart as a lot masters in Singapore blessings the talk; it takes Bryan lao shi many years to gain trust from major temples in Singapore and this is because we have no hidden agenda and do things from our heart!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

1st Feb Talk Preparation

I am preparing 1st Feb 2015 talk.

And you know this yearly talk is really wonderful gathering with you.
I just want to ensure good informations and correct information shared with you.

This year, I focus on more methods to improve a person luck and is all from masters and correct informations.

Do enjoy the talk ok.

Hengness of wash toilets

Cundi penddant for Mama or Dad is good ahahah and i am glad u all still follow the chrysantheumum method.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hi all

Hi I updated le

oh the House Item A and House Item B

U receive, keep first ok.

The energy very very good. That is why is launched at the date last few dates after I calculated.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Omhealth new products

Read health blog 

1) dragonblood eye gel $55

2) myrrh essential oil $50

Dear all reference number preparing

Those who have register the class and Cindy has replied with details, means u are in the class. 

Cindy will take
Time to give u all reference number because she need to compile.
Individual please be patience.

She need to work and after work will plan number for u all ok thanks. And number will be given to u all by end December as the class starts at 1st Feb 2015.

U all reply email got say thank u her ma.

Instead she reply one by one. I may publish name list and reference number here... :> But I wonder is disclosing name and number is ok. Hmm I ask your opinion first

Welcome Goat Year Talk

Announcement FULL HOUSE 2015 1st Feb Talk

I will give a proper timing to arrive next Monday.

Also Dress Color if can have some red color ok:>  COme with a joyful heart. Any wait or admin issues is small issues, never lost temper.

That day: 

A) Blessings from 8 Main Temple in Singapore and point the energy to the class.
B) Special Mantra chanting together for family and parents health. For present and past. Will be head by reputable Guru from distant.
C) A talk and workshop by Lao Shi focus on techniques for good luck and positive thinking. Informations verified and validated also by reputable Masters.
D) To shine love and light to all attendees.
E) A 7 days lamp light in 3 temples for all attendees with in name list.

Things to bring: Gold ink pen if u have. A nice notepad small if u have. Forget bring ok, no worries.

For super new comers, do read the blog on Bank Account . If u bring any new friends, please tell them my style. And also have prayers one. So wont create misunderstandings.

Topics: Exciting and Interesting...


Last year FAQ which help someone.
Mdm Xxx: Lao Shi, i went to temple one day and after that day, reach home fell down and sprain my legs. Why Ah?
Bryan: Well this can be exhuasting of negative energy. U see, sometimes past life u owe some people things, this life need to pay back. We cant totally dont pay back, so sometimes pay back by having a fall etc. Instead of big issues from happening.

What happen now?
Just got news Mdm Lee, got big promotions and have a kid this year. Congrats.

1st feb 2015 full house

Super full le , no extra seats avaliable le!
Thank you for past 10 years support!

Monday, December 8, 2014

21 stones students

Those who have this set!
Enjoy the flow!
Just find a quiet time put the crystal on table and formatjon in spiral square or any form ; u don't have use all stones. Few will do; 
After u put just enjoy the art therapy! Stones are cleanse activated u can use directly ;) 

Price clarity

PAF lime oil $35
Kaffir lime oil $35
Dragonfly oil $45
Bryan relax blend $45
Healing trees oil $45
Five element oil $38
Rose balm $25
Auric rollover $18
Bryan clarity roller $18

Special one week

Lao Shi personal reply email

give proper details and order ah ahahaha

Super luck for all orders



House Item A and House Item B Lauched Batch ONE

Every time I launch item, people will strike lottery for a new energy meaning. My year and my door number open yesterday so time to launch.

[ If I am not wrong within 2 weeks, there will be duplicate on outside le... thats why i keep secret for months, and only original activated is here) because omhealth one gone thru procedures and also yearly candle LAMP BRIGHT

For those in bai Bai class order, i reserved le, leng leng will call and courier.

Others u can email order for this batch .

House item A: features must be smiling and big BUTT to store and give u wealth. very very powerful. $68

House item B: Health luck and healing. $68

Both item u can touch and whole family can touch when in need of extra luck.


