Saturday, September 5, 2015

Good Luck September

Life is short, think more for people and be more considerate is the key to happiness.

8,14,16, 26 of September is very good day.  If you have been facing alot of problems past 1 year and also some chronic sickness or job cant find problems. U can follow following procedure one of the few days.
Those wanna do gold pen can do this few days or the mooncake festival day.

Wash toilet day 6th Sep and 19th Sep , how to wash see blog right side label.

1) When wake up morning, do deep breathing exercise 10 times on bed slowly. Than turn to right side of body and smile than slowly wake up.
2) After mouth cleansing, drink a glass of warm water.
3) Shower and a teaspoon omhealth sandalwood powder scrub body (u can use own brand also ok)
4)  Done. That day must buy some sweets or chocolates give to family or friends or colleagues.
5) Evening before sleep, apply healing trees oil bottom of feet before sleep. Last few months fire burning until many of u wood is weak. Until easily angry and alot of Shi Fei.
6) If past one year has be tough, time to renew by cleaning fridge above any day also can. U see so many days no need rush do everything in a day. Just choose may be one day, toilet and fridge, one day shower.
7) Cook rice one time and eat.

Items: healing tree oil : $45, Omhealth sandalwood powder $38
NB: Omhealth busy with new 2016 6D hulu, 5 D coin, and Tianlu ruyi and new temple heng ball in preparation.
Currently 6d , 5 d no have

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli with 2 genuine medicine bead.
as easing frustrations causing the anger. It helps in times of stress and also development of a person character. 
shielding negative energy and returning any negative vibrations to their source.
For people hav, thyroid and nervous system, headaches, migraines, fevers and pain problems, after see doctor, u can hold this and put on chest relax. And than 2 drops lavendula vera on stomach and neck

It can help us to clarify our thoughts when we are surrounded by problems. Like a series of event happen right. Hold this and do meditation 15mins a day for 7 days. Or double turn wrist.
This way you can guide us in making decisions or simply in organizing ideas or plans.
His energy also influences the mental dullness helping to clear it.
It helps us to become aware of our real issues and gives us clues on how to solve them.

Below pic: Lapis Larima 21 OM, right: lapis with agate and olive wood, below double turn.

Friday, September 4, 2015

PowerFul Item

Remember this year at temple one Ruyi TianLu is touched by 100! This one will pass around for the temple vist. Say good things when touch it:> Its color has become red with energy

This hulu Tian Lu will be activated on mooncake festival but not for sale for 2016. 3 Taoist Master will ask request Tian Hou Niang Niang for blessings. And hope all will have good luck.

Can u all see I go all the way to PuTuo Shan to request blessings for all who have this all good luck also. Even those didnt buy is ok see this pic also good luck ok:>

For those if can extra $68 u can invite. This carving have Fu and Tian Lu and Ruyi and I am glad have a chance further activate at TianFuGong.

Limited for u all invite. Dear all, even u no buy, there will be one pass around for all to touch.

This one alot effort made. And original peach wood. And is only $68 a piece. Dont order first is for 2016.

百年吉祥之约 with Music and chanting

Anyway the Sunday exercise class very good, if free come, register ba

Last month I visited this temple, Half way I prayed, loud shout shout from few bats. Suddenly day time, I see bat flying around me. Than few bat on roof top. It was said not many people can see. And also I manage to take video of the bat spreading wings.

Second time I go, a green butteryfly kept surrounding me. Green butterfly many know I told u since 2001 is my symbol too. So I decided to try my luck to organise a event and last week got aprrove la

Sometimes I think hor, i one person no driving walk up and down and need do seminar, where the energy comes from.... Well is from Divine Love.

Event Date 26th Sep 2015

Everytime omhealth orgainse Temple visit, we are very blessed. Because we just only have a pure intention of blessings and world peace. No $$$ involves and from heart.
Thank you all temple walker students since 2012. I give u Million LIKES.

Something for u all this mooncake festival:>

Omhealth has event in most of the Oldest Temple in Singapore. This year 2015 will be biggest one. Next year 2 more, Surprise u ok;

When we want good luck, a country must have peace and stability. So this prayers is for Singapore and also indirectly spread to world peace. DOnt always just pray for ourselves but spread love.

