Friday, August 1, 2014

Few items take good care

2012 the mini Buddha pendant is very valuable now those who have, even it tarnished longer best

Five color string i give u blessed many many times .

Marble exclusive good energy

Kwan yin card helped many people

Tara card rare from rinpoche using medicine ink 

Modern Yet Powerful Limited 4 pieces only

Photo: Good energy shine to u now;) 

It just cleanse and amplify surroundings and crystals:> Energy is pure and love.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Power here again

A client who works with big current company says this help in pacifying disruptive electric current! I didn't know about that
; paper weight is $180

New contest

From today till next Wednesday

Rose water, sandalwood set at $80

And this set is call lucky set; all can enter a pure silk lucky draw; closing date next Wednesday; when u order thru email u can put lucky set and I will put u in lucky draw!

Rare yet exclusive no second piece

More rare now turquoise purest with carving at $480 to $680

1st August 2014

What to do if luck so so ?

1) Eat red apple immediately when feel stuck at work or family. (prepare some red apple small one in fridge la)
2) Go bookshop or library once to move luck and get a note pad or any item from book shop or library borrow anybook related to good positive thinking .
3) Use PAF lime early in morning and inhale one way to work.
4) wipe maindoor the door with kaffir lime 5 drops on wet cloth.
5) Light candle in temple

Congrats to all Students

I have been conducting 大家来拜拜class for the past few years and I must say till today few thousand students were trained;
Few temples in Singapore feedback to me
" Bryan your student when they pray very patient and polite,very good attitude!"

As a teacher I congrats to all and really see progress; in fast changing time in Singapore, many prayers method will be lost soon! Since 1980s I have documented down many prayers method and also taught by those aunties! 
I wish to share with I all and bring happiness

Dearest all remember to do daily homework , if not now , when? The bai bai class is October , u can register now.

New comers: 

Anyway the lotus root keychain I found out has very strong healing energy; those who have sandalwood oil u put a drop in it; scent last three weeks and also u can put five element oil too;
Than ur thumb press the lotus head u can feel the energy enters from thumb to body very powerful

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bryan lao shi power Chen Siang bracelet

Medium small will have three arrival soon: u can reserve; 280 and 380
Super big one like mine I think left one $480

This bracelet was launched many months ago; I myself keep one big one and another one sold to someone; and there are few small medium one at $280 !

Dear all I try to wear to swim ( u shouldn't) and also gym; 
Guess what after wearing few hours a day and for months the color turn so shiny nice and the scent is still around!

This is true Chen Xiang! If collectors if can keep one , after your black tourmaline collections; but if u spend a lot lately don't la; my blog will have many interesting items so doesn't mean I wan to promote ask u buy things everytime de ; but again is my leaving business ma ; but I ensure good products to u and good energy!

Dear all enjoy ok;))) 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bryan's Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Black Tourmaline Crystal specimen from Madagascar 

Bryan's black tourmaline bracelet are of high quality:>

Hi all, u can order your black tourmaline bracelet here:>

Black Tourmaline Bracelet :

Black Tourmaline Bracelet
Those who have my black tourmaline bracelet congrats, the Dzi u have is getting lesser le:>

It aids in understanding oneself and others.  It promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear.  This bracelet attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

When bracelet holds in between palm it balances the right-left sides of the brain. And overcome paranoia, overcomes dyslexia and improves hand-eye coordination.
 Black Tourmaline releases tension

 Personally I find it helpful for spinal adjustments.  Enhances energy and removes blockages.

How did I  use for it for spinal adjustment?

Sound weird?
Many of you know my spine has injury and is actually permanent damaged. So once a blue moon will fa zuo.

So when it happens, i apply 3 oil with rice oil and with more peppermint at the neck spine. Than I apply lavendula vera at base of skull and also ,lower back and base of foot. Also u know healing trees oil is for struture and grounding, i apply bottom of foot also.
Than I put black tourmaline on tummy and lie down flat on floor. Perform 478 breathing exercise 5 times and close my eyes rest and try to release and feel the pain absorb by the stone.
I find that knotted muscles can be relieved by this method.