Wash toilet after that and wang hai almost same number come out ahaha previous dirext 1972 during my birthday ahaha yesterday ahaha !-!anyway new wash toilet date coming soon

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rain and good

Is water event day and offerings to 8 temples and it rain because is call 下元节!水官大帝!水财雨

500 house item

Two House Item A and B.

In Bai bai class if u write on the A4 paper, no need email order, leng leng will call for address.

House Item A: Powerful Smiling Tian Lu, so so smooth in touching it and carry abundance and happiness to your life. A must have to have it like a lucky pet to ward off bad energy and bring happiness to house. Touch from head to tail. Carved in auspicious wood and activated:>

House Item B:A powerful health hulu. For health luck and to reduce the unhappiness in life. It brings the healing energy to your life.

Also if u wan also can invite during 4th jan temple visit! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

wealth Bowl Cleansing day

Each year omhealth make 18 wealthbowl and now u can order le.

For old customer, wealthbowl cleansing day is

15th Dec 2014
27th Dec 2014
29th Dec 2014

Courier message

I pack ur items le but for few days they can't pick up

Dissolve the heart mood effect

Thanks to the sweet couple who has given me this book! I love it thank u

When u feel
This two months cannot take it le, just lite this coil incense! U will know what I mean ok! jiayou all

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Activated raw amber

This is my personal piece, the one I choose for u all are all nicer and bigger ! In business we ownself keep not so pretty one but to customer we must choose best!
But I love my mini amber! It heals my deep issues and bring it out and face it; make a cup of chrysanthemum tea and put this crystal beside ur notepad and write

For me Latest Timing

I will be at Wang hai at 10am ahahahhaha 6th Dec. Not 1pm le

Bank Account: Have faith , all come in right timing and is Universe timing not ur timing

I categorise this article under Bank Account series. 

New comers can see label this blog beside under Bank Account , many my own singlish articles.

Bank Account Article December 2014

Hi all is year end le. And do you know that during year end alot of tests will be put to individual before new good things comes to you? I also face up and down but i know all are tests and help me to a new level in life.

So I always say when near end year be more careful in many ways like signing contract, your talk , your email and also interactions with people. Also health for some may be more weak year end but more because of change of weather. Uncle me almost make a mistakes when overlook some typing ahahha.

But if you take care health, do prayers and have faith (not to be shaken by incidents) than u will be fine. ANd when ur heart and mind is in pure intention of love.

Case Studies:
Do u know early this year, i have been introducing black bean and hawthorn. In my heart I was thinking hope that i can intro this recipes worldwide and to media. So for whole year i go around different part of Singapore to teach this recipes and even on radio.

2 weeks ago, all of a sudden a phone call for mediacorp and wanted me to share yoga, hawthorn and my black bean recipes. And is amazing. The challenge was one day record 3 episode and take 13 hours to record.

U know for me i wake up 5am sleep at 10pm is tought. But i decided to do it.

I thought that night I could sleep early. But suddenly a mini issue for omhealth happened. And luckily was resolved because i overlooked some procedures. And this is a good lessons so to remind me from big mistakes in future.

Even 4 hours sleep the recording went on well. I chanted Cundi mantra when arrival of the studio. And visualise everyone smiling.

U know i was so busy preparing the food, i just get my cloth from Giordano. And it turns out ok. And i say : Bryan ur task is to share health recipes and help people.

So while making the hawthorn i have this positive thinking in mind and manage to make 6 bottles of hawthorn in 1 hour!! All taste good.


Omhealth has come a long way, and this is not easy([path travel compare to many is more more, and I am 43 this year, not easy to hold my face on TV ahah)

Alot of times is one man show and from charity to volunteer work and temple visit. But I am glad along the way, my cousin, my parents, cindy seah family, meifang and friends helped me. ANd even courier this week no come collect I have your understanding.

I learn one thing is, in business, when people of same trade good business we must rejoice and be happy for them. Also when we make mistake we must regret it and improve ourselves.