Title: 国泰明安,风调雨顺,祈福法事 with bryanverygoodluck
( All omhealth customers in verygoodluck and welcome fengshui talk, u will be auto blessed)

1) Ancient musician invited for the event
2) taoist masters a few power prayers
3) Half hour so ur legs wont tired. 8am to 9am whole event
4) Special Biscuits for all of u, (thats why need registrations)
5) Fully sponsored by omhealth by omhealth. U just remember to donate $8 put in temple the donation box can le.
6) After prayers go have a good lunch or breakfast, no need go here go there le. Must go eat nice food.
7) After event that day, buy a tshirt (Giordano also can). Any colors. Dont buy shoes.
8) Some of u can bring one mooncake pray and than give any people that day in temple or exchange. Up to u. (please buy best quality la , if want give people. Ahaha who will get mine? )
9) Omhealth will also activate the Tian Lu Ruyi there for 2016. But cannot buy just activate .
10) A tianlu ruyi touched by 100 people last year 100 years old temple, and also activate in PuTuo Shan will be there and pass around for all to touch, remember to touch fast and past to others.

Who can register? All customers , for newbies we will review first because limited space.

Date: Day before Mooncake festival
Dress: No shorts and berms, Wear red related (means must have some red)
(U can bring rose water for blessings also)

Email to:
Names of friends u bring if u go.

Email will reply after election day. Register first,. Because the helper doing the elextion project:>

Why temple visit so successful in many old temple in Singapore because their remarks, omhealth students very patience, polite and giveways and respect.

This temple visit is open only to past students first, but new one can register and when have seats will inform u. Is important strict rules of omhealth temple visit
i) Smile relax
ii) No see people burn joss stick and u dont have one get frustrated
iii) When master give blessings, all will be given, cannot say who infront or back standing.
iv) After blessings smile and dont niam about bad things again
v) When see Bryan says Ji Xiang Ru Yi

Thursday, September 3, 2015

5 element exercise class

This is a class specially design for balance of energy health and overall.

6th Sep 2015
CSC classroom
Fees $60

Material: Jing Luo Bang (exercise bar), 3 packet tea, mini hulu
Time: 930am to 12pm
Attire: Exercise clothing and small towel. In class not wearing shoes de. U can wear socks if u want to.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Puti Health Seed Special De 21 beads

This are the high grade one. It can be used forever as a collectiable.

It increases the power of original thinking, knowledge, learning and creativity. This puti health seed is said to be suitable for all the four stages of life . 

It was said Excellent for all.

Use to chant, has many benefits. This piece is $680

It helps u when u say things, people listen and sound good. Very important.
Use for chant mantra very good.  Also focus too. 

It blesses the wearer with Victory and Wisdom. It increases the will power, expression power, and the person becomes mentally strong. It also helps in Education by increasing the learning power
All Holy Frankincense will be avaliable only MOnday as is super out of stock

2016 Made to Order

Specially Copper Pyramid: Original Activated!

many usages will be shared. It helps to improve FS of house and room. Simple no need do anything. Put cup of water inside, or packet of nuts and eat also good. All good good.
Purest energy made and activated.

The energy of the world shift here and there very tired. Try pyramid, helps alot de. Will explain in 2016 welcome talk.

Big Size
9 inch x 9 inch the base and 6 inch high

 Protection from Electromagnetic Pollution  Put house  help dissolve the negative effects of geopathic stress and the electromagnetic pollution
Abundance wishes: Write down on a piece of paper an intention, prayer, or wish and place the paper within a pyramid. Allow its manifestation to be amplified and accelerated.
Awaken: helps to focus when you feel tired or confused.
1-2 months waiting time. 
email with name and mobile.