++++++++++How to deal with negative energy ? +++++++++++++++++++

Negative energy depletes us, physically and spiritually. It can manifest as pain in our body.
Black Tourmaline brings it back to balance plus assists in letting go of negativity, self doubt, anxiety etc.
So to bring equilibrium into our lives, one may look at Black Tourmaline for assistance. Not only does it protect, ground, clear self doubt it also purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Black tourmaline is excellent for assisting in bringing up memories hidden deep inside you in order to clear and release thought patterns of negativity that no longer serve your highest good. It also attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

How I DO?

I use eat chant OMMMM bead by bead for 5 minutes. Result is amazing, it raise the vibration urself and ur crystals and also cleanse the surrounding.

Back Pain and Emotion
  • Lower back pain generally signifies fear of money and lack of financial support.
  • Middle back pain is often symptomatic of guilt, feeling “stuck in all that stuff back there” or a person feels pressured and wishes they could tell someone to “get off of my back.”
  • Upper back pain often indicates lack of emotional support, feeling unloved, and/or holding back love. (1)

 Affirmation with Black tourmaline holding between palm and of course after u apply 3 oil on back and base of foot healing trees oil.
  • Lower back: I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.

  • Mid back: I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart.
  • Upper back: I love and approve of myself. Life supports and loves me. (Extracted from Louis L Hay)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Read article beside in 7 month

Is a month where we can accumulate a lot of merits;;

Also this month u can adopt the gold sheen obsidian and chant mantra or counch she'll Mala 
Have a big heart and do charity etc; questions like whether can travel etc don't even SMS me because u will get it ;

A month where we respect life leave proper and our ancestor love us protect us; nothing to scare , everyone of u have ur own ancestor protections; 

Remember to spend time to do chanting today and this month too; also go pray ur ancestor; burn some joss paper normal one will do;

Today prayers dedicate to all beings u know in Nepal! 

U see ancestor love us, heavy rain today have a deep meaning; early in fengshui talk this year I mention filial key to good luck too; so this year u can see gardament also execute a lot of policy for elderly ahah


This is amazing, above are crystals picture from my student from facebook. She cleanse and sun her crystal. This are crystals she collected from me since 2008 i think.... They are so beautiful:>

Do you know my first crystal is the 54 beads mala,


Friday, July 25, 2014

Bryan Lao Shi Arranged Prayers at Nepal

Omhealth Goodwill Good Heart Good actions:

7th month le, Omhealth group will

i) 12 August provide lunch and medicine toothpaste to Bendemeer elderly.
ii) This Sunday a Puja conduct for the world peace and also all beings by Rinpoche at NEPAL (Really feel honored le le le, are u all feeling blessed)
iii) U do your work too, chant chant chant.

A homework prescribed to all for a safe year and also a year to accumulate merits.

SUNDAY: Chant as many times Om Mani pad Me Hung .
Sutra class student, use one breath method ok:>

For newbies refer to 7th month label beside:>
Anyway Da Jia Lai Bai Bai very special 11 october, do come ok

Sunday Bryan has arranged prayers in Nepal conducted by Shangpa Rinpoche for

1) All who suffers from the natural disasters
2) Bring peace to world.
3) Develop love kindness and protection energy to house and You.

This project sponsor by Omhealth Group.

For all, please dont make donation. Just that day Chant 108 times

Om Mani Pad Me Hung: Combine energy ok:>

Health and protections

This is a very good bracelet to wear during low in health luck.

Rub with both hand this bracelet than chant

Om Ah Hung , Om Mani Padme Hung. bead by bead.

A peach wood with sandalwood keychain

Key to good luck is a drop of oil a day to ur key chain ;

Go home late? Stress of quiet place , touch this wood it protects and also when Enter house once u open door with this keychain it shield from negativity

What oil to use?