This Week:
Today we (and 6 sponsors) have sponsored Cakes to 8 temples on 6th December and also u know what, yesterday a personal blessings was given to me by Rinpoche as i told him my intention is to help people. And all went well.

6th December I will be at Wang Hai Da Bo Gong temple at 10am (50 Palmer road) to give thanks. U can go any temple ur timing ok.

Universe Answer Your prayers de:

What I want to say is.... Universe do answer your prayers and all your hard work in life will not go down the drain. May be your work,your love one and your health not good. But dont worry, continue to do good, think good and ONE HEART (dont confuse) pray to your own religion. U will be ok.

December thinking and feeling affect 2015. I know for some, u may be in your down mood. But walk out of it. Or may be someone blame u or accuse you things u are not, is ok, hold them as precious treasure than mold u to practice compassion.
Chant Om Mani Pad Me hung and visualise Kwan Yin Smiling to you and she says

" Son you are doing ok , be compassionate and I will help you..."

Pagoda Sandalwood Coil Incense, first in Singapore to intro religious free incense.

U know for me, when I have problems, I talk to students too and also pray. Dont keep everything to yourself.  Talk to kwan yin or your own religion, speak out and Universe will take care for you. Thanks to friends that listen to me too that night on phone. U know who you are.

Today i sincerely thank all who helped me,
Ask for forgiveness for those who sms me i didnt reply proper. But i do take note in my heart just that a day 100 sms and messages not easy handle.
Today I send love and light to all my friends, old friends and people who I have accidentally hurt or wrongdoing.

Today I thank all who have helped me in my charity work whole heartedly.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Courier company festive news

All parcels will be delayed le!

6th December temple project

I have informed 8 temple in Singapore Omhealth will offer Cakes to this few temples. And is an honoured to be able to do so.

And remember omhealth has few thousands student, that day. U all remember send love to all people ok , even enemies or people who not nice to u. Practice compassion in a practical way.

The 8th temple added to the previous 7 is Wang hai Da Bo Gong temple with 100 years History. The temple incharge is very happy and i will be there at 10am

U all can go ur own temple ok. I there only pray so no event. Event is on 4th Jan 2015 with famous Taoist Master organised by omhealth.

U can now submit prayers free, please no need donations. Is my motivation for people at all level can receive blessings, and u make an effort also that day practice compassion and helping people and all ur worries will slowly be dissolved.

Biggest Prayer Event by Bryan Lao Shi Group

4th Jan 2015, 930am. Details:
U can just submit names no need come or come up to u. Is another year end service from omhealth and 5 friends sponsors.

Have u done ur prayers urself every morning

Be motivated ok and remember to do good and help people all the time ;))

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lao shi big test

First time to have a day to record three episode tv show! I kinda worry Becasue is really tough for me ; but I can do it! Is tomorrow errr hmmm ok la have faith

All email SMS all will only process Friday. Thanks ah

6 dec give thanks

Final report completion elderly lunch provide and education fund projects and thanks all;)

I now include another temple is wang hai da bo gong; I arrive at 10am!!!

Oh will also have another round of elderly lunch provide soon

Faith and strength wit sunstone set

When luck no good health no good, mind must remain clear don't be affected by comments or people or fortune teller instil fear on u! Be strong and brave and courageous luck is all about mind and heart and faith with ur religion; for me 一心观音菩萨佛祖别三心两意!让我们have faith with our own belief system and be strong!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Sunstone activation

Back in Australia in 1996 I learned all about stones and their beauty; my dream came true to share the beauty with u


Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone inspires the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance. [Hall, 283

$48 for a piece!

Sunstone helps you develop your own originality, encourages independence and alleviates fearfulness. It is said to bring good fortune and abundance.

Bryan BreakThru Power Day Announcement

6th December 2014 is a day of auspiciousness and thank GOD day.
Also a day to pray for world and family peace. Special thanks to the few Ang Ku Kuek donors. I personally thank u for helping me ok:>

100 years first in Singapore! Only from Bryan. Also another blessing organised by Lao Shi is at 4th Jan 2015.