Seated inside a copper pyramid, Ricky Yutuc plays a didgeridoo while John Mark Aladeen plays a bamboo flute at the Spirit-Mind-Body Fair at the Kansas Expocentre's Agricultural Hall. The fair, held the first weekend of March and November each year, returns this weekend to Ag Hall.  NOVEMBER 2011 FILE PHOTOGRAPH/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Element Class

Specially prepare everyone a Meridian stick, 3 dosage of special tea, a health mini hulu.

Dear students; the movement of the energy and stress is quite common nowadays.

This class is a combination of movements, meridians and acupressure plus herbs.

Dont miss this wonderful class you can learn so much.
This is consider a good luck class also. Come in exercise attire.

Date: 6th Sep 2015
Venue: CSC
Time: 930am
Fees: $60

Take note

Discount item cannot use $10 voucher le; frankincense , serum set thanks ah; u can use $10 for order above $80 , email orders for attendees; thanks ah ah 

Ginseng give me luck luck

When u cook with ur own brand of Mountain real ginseng u feel good.

And this ginseng i check many places selling high price. Here u can get $55.

EHheheh enjoy.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Puti health special Mala 4 side than main bead 6 side power formation

When chant with it ,功德乘上很多倍

Official ( u spot the dragonfly)

Welcome 2016 can register.
Fees: $45
24th Jan 2016
this class actually I don't want to do this year to rest de. AH ahha but today pray suddenly a dragonfly appear and confirm do le.

It will be open for old students to register first ok:>

Doing a give thanks prayer and dragonfly appear in the most holy pattern !

Lucky Video

This video see le very lucky , go see ba

Welcome 2016 , happening
Fees$45 , will be 24th Jan, can register le but seats will open to old students first.

Email: with mobile and names of attendees. If confirm will reply.

Friday, August 28, 2015


GOT ONE BRACELET Wrong number, now updated is HH3 .

Updated By Admin Leng leng

Will need u all email to order with quote number:> And will process from there thanks:>
All activated by bryan lao shi

Details will put on blog Monday, as he is busy with packing. Thanks Alot.

Each bracelet lots of care and activated and selection with best best.

$228 , two nice medicine Dzi with High quality lapis lazuli to double turn and wear on wrist. Each side 21 beads, u can do 21 OM:> $228

Quote: HH 1 Double health happiness Bracelet

High quality (not roadside) lavendula Amethyst and Super seven beads. $188
Quote HH2: Fountain of Violet Flame Aura of love and Power

Quote HH3: $128
Clarity and Money come. Money

Quote HH4  $150
Calm, Joyful and Trinity Luck. Like that also not happy that way also not happy, lost direction, use this.

Quote HH5: $168
Growth career , health and Money money abundance. Always this not enough that not enough and worry future not enough use this

Quote HH6 $188
Soothing, reduce anger, prosperity and Talk people listen
Angry bird who affect luck must have

Quote HH7 $168
healing and calm and porsperity. Protection alot and olive include for healing. Always think this think that. Use this

Quote HH8 $188 Larima healing of love and calmness and very soothing to hold for chanting

Thursday, August 27, 2015

30th August

I will share some recipes in blog soon for those cant come to the talk on Sunday !

Is not easy for me preparing many recipes and also dealing with some cancer related informations ; hope can help
More people! Take care all;
Thanks to all who know I busy and send email to ask questions; Leng will handle 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Order now for 30 August attendees just for you

At last a ginseng for all can take and tonic too; drink once a week for first month ; than next time once a month! 
$55 and can cook many times; in fact should be more more expensive; but for anniversary 100 packet avaliable only; u can order and collect 30th August four season hotel for attendees;

email to and put[ I wan ginseng and also any items u wan order we prepackaged there before the class so u can collect that day--- during break time" a recipe will be taught how to cook, drink le energy !

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Charity Heng scrub all adopted

Today I also want to dedicate happiness and prayers to people who are ill and cancer sufferers , may all  be well and happy.

Chant Medicine Buddha Mantra or any mantra more frequent this period .

Sometimes when u feel very happy, u can chant some mantra and dedicate to people who are sick. This time the energy is the best.

Abit exhuasted now, and tomorrow need to cook for mom and dad ehehe. So need a good rest. Take care all.
Thanks to all who came down to 8 Days event today.