Healing trees if lately work abit obstacles
Five element oil , seven month use
Dragonfly oil, harmony to house 
Spice up oil, release family from sickness
Paf lime, remove unknown sadness envelop the house
Bryan relax blend, shifei and gossips in family or work 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lotus key chain is $48

Is $48 activated powerful enjoy ok;

HBM (5 only) one full bracelet $98

A mixture of holy seeds and also colorful manmade beads which are the red yellow blue( all others natural beads)! N a dzi agate; big big beads not for wearing at $98 each call Heng Big Mala HBM

One full Braceelt is $98 

U can see few precious bead in it;

the bodhi seeed, rukatsha bead, lotus carved wood, the cloud carved wood.

Each at $98 for collection

HENG BIG MALA launched.

Travel BBC Coin

Dear all, if you travel this year.

Do carry BBC coin tag to ur carry bag ok:> IS for overall safety and also happy travel energy.

12 Black Tourmaline Bracelet will be made; Interested can email to with

Favourite fruits
Wrist Size:

Price is $338 to $480  Good Old Dzi Rare. worth the value.

I mention in Fengshui Talk this year Feb, travel must pray to Guan Di. And i wish u all can do it ok.

U can go Lor 29 Shun Tian Gong, pray to the Guan Di Ye. And with 5 Oranges before u travel pray. Pray le, wait incense burn 10mins, than bring a pair orange back home eat.

Before travel u can chant heart sutra. Or in plane in can chant name of Kwan Yin Pu Sa, feel she beside you smiling:> ANd send blessing to the plane.

Bryan's words:
Why upset so long, just upset for 2mins and get over it because your upset in life compare to millions who have lost their love one or have suffered from wars, natural disaster.... You are still very lucky ok;

PraAyers method founder in English by Bryan Lao Shi with techniques taught even from KUALA LUMPUR
New comers can see the number of support Bryan has from different temples in Singapore

This year 11 October 2014 

Da Jia Lai Bai Bai for beginners include New Topics

11 October 2014;
Venue to be decided;
930 to 1130

Fees: $50 per head
repeat student $25

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Small Yet Power root Lotus. And is $48

Everyday I open door with good energy as it is activated.And is very healing.Photo

Photo: Activated lotus root keychain; is activated le;) u can order now ;)
Soon it will be flooded in market with duplication. But only here is specially activated:>>>

Hi is $48 each and activated with 3 fold flame and affirmations.
In the market are some which may be using other wood and poor quality. This is the originally carved and activated.
The realy one seed inside is purple sandalwood (not the scent type but very good for luck), the wood is peach wood also . So i 2 wood in one.
Photo: 3 cm by 3 cm ahahah wood peach and green sandalwood; see details at blog !
There are $18 which are normal wood and all normal. This is 2 wood in a piece.
This key chain ward of negative energy and bring auspiciousness.

It will be handled properly with good energy. Each piece is activated with healing tones, flower energy and OMMM sound Fork Tuning unique only from Bryan Lao Shi.

The peach is indigenous to China. The wood is used in fortune telling; the flowers are supposed to have some supernatural power in driving away the demon of ill health; the leaves are regarded as a parasiticide. Slips of peach wood were used as charms against evil spirits. The slips were worn on the person, attached to the door of the house, or set out in the rooms of the house.

Peach Blossoms

10 spice Oil Part ONE

Monday, July 21, 2014

Good luck method till end August 2014

念三次南无大悲观世音菩萨,and than eat 豆花will bring calmness luck to u;

Spice OIl and Immortella usages

I will do a video soon.

Immortella usage is like neroli facial oil method.

Spices oil u try a drop in tissue and fold have inhale abit first

The Long Life Guan Yin Poem:Memorise for wellness.


When a person have alot sickness or troubled even in the process of practicing prayers and chanting mantra. 

Guan Yin has a poem u can say morning and night, it will help u to have faith and strengthen ur health.

11th October 2014 : Testing now for attendees (to be confirmed)

大家来拜拜 拜拜来好运 FOR BEGINNERS

decided to hold this class on my birthday so can spread more of my sharp good luck to all.