I have made a further steps, so allow Singaporeans to pray without asking for conditions, so all can pray with pure heart. My main aim in Singapore is to promote ancient prayers and the deep meaning behind . 

Not to view things in superstitious way. All these good traditions if not observe, our next generations..... i also dont know how.

My dear crystal students and fengshui items students. Now u know why, ur items shine. 

Human luck has up and down, because we are human. But never give up and believe, God give us so many special days to repent and pray. So is all about ur effort and mind.

Lao Shi young time, wan to eat a Old Chang Kee fish ball, also must think alot. Now with all blessings, i can eat all I want and every time i walk past fish ball store, my heart filled with gratefulness. I hope u dont forget what heaven given u, and i remember my fish balls.

Chant any Kwan Yin Mantra that day at temple also good. Chant urself la.

New comers :

Chinese Tradition has 3 special days,

人生在世,难免遭遇苦厄,而信仰道教的那些古代人民,或者说,虽不信仰却对其文化内涵有一定程度认同的老百姓,都很看重水官大帝“除困解厄”的神通(6th Dec)
This day, u can pray to your ancestor and pray to  God ,以求得困厄的舒解与人生的安详。下元节与上元节和中元节一起,构成了先民对人生感受、祈福、赎罪、解困等完整的生命体验,节日的范式不过是这种生命哲学的文化表达而已。
How to pray? Just go any temple pray. Also that day , do any donations charity and in ur heart also say dedicate the merits to ur ancestors. 

Err free add me in ur prayers ok ahahah. Ahahahahahah

Middle GOD, CHinese New Year Yuan Xiao Jie
Right GOD, Chinese 7th month

All this years Bryan lao shi in good terms with many temple because we do things no attachment and no hidden agenda and touches the heart of many temple head.

And that Day with help of few donors, omhealth and Cindy. We sponsors to 7 temples for thanks giving. If u are my student. That day go any of the temple below ba. I think the cakes will arrive in all temple before 12pm. But the company start delivering at 9am. 

I think 1030am go temple best ba.

I will be at 2 temple. If u manage to find me. Ur 2015 SUPER SUPER heng.

That day is also a good day to order the HOUSE ITEM for 2015 one at $68 and 2 at $136 which will be activated on January 4th further. Also dont worry will reserve some for 1st Feb2015 talk for u all get on spot.


HOUSE item B ( HEalth Luck focus ) $68

Use forever very beautiful carving. 

U can email order and will courier between Jan to Feb.

Those in Bai Bai Class, u ordered le, no need order again, we are processing.

House item is hang one and not big , very nice art work, also can touch. Wont show here first until DEcember 6 is to prevent people copy again.

Temple u can go on 6th December and pray, if u happen see the ANG GU KUEK, can ask to bring home 2 to eat ahaha.

Implant of omhealth verygood energy in 7 temple. And also bless all 1st feb 2015 talk students.

Thanks Cindy for helping me.

Before go temple, shower final rinse dragonfly oil. Home that day, can light a sandalwood pagoda incense 2 times. Let the incense envelope happiness.

That day eat any Tang Yuan, or buy the frozen one and eat , cook at home.

u can bring ur BBC coin and Flower coin and Guiren bag incense in temple ahahahh and ur black tourmaline bracelets.

A) Yueh Hai Ching Temple 粤海清宫
30B Philip Street, Singapore 048696
2 x Orange 10 Kati Fa Gao
68 x 2 Ang Koo Kueh

66 Amoy Street, Singapore 069886
100 x  Ang koo kueh

1 x Orange 10 Kati Fa Gao
88 x Ang Koo Kueh

D) Ban Siew San
2 Telok Blangah Drive
Singapore 109256
Tel : 62700414
1 x Orange 10 Kati Fa Gao
88 x Ang Koo Kueh

E) Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Cheng Huang Temple
184 Jalan Toa Payoh
Singapore 319941
Tel : 62596998
1 x Orange 10 Kati Fa Gao
88 x Ang Koo Kueh

TEL : 6348 0967
1 x Orange 10 Kati Fa Gao
88 x Ang Koo Kueh

 TEL : 67376528
 1 x Orange 10 Kati Fa Gao

 88 x Ang Koo Kueh

Historical details: I will encourage vegeterian whole day ok! If cannot is ok de.