And guess what, Someone captured me with dragonflies the good energy protector. I didnt know till now.


Charity Heng scrub no more le; 

The Power Heng scrub will be 2016 power heng scrub 150 gram at $55; Today this charity heng scrub is designed of another energy. Use and u will feel good.

This Heng scrub is watery because of the healing concentrated water ; scrub ur body when damp and than gently massage and rinse off!  Feel great

Omhealth have raised medicine charity and world peace prayers for all.

Stay tune 2016 very nice scent scrub which has big red flower in it!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Early this month those that donated for prayers sponsors the ten ; just to let u know a fire puja will also be organize in arrangement for world peace also and ur names submitted ; 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

23rd August Orchard Central

If u have registered for above , do email, ur name. So I know who has registered and pass name to 8 Days. because they will ballot but I will ensure my students get in. quickly.

But first register here. My segment 3pm to 4pm

Register today and than separately send me a email so i ensure u have seats. Those in facebook leaven comments le no need.


Supposedly I will be in bkk from last week; and new hotel is the one near the shrine; but the orchard central talk which was postpone 3 times request me to give talk last minute and end up trip cancelled;

I pray to Guan Di Ya before travel and my advice to all; Carry ur protection and pray ; this year too many fire disaster le;
From Nepal , Taiwan, bali volcanoe and bkk;
Indeed goat after horse is a year must be very careful with safety

Let us put our hand together chant cundi mantra and increase the energy of the earth Ba 


U can email to with mobile. And will make after payment.

Trinity of Amazonite, Sunstone, Aquamarine and the Yellow Quartz of Joy. This yellow is normally yellow abit fading yet u can feel the energy from it. It means happiness can be simple and yet surprise.

This is a piece of wealth and prosperity and to feel happy also. $150, This bracelet is good to carry for feeling wonderful and Grateful. Is an auspicious bracelet to wear to holy places too.

Below is Chervon Amethyst with Amazonite Mother; This is a piece to feel the supreme love and also protections. It brings wealth and radiance to a person's aura and drawing away some negative energy from it. A good bracelet for people going into new scope of environment or life.

In general it brings closeness to Divine love and let go of unwanted. $128

Also if u are a person who always speak but people dont listen. This bracelet is meant for u to activate ur words with weight of wisdom.

Below is not a bracelet but a high quality Lapis Lazuli 21 beads mala with Mother bead the Larima rare. Which heal the forms of aspect physical and also shine healing to the mother earth in love and light. $188

Use with 21 OM promote tranquillity and a strong sense of inner peace and serenity. It is useful in time of pressure and stressful change as its cooling and calming energy is said to help soothe frazzled nerves and reduce stress.

Monday, August 17, 2015

One only $218 ! Rare shine sunstone

21 bead with larima Mala power zoom at $188!

The power zoom $128

Mala Made x 3 : $150 each

54 beads Thousand eye mala. Design to inspire your life with sparks of energy. The red Liu Li are aged liu li to enable u to focus ur life energy in a positive state. The mala brings healing energy to be in your system when you run over it with fingers and thumb.

This mala offers an opportunity for serenity because it connects you mentally to the highest good energy. You just have to take a few minutes out of your busy day.
The color changes as time goes by and longer ur run it over thumb and index fingers it can improve a person circulations. Try it, it is very soothing.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 days event first time

Come and my segment is 3 pm 23 August ; as long as you come even full house I will give u a power mini Hulu I put in pyramid for 7 days with good energy!
Even u can't get seats right after talk when see me say halo I give u one till the Hulu finish ahaha

Thank you

Omhealth was like in a reality show yesterday; I told u a friend who since born can see things and was quite disturbance for him( being an Ang mo staying in Asian countries ) he says normally seventh month he will return to European countries;

So yesterday I decided to give him some advises because everymihjt the others try to talk and disturb him from sleep;)