No present please only your smile and well wishes is good.

Famous Class is ready for registration.
For those attended before can come for refreshment at $25 per pax.

11 October 2014



$50 per pax.:>
Each Student receive one 吉祥物 :>
names send for blessings that day and u can go after class:>

Is open for registeration. Dont transfer money first, as once confirmed we will email u to transfer.

Dragon ball

120 龙珠 given to all attendees yesterday; this are not for sale and motivated by long phor obasi for his compassion to help villager where that period making a Buddha pendant is not affordable so he blessed many marble and give away and now I think in Singapore I am the only one has the original piece and I work with it to make 120 and give to all; thank u and treasure this piece and reminder you in all circumstance u can still do good and help people;) with positive intention!

For all attendees yesterday we will gather one more last time next year for sutra class ; stay tune !

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thank u

This is a class that really challenge me for months from preparation ( which sutra to share, how to summarize and share the essence, the gifts for all, rare blessed 龙珠,auric roller, the six syllabus pendant ; a lot more .  

Frankly speaking just now in the class my eye sight was abit blur vision for few seconds because many late night reading and also reading and over reading of translation and Chinese text;
I hope this class motivates us to have a big heart , let go and also wisdom; 

The class completed with a lot merits and we dedicate to out parents, blog readers and all beings ok!
Rejoice!!! I call this group today the

Bodhi seed 菩提子!

All today attendees will collect a simple card from me in fengshui class 2015; u all are call the special 120 force of love!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Significant of Prostration Summarised: In class will demo

By Today

The last cypress wood sold in USA was $7000 and not painted at all just wood color.

The one I have is $1800 cypress wood and painted with high end fine arts.

I will open for adopt till evening. After that I will decide to keep le.

Because I alot good statue so thinking to let go this piece for people with fate ah.

But is an ART high end. If u keep as value it will go up the price as years goes by.

For me I keep as interest. Uncle me, no travel and not buy branded things , all these are my interest. ahahha

2014 Not Easy Fire Horse

This Horse ah... need to be tame.

Alot of worldly problems this year. Also heart problems.

I hope u all will make effort to chant kwan yin mantra or CUndi mantra at

I personally, find that is good to put a Kwan yin Statue at home. Because is simplest and u no need to have ritual or process. Because Kwan Yin Pu Sa comes in many form and help people. So no need ritual.

Simplest is cleanse with pomelo leaf 7 pieces and a drop of five element oil wipe the place to put Kwan Yin Statue.

A statue put by many well known successful man in the world because of the calmness and peace.

U can adopt yourself outside ba.

For my side is more on good antique piece and collectiables. Some people keep statue kwan yin as an art.  Cypress wood one is amazingly nice and fine arts so worth keeping.

Sunday Very Auspicious


Bryan lao shi 修的观音法门将在Sunday share share:) students do come with a pen blue pen and a few pieces of paper empty; those who want chop ur shirt can bring;

My knowledge very limited only so, hope all dont mind. But will share what I know and hope it can safe u the time to know more about Kwan Yin Pu Sa.

There will be one more Sutra copy class 2015. So stay tune for those who cant come this time.

Dear all Sunday if can go temple ok; and pray to Kwan Di . As is Kwan Di Birthday. 

Early this year in fengshui talk and in blog, i mention travel safety important this year as need to pray to KWan Di before travel. Now I know why this message comes to me early this year.

I am not saying i am good at predicting. As I dont have hidden agenda.... I just ask u all pray urself only when or before travel ok. Any temple has Kwan Di Statue will do.

Thank you all.

Sometimes i think my mind and sense hor abit too much. Hope it will not affect my luck hahahah... wont la. Kwan Yin Pu Sa protect me one because i am doing positive good thinking to u all.

Sunday u all can bring ur tshirt (2 per person) to chop the red zu sa.