In one episode

After a hostile visit of a concubine the empress dowager ask the maid to light sandalwood incense to clear the environment when the hostile person left!

Since ancient time sandalwood coil incense is being used !

For those keep sick this two months

Donate medicine means, u can donate money to any clinics or hospital that provide service to needy...

Agarwood design label

Sorry about the design , end up don't match ! But ok la will change! Sorry for poor label design but is the quality that count ok! Very good quality Chen Xiang 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Mother of Healing Blue. Is a blend of blue and green. Very deep healing energy can be felt with this tone. Help a person to stimulate thoughts. And develop vision of peace.  It can clear the aura and also when put near other crystals, it enhances the energy of the other stones.
This stones 3 pieces only and each is big.

Range from $50 to $68.

Big healing  heliotrope is green with distinctive red spots.  is used for circulation of all energy in the body and helps to remove energy blocks. It is used in the alignment of all the centers of the body. Great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body, Bloodstone brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue.

$55 for this quality and only 3.

Activating 21 stones for 14 days le

With the stones create ur own formations and don't need instruction pickup and do it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Tourmaline and Dzi

Many know now, market Dzi alot use normal one but sell not normal price

Till today the quality we provide !!!!

This below is $480 only one

Gosh Done one

takes 6 hour to complete one animal.

Cleanse Toilet Day dates is out

Well the last 2 cleanse toilet dates is out for 2014


After cleanse that week hor....

EAT : Red Bean Soup (must ownself cook in kitchen ) Or buy cooked one and heat up in kitchen !

Procedure :

Monday, November 24, 2014

Guan Yin Mantra with Amethyst bead or ur mala

U can hold with right thumb, push out bead by bead. Apply to all mantra:>

And when chant, listen what u chant.

If u dont help yourself daily who can help u right?

What to do

Is kinda upset to see some temple change of direction and managing style which didn't care much for people concern and whole energy changed;

Well I can't say much but quietly find it 可惜!

Updated le

Omhealth is ready and activate

5 Female Black tourmaline bracelet
4 Male Black tourmaline bracelet
13 Heng Ball

U can order le

Must be happy

Happiness well, is what actually we want. But are you overwhelmed by so many negativity and forget that you deserve to be happy?

I dont know what you go thru and frustration in life. But is all about

1) Expectation
2) Jealous
3) Anger
4) Attachment
5) Lonely
6) Seperation
7) Betrayers
8) Lost of Hope

But if u put above all aside..... U think from your heart now, nothing can be done.... why not dedicate yourself to 21 OM a day. Because it helps to clear many toxic which prevent u from happiness.

Try using my Counch Shell Mala at $48. Is good enough.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

One only collections


Below Mala medicine dzi 21 beads


Coil Incense from Omhealth Bryan

Coil incense tested by INSIGH LAB SINGAPORE

DO you know incense was actually very healing when make of real herbs etc. But because of it is good. Many countries produce very poor quality incense as mass productions. Some branded also produce for fragrance.

Incense are used in the world now. But now, many incense were of poor quality. I tell which temple use good incense when in prayers is the Buddha relics temple, Balestier Kwan Yin Temple. They still use incense herbs.

Poor incense produces compound that when burn is no good for health. U know those red yellow orange incense, when burn u can see the color smoke terrible. In tibet do u know during SARS period, people burn the 31 herbs incense stick to heal and strengthen body.

The safeness and non-addictiveness is only true for 100% natural plant-based incense. Any incense that contains synthetic materials or is burned using charcoal may have undesirable effects on the body.

Test Report out

Free from

Migratable Heavy Metals like

i) Mercury
ii) Lead
iii) Arsenic
iv) Chromium
v) Cadmium

Both Coil Incense is the baby of Omhealth and well tested.

Enjoy ba;>

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Coil Incense Usages:>

Sandalwood Pagoda Coil incense $55
Agarwood Pagoda Coil incense $88

Demo of Sandalwood Pagoda Incense.