So I met up and pass him some holy water , incense and teach him chant simple
Om ah hung! 
But again I am curious to find out in seventh month are there really a lot; so I brought him to a temple which was doing  prayers for ancestor;
Master met him and brought show him a picture of a very kind heart temple auntybwhich pass away 100 days ago; 
So when my friend went to the prayer area master ask can he see; but can't; don't master ask him call the name; 
Immediately the pass away Aunty appear with peaceful smile and he tears;

My friend tears not because of fear but compassionate energy of a lot prayer done and Kwan yin energy felt; the pass away Aunty is in peace;

Lesson learnt!
This month do pray for the ancestor and the pass away love one; and when u chant mantra and than dedicate to them and call their name; they will receive;
This applies to many oversea one where ur ancestor tablet may be other countries but when u do proper chanting and dedicate to them even u are far away they receive !
Is a month to do good deeds, chant mantra and gain merits;

Anyway also protect urself at all time; the others have ok and not ok de;
But u are lucky, Singapore has a lot of compassionate temple that do prayers and dedicate to them so they don't disturb people;

Master is so compassionate to set up prayers and do a lot of proper procedure;

Anyway do read this and keep quiet , don't go around discuss ok;) 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Puti health bead confirmed high energy

10 beads will arrive next Monday; u can order now;
Tested with a healer , very high energy and please keep one students ; ranging $88 to $180

Further tested today:> Raise of high energy

Meeting a friend

A friend of mine can see things and been twenty years ; so today I met up to pass him some mantra see it helps (
I heard so many things their daily life is seeing thins and most this month)

Oh I ask him test my beads it was powerful ahaha tell u more later 

Also today temple pray and master say pray for all beings in Singapore so that people in Singapore safe and those lost soul won't disturb people; this is so compassionate ( at the same time master will meet this friend who see things)

Confirm when prayer done , my friend saw a lot a lot and in peace; that's why do more prayers for them; there are a group loitering one so at all time also chant mantra when go home late 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Butterfly Dance was created by bryan Omhealth in 1998. Thousands has learnt this dance which balance body mind emotion.

30th August all of you will get this refresher dance again.

DO register for 2015 30th August.


2015 is indeed according the CHinese Tong Shu, year of gossips and problems.

Many may find it quite tiring by this month. But again this is life.

And everyone is affected. But luckily we have remedies.

7th Month putting Chinese Tradition aside. Is a month of more YIN. So when a person date of birth is more Yin, easily more to be sick etc. But again, with positive thinking , gain merits and do good. This is a month to gain alot of merits when u pray and dedicate to all beings.

However we must at all time strengthen our energy level. Especially those who this year alot of gossip here and there.

I was approached even by Temple in-charge themselves have alot shi fei. So at all times we guard ourself but with love and compassion.

Lemongrass below is $1.5, can boil one pot for family.

U must wash crushed abit and put in a big pot of water boil for half hour watch fire small la. Than add brown sugar.

When drink lemongrass, chant Om Mani Padme Hung blow to the cup. And drink. U will feel best best.

If the family boil this during 7th month, the scent will cleanse house and those who drinks will bring the YANG Energy up.

Image result for gold sheen obsidian
each gold sheen obsidian bead is activated and also tie to a medicine Dzi.
Gold-Sheen Obsidian is Black Obsidian with bright, gold coloured inclusions. Obsidian is formed when volcanic lava cools very quickly.

Gold-Sheen Obsidian is a very protective stone. It is said to form a shield against negativity, to absorb negative energies from the environment and to block psychic attack. 
tone of the absolute Ying and Yang balance .
- Promotes the compassion and strength.
- Strengthens the self-control.
- Assistance in letting go deep and lasting.
- Anchors the spirit in the body, stimulates the growth on all plans.
- Calm the stress by highlighting the causes: rule the problem in a permanent way.

2) Wear your black tourmaline or Gold Sheen Obsidian Bracelet ($180) is ready now u can order.

3) Buy a pair of Peach pray at Guan Yin Temple , or Philip street temple. Pray le bring home everyone eat.

4) Go to any temple u know, donate for the prayers for ancestor.

5) Chant mantras dedicate to all beings, ur own karmic debt and ur ancestor.

6) Use oil like Purification inspiration put bag best.

I am wearing my gold sheen.