Photo: 不要迷迷糊糊的过生活,一天十分钟,十年功夫不得了。好好修别问东问西,疑神疑鬼。定下心发慈悲。Bryan lao shi 修的观音法门将在Sunday share share:) students do come with a pen blue pen and a few pieces of paper empty; those who want chop ur shirt can bring;

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ten spice oil arrival Sunday class

Has arrived! Spice oil spice up your life arrival Sunday $45 is very very very good oil as collections and use

Also omhealth insect repellent $28 available now;

Chant mantra

Good deeds and chant mantra if u can achieve a state of doing not for any gain than u are in right track;

But is very ok beginning when a person learn mantra because they have problems etc and chant in hope to release problems, is ok but very slow;
If u chant mantra 无所求, slowly ur business will improve etc luck too;
Of course I say like that suddenly will inspire u to do because deep inside u has this greed ; is ok de as we knowourselves is good!

Me too have this issues but I try my best to improve; like when I do temple walk sometimes have this thought wa do le will good luck than when I do prayers I remind myself this is wrong, my purpose is to share;)

Just my experience to share with u; a person luck will not always be low... Just be firm and strong ok;

Basic items I can suggest is

A bottle of aroma oil
A Mala or counch she'll Mala 
And a cundi pendant 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rare cypress wood Kwan yin art

Rare and cypress wood carved by old master retired!

Big heart big business big luck

When we do business we must have big heart and rejoice in others successes ! Some ask me this brand that brand aroma oil good or not? And some try promote my brand to other friends and people already using their own brand so don't disturb them; I don't care de;) to me
As what I post in face book:

There are many brands of aromatherapy oil in the market, is ok u use other brands I am ok u use my techniques using other brands oil; I know some are mlm here is ok la; life is short world so big ,people have freedom to choose; my life mission is to teach share... So no need try promote my brand to ur friends who are already using other branded brand, just share with them my techniques la; Jia you ok; don't forget no matter how powerful oil is if is not fresh or no techniques is useless and most important which brand has such a big support group in Singapore ... Ooops I sell melon le; give me some credit la so from today don't ask me which brand good that brand good anot! To me as long as a company promote wellness with herbs I am happy; I am titled by media guru of aromatherapy , enjoy my life now ;) compete for what ahaha

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hi all sutra class if full house as announce for a month le

Please don't transfer money ah

Keychain all need 14 days ok


I manage to blend many spice in this blend and u will love it!

Clear stagnant luck and is very powerful oil too; beside so powerful for health, it remove a lot negative Qi! And move Qi!
If that week , u feel very Jia lat try this oil too

Adoption of Sandalwood bracelet

Two Sizes, adopt one is good. The scent pleasant and is very good quality.

$380 and $280

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hi the 4 lady who donated the Sutra. I divide ur $ to few parts. As dont want to waste printing sutra too many. What I print, i make sure have people take

Thanks, some are donated to Kwan Yin Temple tomorrow for offering Vegeterian. And rejoice ok:>

U all this 4 very nice, always help me with project. Grateful... U know who u are :>

Jade Time Le

I tell you 3 times a year i will have Jade from my old friends. And normally good one they give me first. Than supply shops. I tell u for past ten years Jade u all get from me is very high price le.
Now Jade almost no more le, buy one less one. All good one, many rich China people get le.
Of course i still have. One jade my price like $1800 market they put $20000 sometimes.

Photo: $380 rare big donut and grade A ; wear with string good sleep

Donut Grade A jade, tie a 5 color string feel good to touch and calm u down.

One at $380 , now . Many Jade boutique in town, they use color jade and sell high price. This are Jade with good energy here.

Big Kwan Yin Jade Ruyi ( one carved by Old Master, now young one cant carve till this way)

The Buddha (seldom peopel carved because is not easy to carved) look at this so smiley

DragonFly with lotus and is my asking for it.

Need to use a big piece of Jade. Who is lucky one to have this piece. $1800

Big Kwan Yin Pendant almost half my palm size. Wan wear wear big or keep is power.

Nice dash of green (u can see shop, go see urself, outside how to find such big piece and also smile face healing carving ) $1380